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Great News: Trump Orders All Federal Agencies to Cease Promoting “Critical Race Theory”

By now you have probably noticed that anti-white racism is on the rise in America, especially within the younger generations, and especially among younger whites. All this talk of “systemic racism” against minorities, “white privilege,” “white fragility” and the obsession with portraying history as little more than white people abusing nonwhites–where did it come from? How did it just spring up so rapidly and take root?

It’s called “critical race theory,” and it is a corrosive acid eating away at the foundation of America. It is the origin of concepts like those listed above, as well as concepts like “microaggressions,” and “intersectionality.” It does not promote racial harmony, it promotes racial division and hatred. And not only are young people being indoctrinated with its concepts at school, but federal government agencies are including it in their employee training.

So last night, President Trump ordered all federal agencies to immediately cease and desist indoctrinating employees with critical race theory concepts. A memorandum from OMB Director Russell Vought was sent out to all heads of executive branch departments and agencies saying the following:

It has come to the President’s attention that Executive Branch agencies have spent
millions of taxpayer dollars to date “training” government workers to believe divisive, antiAmerican propaganda.

For example, according to press reports, employees across the Executive Branch have
been required to attend trainings where they are told that “virtually all White people contribute to racism” or where they are required to say that they “benefit from racism.”
According to press reports, in some cases these training have further claimed that there is racism embedded in the belief that America is the land of opportunity or the belief that the most qualified person should receive a job. These types of “trainings” not only run counter to the fundamental beliefs for which our Nation has stood since its inception, but they also engender division and resentment within the Federal workforce.

The President has directed me to ensure that Federal agencies cease and desist from using
taxpayer dollars to fund these divisive, un-American propaganda training sessions. Accordingly, to that end, the Office of Management and Budget will shortly issue more detailed guidance on implementing the President’s directive. In the meantime, all agencies are directed to begin to identify all contracts or other agency spending related to any training on “critical race theory/9 “white privilege,” or any other training or propaganda effort that teaches or suggests either (1) that the United States is an inherently racist or evil country or (2) that any race or ethnicity is inherently racist or evil. In addition, all agencies should begin to identify all available avenues within the law to cancel any such contracts and/or to divert Federal dollars away from these unAmerican propaganda training sessions.

The whole letter can be found at the link above.

This is fantastic news. Trump is striking directly at the heart of the brainwashing operation that is ripping this country apart and turning the younger generations into social justice fanatics. We are finally fighting back in the culture war. Finally, the right is using the massive weight of the federal government to reverse the cancerous spread of Marxist ideas.

You may have noticed that in the second paragraph of the quote block above, it says “according to press reports”. That’s an interesting line. It means Trump caught wind of the federal government’s critical race theory indoctrination through the news. But which program?

Well, it just so happens that this past Wednesday night, Tucker Carlson had a guy named Christopher Rufo on his show, and Rufo explained to Tucker the extent to which critical race theory had “infiltrated” the federal government and poisoned the minds of so many government employees:

On September 2, Christopher Rufo goes on Tucker Carlson’s show and exposes critical race theory to the country. On September 4, President Trump issues an executive order outlawing the use of critical race theory in federal government training programs.

I’m sure this isn’t a coincidence.

Tucker Carlson is the second-most important man in America behind only President Trump.

Now, it remains to be seen whether or not the federal agencies will actually comply with this order, since most of the time they blatantly disregard President Trump’s orders.

But this will make a difference. This is action–not just words–taken by President Trump to pull this country out of the racial nosedive it has been in for the past seven years.

Is BLM Racist or Marxist?

Jeremy Carl of American Greatness makes the case that BLM is not Marxist, but racist:

“Radio host Mark Levin called BLM “Marxist and violent surrogates” of the Democratic Party, while former talk show host Neal Boortz said, “Black Lives Matter has been hijacked by Marxist revolutionaries.” Rudy Giuliani has called BLM a “Marxist” organization, as has former police chief Bernard Kerik, who referred to BLM as a group that “uses black lives to promote their Marxist and communist agenda.”

I don’t mean to pick on these individuals in particular; many of them are good patriots and conservatives who have explicitly denounced BLM’s racial politics. But at the same time, we must be clear: Marxism doesn’t define the Black Lives Matter movement—anti-white racism does. 

It is understandable that some conservatives—in particular, older conservatives—are more comfortable speaking the language of anti-Marxism than anti-white racism. Marxism is a traditional enemy for all conservatives, while many conservatives, particularly older ones, have been relentlessly trained by our left-wing media to parrot the canard that any mention of the Left’s anti-white racism is a sign of “white identity politics” or even worse, “white nationalism.”

But there are two problems with accepting this dubious formulation.

First, BLM is fundamentally driven by racism and not Marxism. Second, the structural dynamics of BLM are diametrically opposed to a Marxist analysis of class struggle.

To understand why BLM’s racism is a much greater threat to America than its Marxism, we should remember that even among our miseducated American youth, there is precious little desire in the United States for actual Marxism.By a generous count, anything resembling a true Communist Party took far less than 1 percent in the 2016 presidential election. 

But while Marxism thankfully still has a very small market share in the United States, anti-white racism unfortunately has a significant and growing one.”

Hold up. The claim is that: “Marxism has a very small market share in the U.S.” because the Communist Party didn’t even get 1% of the vote in the 2016 election.

That is not sufficient proof that “Marxism has a very small market share.” For one, a self-described socialist (Bernie) nearly won the Democratic Nomination. He got 43% of the vote in the primary. Marxists don’t need the Communist Party–they have a significant foothold in Democratic Party, despite the fact that its Elite stole the nomination from Bernie (twice). At the very least they’d conclude a path to power is far more realistic by taking over the Democratic Party than forming a third party.

A Gallup poll from earlier this year found that 76% of Democrats would feel comfortable supporting a socialist for President. What’s worse, 45% of independents said the same.

It is definitely not safe to assume that “Marxism has a very small market share in the United States.” Just because I don’t vote for the Official Communist Party USA Candidate in an election does not mean I am not a Marxist.

That’s a silly claim by Jeremy Carl. But let’s move on and see what else he says:

“America is now just 60 percent white non-Hispanic and a majority of those under the age of 16 are now ethnic minorities. 

And while America’s white population is wealthier than the black population,  Asian-Americans—who constitute a much smaller percentage of the overall population—now earn far more money than whites. The sad and ugly truth that the “BLM is Marxist” crowd ignores is that Black Lives Matter is a movement about dispossession and disinheritance—dispossession of America’s cultural heritage through attacks on statues of American heroes such as Washington, Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt, and dispossession of material inheritance through unwarranted demands for financial reparations. 

In other words, it’s a shakedown operation based in hatred.

This overt call for dispossession and disinheritance makes the rapidly declining white majority uncomfortable—particularly older people who grew up in 1960s and 1970s America where 85 percent or more Americans were white and non-Hispanic. It’s much easier for them to talk about “Marxism,” than to face reality.”

And that reality is that the Black Lives Matter’s reparations scam is just an updated version of the old Al Sharpton shakedown operations of the 1980s—but it is now part of a much larger and more powerful coalition that can make more onerous demands without the crudity and overtness that characterized the work of Sharpton or fellow race hustler Jesse Jackson.”

This is a good point. BLM is the new Al Sharpton. We know this because we haven’t heard really anything out of Al Sharpton throughout all of this, have we?

But still, that does not address the fundamental reality of reparations. What are reparations but a massive, Marxist redistribution of wealth?

Carl finishes up:

“Black Lives Matter is not, in any meaningful historical sense, a Marxist group, and conservatives need to stop saying that it is. Indeed, it is a movement that is supported overwhelmingly by corporate America, one that just this week announced hundreds of millions of dollars of support from billionaire vulture capitalist George Soros.

It is a group of race-slanderers that seeks to dispossess millions of Americans of all backgrounds who value America’s heritage and history, but is particularly keen to focus on white Americans as targets. It is run by a cynical rainbow coalition of “community activists” and corporate overlords who hope that the tiger they have unleashed eats them last, or even better, that it will be so sated by feeding on the desperation of America’s beleaguered middle class that it will not even bother to notice them.

We need to be clear on what Black Lives Matter is if we are going to win in our struggle against the group. They’re not Marxists, they’re racists.”

Let’s grant that BLM is genuinely anti-white. It is a full-blown black supremacist organization with lots of people who believe, like Nick Cannon does, that white people are “a little less,” “closer to animals” and “true savages.” I don’t think BLM wants to kill all white people–nor do most of the clueless NPCs who claim loose affiliation with BLM simply because they agree with the statement “black lives matter.”

But I’ll grant that many of BLM’s most die-hard members probably envision a future for America where white people are a severely oppressed and persecuted minority.

But here’s the question: What then?

What is the end goal of anti-white racism? What does BLM believe white people are depriving them of? There has to be a reason to go after white people. I just don’t believe BLM is a psychotic and genocidal group that wants to slaughter all white people just for the hell of it. If that was their goal, then why haven’t they started doing that? Why don’t they attack white people on sight?

Why do they allow white people–in fact, lots and lots of white people–into BLM?

To me, it’s simple: the real goal isn’t to eradicate whitey, it’s money and power. That’s the whole point of the racial grievance industry & victimhood narrative in general.

Anti-white racism is a means to an end. Marxism is more of an end than racism, but still leaves a lot of questions.

BLM and the reparations movement is Racial Marxism: instead of advocating for a massive redistribution of wealth from the rich to the poor, they want a massive redistribution from white to black. It’s both racist and Marxist.

When you take away all the virtue-signaling upper-middle class liberal white women who just want to feed their egos, what is the core appeal of BLM and the “racial justice movement” in general? It’s a material/financial improvement in one’s life through political activism and/or political violence.

It’s “You wronged me, now pay me.”

It all relies on the same Marxist rhetoric of the Wicked Exploiters vs. the Noble Exploitees: the White Man stole the land from the Natives, then built up all his wealth and power on the backs of black slave labor. So now it’s time to rise up against the White Man and take what’s rightfully ours! That’s the 1619 Narrative of America.

That’s fundamentally Marxism, just through a racial lens. It’s Racial Marxism. It relies on anti-white resentment to achieve a Marxist redistribution of wealth and power.

The Democratic Party has been making Marxist appeals for at least the past 10-12 years. At first it was the classic economic Marxism pitch, which made sense in the wake of the Financial Crisis and the bailouts. People were hurting financially back then, and Economic Marxism had more appeal. Remember Obama’s “You Didn’t Build That” remark? The 2012 election was, in many ways, framed as a battle between Socialism and Capitalism. Apparently, in 2012, the two most searched words in the dictionary were “socialism” and “capitalism.”

But not too long after the 2012 election (specifically after Trayvon Martin and Ferguson) the Marxist appeals from the left shifted from economic to racial.

There are two possible reasons for this shift:

  1. With 5-6 years having passed since the Financial Crisis, people were in better shape economically and no longer harbored as much class-based resentment. So the Elite had to find a new way to keep people angry.
  2. OR: the Elite feared the class-based resentment and anti-rich, anti-corporation anger they had been cynically stoking was at risk of getting out of control and actually posing a threat to them, so they had to quickly redirect all that rage somewhere else, and they chose police/white privilege.

Whatever the reason, there was clearly a shift around 2014 from class war to race war.

Jeremy Carl is correct to bring up Corporate America’s support for BLM. You can’t be Marxist if George Soros and most of the powerful tech billionaires support you, can you?

In theory, no. But more than anything, corporate sponsorship of BLM reveals the split in the movement between the cynical upper echelon and the useful idiot masses. The leaders of the movement secretly have very different goals from the foot soldiers and True Believers in the streets. All the Marxist rhetoric is a means to an end.

There’s a reason “real communism has never been tried.” It’s because it’s never been about real communism. Marxism has always been used as a vehicle to overthrow an existing regime and replace it with a new one–a way to redistribute power from one group of elites to a new group. It’s sold as a way to redistribute wealth from the rich to the poor masses, but that’s only to garner popular support.

Marxism isn’t even about Marxism: it’s about wealth and power. Evil, manipulative men use Marxist rhetoric to convince disgruntled masses to mobilize and ultimately overthrow some ruler or ruling class identified as the root of all evil. In reality, the evil, manipulative leaders of the Marxist revolution have no intention to reward their followers, they just use the masses to take somebody else’s money and power for themselves.

And right now, the Power Elite in America have tricked BLM into believing Trump and his mostly-white supporters are the root of all evil and must be overthrown, and then Racial Justice will be achieved. And then I’m sure those fat reparations payments they’ve been talking about lately will be close behind.

Now I’m not saying that Trump has no power. Obviously, yes, Trump is the President and that counts for something. I’m not trying to say he has zero power. But his first term has shown that Official Washington and the whole American power edifice in general is in many ways stronger than the President. They have plenty of options at their disposal to counter Trump’s moves. The White House is far from the be-all, end-all.

Trump is up against not only the media, not only Fortune 500, not only Silicon Valley, not only all the big city mayors, not only Hollywood, not only Academia–he’s also up against the government he’s supposed to be in charge of. The intelligence community, the pentagon/military industrial complex, the State Department, the Congress, and often the Federal Judiciary. Even the CDC and Fauci, who seems determined to make Trump look as bad as possible and draw out the lockdowns until after the election.

The government is full of bureaucrats and officials whose names you’ve never heard and who nobody ever voted for who nevertheless believe it’s their duty to oppose Trump’s every move even if it means blatant insubordination to the President. The three administrations prior to his were part of the Globalist Uniparty Elite, meaning the government Trump inherited was and largely remains fully stocked by people on-board with the Globalist Uniparty agenda. And it’s not like he can just fire them and replace them with real Patriots and MAGA Agenda people, because for three decades the only people able to move up the ranks in government are those on-board with The Agenda. So they’re the only ones with the qualifications, and the only ones who could pass a nomination vote in the Senate.

In short, Trump is in the lion’s den, atop an executive branch full of Uniparty Loyalists who are trying to undermine him at every turn. He’s an outsider in a town of insiders who very much liked the way things were running before those flyover state morons elected the nasty orange man to derail the gravy train and spoil the fun.

So this is why despite being President, Trump is still a major underdog, and it’s wrong to view him as “The System” or the sole possessor of power in America. The American power establishment is made up of far more parts than just the Presidency, and right now, those other parts are trying to retake the Presidency by convincing BLM that Trump and his white privilege-having voters are the source of all their problems.

Elite support for Black Lives Matter is about keeping the American people divided, distracted and docile. It might seem crazy to describe America in 2020 as docile, but do you really think the Elites couldn’t squash these riots and looting and protests in a second if they actually wanted to? Of course they could.

They want the riots to continue. They want the chaos. The rioters are not threatening the power elite whatsoever. The riots are the opposite of threatening to the Elite because the riots are against the Elite’s enemy, Trump.

I have a few theories on why the Elite supported and funded the riots and none of them have anything to do with either racial genocide or a Marxist revolution:

  1. They were “bait” for Trump. The elite figured Trump would respond with massive police and military force to crush the rioting and protesting, at which point the media and Democratic politicians would at long last have their proof that TRUMP IS A RACIST FASCIST RACISTFASCIST!
  2. They were organized in order to allow people to blow off steam after several months of quarantines. If you recall, prior to the George Floyd incident, there were actual grassroots protests against the quarantines and business closures. Those were widely condemned by the media and squashed by state and local governments. The Race Riots were to distract people from quarantine, and hopefully have them channel their rage towards Trump.
  3. Guilt weak-willed white people into supporting Joe Biden as penance for the murder of St. George Floyd, while also stoking black rage and hopefully translating that into higher black voter turnout for Biden in the election.

I think it’s probably a combination of the three. But ultimately, the elites want the American people fighting one another, rather than fighting the elites. They want people blaming all their problems on Trump (the avatar of “white America”) instead of the real oppressors.

Of course the corporations and the elites support BLM: BLM is marching and rioting and screeching against Trump, who is the enemy of the elite.

BLM isn’t part of a grand, long-term plan. There’s no way the elites would fund and support a nascent Marxist revolution that will one day be their own demise.

And they don’t want BLM to eradicate the white race.

The elites have already succeeded in reducing the white population of this country from 90% to 60% since 1965. They’re waging the real race war through mass immigration, birth control, abortion, pornography, turning American men into beta soyboys via the war on traditional masculinity, promoting feminism (aka Man Hating), ruining women by encouraging them to be whores, and encouraging women to go into the workplace instead of having kids.

The Elite have already got the War on White People under control. They don’t need BLM’s help there.

The Elite’s support of BLM is more improvised and ad-hoc than you think. It is 100% about getting rid of Trump.

Black Lives Matter uses racism, Marxism and Racial Marxism to appeal to the masses, but the Elite and corporate support for BLM belies its true purpose: keep most of the country divided and distracted with a burgeoning race war, and help get Donald Trump out of the White House.

They Have to Ruin Everything

The cultural revolution continues:

Had enough Diversity and Inclusion yet?

Still believe in objective beauty standards, or do you require further re-education?

The cultural elites are on a mission to destroy everything you like.

They will not stop until they’ve taken everything from you.

The American Cultural Revolution

Our country is being taken from us, one statue at a time:

Go see Mount Rushmore before they blow it up.

The Cultural Revolution continues. If you are unfamiliar with the term, I highly recommend reading about Mao’s Cultural Revolution of the 1960s.

In a word, Mao’s Cultural Revolution was a great purge of Chinese government and society in general carried out by the “Red Guard,” or youth revolutionaries. Their aim was to purge the “impure” elements in society and government, meaning those people, groups and institutions that were now 100% Team Mao.

It was very violent–sometimes on a mass-scale–but it was also more than just violence. The overall aim was a complete transformation of China as envisioned by Chairman Mao. It was a cultural transformation and a massive transfer of power. It took years to play out fully, around a decade depending on how you evaluate it.

Tearing down statues is part and parcel of a cultural revolution. It’s an attempt to rid society of its “old ways” and replace them with the new values, idols and traditions of “the revolution.” It’s happening right now in America. The America that has existed since 1776 is in the process of being destroyed by the post-1960s left. What’s happening right now is the culmination of the Hippie Movement. It began as a “countercultural” movement, and now, 50 years hence, it’s firmly in place as the dominant culture.

But don’t assume that the dominant culture can’t carry out a “revolution.” Mao had been in power for nearly 20 years when he began the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

Think of it more as a purge than a regime change. That’s what’s happening now.

Fortunately for us, there’s still time to stop it. Not much time, but there’s still time.

Do Not Fight With Your Family Over Politics on Thanksgiving

Every year around this time we see a deluge of articles from mainstream sources instructing the easily-programmed liberals who consume a steady diet of propaganda on how to argue with their “crazy Republican relatives.”

Five Thirty Eight has a handy guide:

Vox even instructed impressionable young liberals on exactly what to say on a variety of different topics:

Imagine being a Super Intelligent, Free-Thinking™️ college-educated liberal and yet still needing a Vox guide on how to debate your family members.

Their guide to the immigration topic (this was from 2015) is nothing more than an instruction manual on how to blatantly shill for Obama’s policies:

And they get mad at us for calling them NPCs but Vox’s guides depict your family members as generic archetypes, as if everyone’s uncle is the exact same person with the exact same views. You, the enlightened 21-year-old college liberal, must spread the Gospel of Obama to the troglodytes.

Again that Vox guide was from 2015, when liberals still held the White House. Their condescending arrogance was quite obvious in the Vox piece, as they felt their power was entrenched indefinitely. They were all too eager to smugly lecture their dim-witted Republican relatives.

But now, three years after they shockingly lost power to Trump, they are angry. Very angry. No longer are they seeking to preach and lecture their conservative relatives; the new name of the game is to angrily confront those who took everything from them. Their Republican relatives are now considered “Nazis,” and Thanksgiving is war.

This is what they’re saying in 2019:

“Challenge your dad to a fistfight the second time he brings up Hunter Biden.”

I feel bad for this person, whoever he is, as well as the thousands of people who liked his tweet.

They’ve been brainwashed. At some point in the past 5-6 years the media began promoting this idea that Thanksgiving is a time to get into arguments about politics with your Republican (now Nazi) relatives. You see articles and social media posts about this around this time every year. And it’s getting out of control now.

Could it be any more obvious that the Uniparty-controlled media is trying to tear American families apart over politics?

Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity to catch-up with your family and spend quality time around the dinner table.

You do not argue with your family about politics. You argue with strangers on the internet about politics. Family time is sacred and not to be tainted with politics.

Family transcends politics but there’s a very clear and obvious attempt underway to reverse that. Clearly the elites want political affiliation to be more important than blood.

This is utterly evil and it goes to show that their treachery knows no bounds. There is no wholesome institution or tradition they will not attempt to undermine and poison. They do not take holiday breaks.

Do not spend your Thanksgiving bickering with your relatives about politics. You will never change their minds anyway. I’ve changed my mind about a great many things over the past few years and none of them were caused by someone DESTROYING me in an argument.

Thanksgiving is a holiday where Americans eat, drink and be merry. The annual tradition of everyone coming together strengthens family bonds, which in turn strengthen the country itself. It is a wonderful thing, and it would be a shame if the one day per year most American families spend together is wasted arguing about politics.

All-Female Terminator Reboot Fails Spectacularly at Box Office, Projected to Lose $120 Million

I don’t really pay attention to Hollywood anymore because nearly every movie they’ve churned out over the past half-decade has been awful, so I don’t know much about this new “Terminator” movie other than that it’s supposed to be an all-female “reboot” of the franchise. Once I heard that was the case I was even less interested in the movie than I otherwise would’ve been for any other new Hollywood release–which is to say already very uninterested.

Apparently Ahhnuld is in the movie, but he’s not the main hero of the story. The heroes of the story are a trio of #Empowered and #Badass women.

However, in a development that anyone with a functioning brain could see coming, this all-female Terminator movie completely bombed at the box office and is now projected to lose Paramount Studios $120 million:

“Sorry for fans of the Terminator franchise, but it may not be back again for a long time. “

Okay, but this is not “the Terminator franchise” anymore. It’s just a film that happens to share the name of the once-proud franchise.

Terminator: Dark Fate opened at the U.S. box office this weekend and the results were nothing shy of abysmal for a massive budget blockbuster. The movie is guaranteed to be a big flop at this point. The only real question is, just how bad is it going to flop? Based on some new industry estimates, the sci-fi sequel could lose $120 million or more during its theatrical run.

According to a new report, Skydance Media, Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox stand to lose around $120 million in total, given the long-term prospects of Terminator: Dark Fate bombing at the box office. The movie, directed by Tim Miller (Deadpool) and produced by franchise creator James Cameron, made just $29 million in its domestic debut, which was far below industry estimates, which had it taking in around $40 million. Even that number wasn’t great, but it gave Sarah Connor and the gang a fighting chance.”

Now, will this financial disaster cause Hollywood to stop making all-female “reboots” of popular action franchises?

Of course not. Because the point wasn’t really to make money: the broader goal is to culturally disenfranchise men (specifically white men) by replacing them with with women wherever possible. And I’m not just talking about in movies–I’m talking about in politics, in the boardroom–in basically every high-profile position of power and every high-paying job. (They’re most certainly not trying to move men out of “dirty jobs” like garbage collecting, construction and logging. Only the well-paying white collar jobs.)

The point is to culturally appropriate all male-dominated sectors of society and shift them over to women. Hollywood is doing its part by taking popular movies that in the past starred male actors and “rebooting” them with all-female casts. The Ghostbusters movie (which also bombed), and “Oceans 8” are more examples. You’ve also got Disney shoehorning Captain Marvel in as the Most Badassest and Most Powerful Avenger.

The fact that these all-female “reboots” consistently lose money and yet Hollywood consistently keeps making them should tell you that making money is a secondary concern behind culturally disenfranchising men and re-shaping traditional gender roles in America.

Still, it’s nice to see that Americans are rejecting Hollywood’s forced cultural revolution by not going to see these terrible movies. Thankfully there remains a wide disconnect between the values of the degenerate elite and everyday Americans.

State-Enforced Transgenderism

A jury in Texas recently told a man that his 7-year-old son (both pictured above) is going to be transitioned into a girl and there’s not a damn thing he can do about it:

“A jury in Dallas, Texas has ruled against Jeffrey Younger, the father who is trying to protect his seven-year-old son, James, from chemical castration via a gender “transition.” This means James’ mother, Dr. Anne Georgulas, will be able to continue “transitioning” him into “Luna,” and now has full authority to start him on puberty blockers and eventually cross-sex hormones.

The jury’s decision likely means that Mr. Younger will be required to “affirm” James as a girl, despite his religious and moral objections, and will also be forced to take a class on transgenderism.”

This is pure humiliation for the dad. As if he is the one who needs to be enlightened about Transgenderism. He’s just an angry, ignorant white male conservative who’s stuck in the past and afraid of all this wonderful Change and Progress.

“With a consensus of 11 of the 12 jurors, the jury decided not to grant Mr. Younger Sole Managing Conservatorship over his twin boys. They voted that the current Joint Managing Conservatorship should be replaced by a Sole Managing Conservatorship, but that Mr. Younger should not be that person.

Mr. Younger and Dr. Georgulas were in court last week fighting over custody and decision-making abilities for James and his twin, Jude. Mr. Younger argues his ex-wife is “transitioning” James against the boy’s will.”

This man’s insane liberal wife wants to make their son transgender so she can be like the Cool Celebrities and their #trendy transgender kids. The insane liberal wife also refers to James as “Luna,” a Hispanic name for the virtue signaling double-whammy, because apparently you get double the Woke Points for being both transgender and trans-racial. And white names are just so boring, aren’t they?

She does not care that she is already doing serious psychological damage to the boy by telling him he’s a girl. And that’s to say nothing of the serious physical damage she’s about to inflict on this poor boy by forcing him to take medications that will turn him into a female. The human body was not designed to literally change its sex, and any attempt to do so is unnatural, in addition to being immoral, and will inevitably lead to serious medical and psychological problems.

But the Affluent Female Liberal need to virtue signal trumps all of this. Poor James’ mother WILL have a transgender child at any cost.

I remember not so long ago there was a time in this country where Affluent Women’s status seeking could be satisfied with a nice car and an expensive purse, maybe some breast implants. Now in 2019 they’re giving their 7-year-old sons hormone blockers to turn them into girls.

The term “child abuse” is appropriate here, but in my opinion it is not strong enough to fully convey the wickedness of what this woman is attempting to do to poor James. It’s more like child torture.

We are truly living in upside-down clown world when a jury decides a custody battle in favor of the parent that wants to torture the child.

Just four years after gay marriage was legalized, we now officially have state-enforced transgenderism.



Update: Thankfully, a judge has overruled the jury’s ridiculous decision and Jeff Younger will be granted partial custody of James. Hopefully this means the poor boy will not have to be pumped full of chemicals and hormone blockers.

Still, the fact that this almost happened is worrying because it shows just how bad the state of this country is when a jury of a man’s peers rules that he has to allow his insane ex-wife to chemically castrate his son.

The fact that it was a jury of everyday people making that decision is evidence that degenerate liberal propaganda and brainwashing has been devastatingly effective.

Super Bowl Champs: Leftists Now #Triggered by the New England Patriots

The left has decided that we are to have full-spectrum cultural, political and demographic warfare, and now that encompasses the Super Bowl teams.

2019 might mark the first year in American history where the teams in the Super Bowl were politicized. Never before have we seen the left say, “You’re a racist if you cheer for Team X in the Super Bowl.” But leftists always manage to dig the hole this country’s in a little deeper with each passing year:

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 12.26.57 PM.png

“The preferred team of white nationalists.”

It’s no use telling these leftists this stuff is all in their head, and that nobody but them views the Super Bowl teams as stand-ins for competing racial/political movements.

The left is in full-on Race War Mode.

This is a sign of the times. You can clearly tell things are getting worse in America. It was not like this ten years ago. The Super Bowl becoming politicized is a recent thing.

SB Nation (founded by the same lib that founded the Daily Kos) was even triggered by one of Brady’s audible calls:

Fox Sports’ Jason Whitlock, however, uncovered the real truth about why the left hates the Patriots so much: because the Patriots have a lot of white guys.

It’s not because the Patriots are racist or because they represent “white nationalism”, but because the left is racist against white people.

We don’t cheer for the Patriots because of what they represent politically or racially. We don’t think like that.

The left, though, hates the Patriots because the left hates white people.

Realize this. Internalize this. Understand what really drives their hatred.

They try to reverse the roles by claiming the Patriots are a symbol of “hate” or racism or white supremacy, but that’s just their excuse to hate them. “We hate them because they are oppressing and victimizing us!”

Remember, “racist” is the n-word for white people. When leftist call us “racist,” the word has the same meaning as when a white person would call a black person the n-word back in the 1950s.

Saying, “The Patriots are racists” is really saying, “The Patriots are a bunch of honkey-ass crackers and I hate them because they have a lot of white players.”

2016 Was a Warm-Up: The 2020 Election Between Trump and Kamala Harris will be the REAL Battle of the Sexes

The 2016 election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton can be seen as a battle of the sexes, with Hillary Clinton representing (or, more accurately, cynically co-opting) the feminist sentiment (manifested post-2016 in the angry Pussy Hats of the Women’s March), and Trump, epitomizing the braggadocious, domineering alpha male always being surrounded by beautiful women.

Hillary Clinton came of age in the 1960s wave of feminism, and represented Feminism 1.0, i.e. Aging Boomer Feminism. Her candidacy and presumed easy victory was painted as the moment every feminist since the late 1960s was working toward.

Trump, on the other hand, was an unapologetically masculine throwback to a time when men felt no shame in being, well, men. He was clearly the most masculine and alpha Republican candidate in the field, humiliating his rivals for being “weak” and “low energy.” Trump was basically calling all his Republican competitors beta males, i.e. lesser men, the whole time. Obviously the voters preferred the alpha male.

Trump has never spent a second pondering his supposed “toxic masculinity.” He doesn’t feel like he owes women anything. He doesn’t pander to women and feminist talking points, and as 2016 showed, he was not at all reluctant to savage Hillary Clinton in the same manner he humiliated his mostly-male Republican primary opponents. While other candidates would have balked at truly taking off the gloves against Hillary out of fear of being called a sexist, Trump had no such reluctance. He pulled no punches and felt no inherent need to roll over for her due to guilt over having Male Privilege.

Hillary on the other hand had traditionally been a smug, cynical, conniving, entitled shapeshifter, who would trash her husbands mistresses as bimbos and skanks while simultaneously claiming to be a champion of women. But by 2016 Hillary had come to represent the shrill, nagging, angry, sexless hag. Either way, she represented the type of woman that most men either resent or fear.

Trump was the wild card the feminists and the Uniparty were not expecting. They were expecting Hillary to make short work of some cowed, politically correct Establishment Republican pussy like Jeb Bush who wouldn’t have the audacity to try to truly win the 2016 election. Again, 2016 was Hillary’s Moment and everyone knew it. As the Uniparty-anointed Embodiment of Feminism, Hillary was entitled to winning the presidency in 2016, because men were said to be obligated to step aside and let women take over the reins of power in this country. That was what Hillary’s victory was to represent: a landmark cultural changing of the guard, a sweeping away of the last vestiges of the “old America” of the Patriarchy and traditional gender roles.

In short the two candidates can plausibly be seen as stand-ins for the competing ideals of the Patriarchy and the Matriarchy. Trump was the embodiment of the powerful alpha male that traditionally ran this country, while Hillary was supposed to embody the dawning of a New Age of Feminism In reality, Hillary was merely a grating, off-putting reminder of what it looks like when women try to be powerful.

But while we’re told endlessly that this country is a Patriarchy that oppresses women brutally and systematically, Hillary was actually the one who was supposed to win. She was anointed as the Uniparty Establishment’s chosen candidate, even though her candidacy was supposedly a repudiation of the ruling Patriarchy. (The fact that many prominent Republicans supported her over Trump makes sense only if you view them not as actual Republicans, but instead as members of the Uniparty, which is the Democrats and the the Republicans-in-name-only who pretend to oppose the Democrats in order to maintain the illusion that the American people actually have a say in government.)

So to recap: Hillary, the woman, was said to be the great threat to the Patriarchy that supposedly controls this country, yet Hillary was also the chosen candidate of the political elite, the media, Wall Street, big business, Silicon Valley, academia and the military industrial complex. Please tell me how a country’s power Establishment that is said to be a Patriarchy anoints a woman as its choice for President. 🤔🤔🤔

In reality, Hillary’s campaign was not a grassroots, countercultural revolution against the dominant Patriarchy. That was all a facade to trick NPC voters into getting excited to support the same old Uniparty Globalism they’d had forced on them for the past several decades prior.

There is no longer a Patriarchy in this country, but the Uniparty finds it useful to invoke it as a bogeyman to keep the feminists angry and energized.

And that’s why 2016 wasn’t a true “battle of the sexes.” Hillary was not a legitimate, paradigm-shaking feminist: she was a power-hungry politician who played the part when it was politically advantageous to do so.

Ultimately, 2016 was a repudiation of the ruling Uniparty and its globalist policies which have destroyed American manufacturing and are transforming this country demographically. It wasn’t a battle of the sexes.

2020 will be the real battle of the sexes.

The 2020 presidential campaign is already underway, with nearly half a dozen Democrats announcing their candidacies for the party’s nomination. While there are still many more names out there that will eventually join the race, the Democratic establishment seems to have already decided that Sen. Kamala Harris of California will be the one who wins the nomination in the end.

Today’s Democratic Party is the party of women and nonwhites, and Kamala Harris is both. This makes her basically entitled to the party’s nomination by default. In simple terms, Harris can claim to be the most oppressed of all the candidates in a party where being oppressed is everything. Being both nonwhite and female, Kamala Harris is “doubly oppressed.”

She will be the 2020 Democratic nominee. No male candidate can credibly claim to be more deserving of the party’s nomination over her, nor can any white woman.

If the other Democratic candidates do indeed buy into the grievance-mongering intersectional bullshit they’ve been selling for the past several years, none of them even have a right to challenge her for the party’s nomination. The party that has been insistent that identity is everything cannot now turn around and say, “Well, no, actually: don’t focus on my skin color and gender, listen to my ideas.”

Anyway, future 2020 Democratic nominee Kamala Harris also represents the second iteration of feminism, and this feminism is far more dangerous than anything posed by the first wave.

This is Donald Trump’s greatest challenge. In 2016 it was the Uniparty Establishment, in 2020 it will be Empowerment Feminism (and the Uniparty Establishment).

While Hillary Clinton got married and stayed dutifully by her husband’s side even as he cheated on her left and right, Kamala Harris is the Gen X #empowered feminist who stayed single until she was 50, using her “freedom” to sleep her way up the ranks of California politics and eventually into the US Senate.

Both Hillary and Harris, of course, only got to where they are due to the men in their life. Hillary Clinton would be nothing without Bill, and Kamala Harris’s career was launched in large part by her carrying on an affair with former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown.

Hillary Clinton used her gender for sympathy, Kamala Harris used her vagina to get what she wanted out of men in her pursuit of power.

But the real difference between Equality Feminism (Hillary) and Empowerment Feminism, (Harris), is that the latter actively encourages women to forgo marriage and motherhood in favor of sleeping around and career advancement. This is devastating for the country. Empowerment Feminism is far more dangerous than Equality Feminism.

Hillary didn’t represent a massive upending of the traditional American social order. Kamala Harris does.

Despite being the most successful and unencumbered generation of women in human history, Empowerment Feminists still consider themselves oppressed. They have the highest levels of educational attainment of any generation of American women, the highest incomes, the most options professionally, sexually and financially–and, not coincidentally, they also have the most support from and representation in America’s power Establishment. Additionally, women today can ruin men’s lives with made-up rape or domestic violence accusations and face no consequences at all, Because #BelieveWomen. Men are 10x more likely than women to be killed at work, and men comprise the vast majority of the most dangerous jobs. And yet Empowerment Feminism is much angrier and more obviously hateful toward men.

Equality Feminism was primarily focused on obtaining abortion rights and more favorable divorce and domestic violence laws. It represented somewhat of a threat to the traditional American social order, but not a dire threat.

Equality Feminism wanted women to somewhat level the playing field within the Patriarchal American society, while Empowerment Feminism wants to completely upend the whole system and turn it into a full-fledged Matriarchy.

Empowerment Feminism is about surpassing–and, if necessary, destroying–men. It takes a zero-sum view of men and women: when a man succeeds, it must necessarily be at the expense of a woman. And so in order for women to succeed, it must necessarily come at the expense of men as a group. This is why they sleep around and focus on their careers instead of settle down, get married and become mothers.

Right now, Harris’s core constituency is the single, white 30-something urbanite cat lady. Basically the blue check feminists on Twitter, many of whom just got laid off by either Huff Post or BuzzFeed. In other words, while there are many American women who have chosen the career-focused whore path in life, it has not yet become the “default” path for women. But if Harris is elected President, it will be.

That’s what Kamala Harris represents. She represents the “career-oriented” #empowered whores who are destroying this country.

She represents the legitimization of the thot, the amoral female who sleeps around, rejecting marriage and motherhood in favor of her career.

Now, I know the obvious response will be that I’m only saying all this because I want to “Keep Women Down” and send them back to the kitchen, but that’s not what this is about. Honestly. It’s not base sexism or misogyny.

It’s not that I envy or fear Kamala Harris because she represents #independent women who don’t need no men. The problem is that women like her encourage other women to live destructive and toxic lives that will result in their unhappiness and the ruin of American dating and sex.

The nuclear family is the foundation of a healthy, thriving America. Unavoidably. Empowerment Feminism is the greatest threat to the nuclear family since the welfare programs of the 1960s, which have already done a number on nuclear families.

If all women come to believe the best way to live is to sleep around until they become rich and powerful, we are screwed. Women will never settle for decent, even moderately successful men because they’ll all be looking for a Willie Brown of their own to put them on the fast track to becoming a Senator.

The problem is, this will never happen for 99% of women.

These women have to stop believing being a whore is empowering. Having 40 different sex partners is not empowering.

But these women will not realize it until they’re well into their 30s and single, when no half-decent guy will want anything to do with them.

At the end of the day, it’s about rejecting destructive, whorish behavior.

“Then why is not bad when men sleep around?!?!” they’ll retort.

Because men were made to sleep around. That’s how we’re wired biologically.

Women are wired to attach themselves to a strong, successful man for protection and financial stability.

See, the cold hard truth is that men don’t hit The Wall after 30. Men over 30, even into their 50s and 60s, can still attract young beautiful women.

But women basically have to find a guy by the time they’re in their early 30s or else they’re in big trouble. Older women are not nearly as desirable as younger ones.

Women in their 20s are wasting their sexual primes whoring themselves out and sleeping with dozens of guys because they’ve been told that it’s “empowering” to do so.

In reality they should be spending their 20s trying to find the right man–while their sexual market values are highest.

Just because being a whore for 30 years enabled Kamala Harris to sleep her way into power doesn’t mean it’s how every woman ought to live. It won’t work for every woman; in fact, it won’t work for the vast majority of them.

Plus, why does it seem like feminism is not driven by any natural, internal desires and biological tendencies but simply out of envy of men?

The reason men build businesses and empires and seek power is because of our natural tendency to conquer and dominate. We’re biologically driven. Women don’t have that innate biological drive to build and conquer and rule.

Women may think seeking power Just Like Men Do will satisfy them or provide meaning in their lives, but it won’t. A life driven by envy is neither meaningful nor satisfying. Envy is not fulfilling.

Same with women sleeping around: they’re not doing it because they are naturally driven to spread their seed far and wide, but rather Because Men Do It So Why Shouldn’t I Be Allowed To, Huh? HUH!?

It’s childish and silly.

It’s driven completely by envy.

Women don’t really want power. They don’t want to spread their seed–and at any rate that’s not even possible for them.

They’ve just been told that their lives are totally meaningless unless they try their hardest to live like men.

Another thing women do that’s motivated entirely by envy: bodybuilding.

I’m not talking about women who go to the gym and get toned and in shape–Lord knows I love a girl who’s in shape. I’m talking about the girls who get big and ripped.


Why do they do it? It’s not because it makes them more attractive to men. The vast majority of guys are disgusted by women who are ripped.

News flash: men like boobs, not pecs. And there is nothing hot about a girl having a firm, muscley ass and ripped, bulging quads.

Men work out to get big and strong because that’s what women are attracted to.

Women work out to get big and strong because. . . why, exactly?

It’s not to attract men.

Instead it’s out of envy; this If Men Do It, I Want To Do It, Too! attitude.

Again, it’s childish and ridiculous.

Oh, you need to be able to defend yourself, Ripped Girl? Maybe if you spent your time trying to attract a strong, alpha male you wouldn’t have to worry about that in the first place. And, news flash, no matter how big and ripped you get, you still won’t be able to overpower a man trying to rob or rape you. You’re better off buying a gun or a taser.

Anyway, all this is to say that Empowerment Feminism as represented by Kamala Harris must be defeated in 2020. It cannot be validated and rewarded with the Presidency, or it will be the end of this country.

Fortunately, we have the ultimate alpha male in Donald Trump standing in the way.


Finally, which way Western women?

The Real Racism Problem in America

Absolutely disgusting:

This is a video shot by “Black Israelites” protesting at the Lincoln Memorial the day of the encounter between Covington Catholic students and a crazy, toothless fraudster Indian.

Some of the most racist quotes:

[To a black student with the white Covington Catholic students] “You got all these dirty ass crackas behind you, with red ‘Make America Great Again’ hats on, your coon ass: you wanna fight your brothers!”

“You, nigga! With all these crackers with racist-ass Make America Great hats. Get your Uncle Tom ass outta here!”

“Look at all these peckerwoods [. . .] Look at all these dusty-ass crackas! With that racist garbage on!”

And towards the end, “Look at this mob of dirty animals.”

This guy–and many, many others like him–really believes it’s not possible to be racist against white people. No matter how vile and racist his statements objectively are, he gets to be openly racist against white people because White People Are Racist!

White Teenagers in MAGA Hats: *literally just standing there*


And it’s the white teenagers in MAGA hats who are the racists.

It really is astounding that the recent spread of racism against whites is justified because… WHITE PEOPLE ARE RACIST!

Imagine having such little self-awareness that you launch into a barrage of racism against a person or group of people because you believe them to be racist.

Who are the victims of “institutional racism”? Well, think of it this way: White people have to look over their shoulder before sharing any slightly off-color joke. But these black Israelite guys did not think twice before recording themselves yelling hateful and noxious racism at a group of white teenagers. They recorded this themselves, then posted it online. They were proud of what they said!

And nothing will happen to them. They won’t be banned from social media, they won’t lose their jobs, they won’t face legal action.

Yes, we do live in a racist society. Anti-white racism is allowed in America. By not punishing or condemning it, our society encourages it.

Things are getting to a dangerous point.

The demonization and dehumanization (a term the left loves) of white people in America is almost complete. Soon white people will be so reviled that virtually any act of aggression against them will be not only tolerated but encouraged.

Social media platforms routinely ignore the most vile and monstrous rhetoric imaginable when it’s directed against white people, even children, including violent fantasies and death threats. Ignoring it is de facto endorsement.

I got a 12-hour “time out” from Twitter for calling Jim Acosta a “dumbass,” but leftists can fantasize about shoving white children into woodchippers and nothing happens.

We cannot count on the Uniparty media to save us. The Uniparty media is all too happy to automatically presume guilt and malice on the part of a white person even if the white person is in reality the victim. The Uniparty media is fully on board with Kill Whitey.

The Republican Party is more likely to apologize for mythical White Privilege than it is to call out anti-white racism. Republicans were stumbling over themselves to denounce the Covington Catholic kids within seconds of the story breaking, even without researching it for themselves.

President Trump has only just now weighed in on the Covington Catholic situation:

Wish he would have said more, but at least he said something.

For now, we are on our own. It’s only going to get worse.

The left has stoked such a visceral hatred against whites that people erupt in uncontrollable hatred and rage at the sight of a white person in a Trump hat.


Your kind ain’t welcome around here, racist!

Of course they don’t have rights, they’re RACIST!

Whoever said “racist” has become the n-word for whites was right.