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No, I am Not Celebrating Trump’s Official Exoneration Day

This morning Attorney General William Barr held a press conference discussing the findings of the Mueller Report: no collusion, no obstruction (how one can “obstruct justice” when the charges are completely fabricated is still beyond me–unless, of course, that was the point all along). The Mueller Report will be released today with redactions. I give approximately zero f*cks about what the Mueller Report says because there was never any need for the Mueller Investigation in the first place.

If you want to read about Barr’s press conference, I’m sure you can find great takes all over the place. I’ll include this excerpt of Barr’s statement and that’s it:

Personally, I couldn’t care less about what was said today because it revealed nothing we haven’t already known for over two years: there was no collusion, there was no obstruction of justice.

I almost didn’t write about this. I’m so tired of all this Russia nonsense. At first I just wanted to be done with this whole saga.

But then I realized: the perpetrators of this great act of treason would like nothing more than for us to simply be done with it. They are hoping and wishing for us to have our little “No Collusion!” celebration today and then move on.

Because then, they’ll be let off the hook. They won’t have to answer for their crimes against this country.

Trump may have gotten his justice today in having his name cleared, but the evil people who concocted this whole scheme have not been brought to justice.

They’re all still running free. They’re fixtures on cable news, they’re writing books, traveling the world, giving paid speeches–they’ve escaped justice.

So no, I’m not “basking in the glory” today.

I’m not enjoying watching CNN have a network-wide meltdown.

This is not a happy day. A plot to overthrow a president has been thwarted–yes, that is a good thing, but we should still be furious that it even happened in this country.

The Uniparty elite have turned us into a third world banana republic.

So their latest plot was foiled–they’re just going to try again sooner or later.

You know what would make me happy? If CNN, on account of being forever discredited due to its conduct the past two years, was taken off the air and disbanded, with its executives tried for treason.

I’ll celebrate when the Deep State overlords like Clapper, Comey, Brennan, Steele, Ohr, Strzok, Obama and all the rest are tried for treason.

Don’t you see the bigger picture here?

There is no accountability for the perpetrators of this great scam. As long as those evil individuals are still free, they will never stop trying to subvert the will of the American people and turn this country into an anti-democratic one-party state.

They spent two years assuring us Trump would be dragged from the White House in handcuffs and thrown in prison. They assured us the President was a Russian asset. They did everything they could to make us believe it, including lying and breaking the law.

And now we’re going to just move on like nothing happened?

There should be hell to pay for every last person that contributed to the Russian Collusion hoax. None of us should be celebrating anything until that happens.

The fabrication and dissemination of the Russian Collusion Hoax is a scandal an order of magnitude greater than Watergate.

Watergate brought down a whole Presidential administration. People went to jail.

We have nothing to celebrate until the evil men and women behind this scandal are brought to justice. A scandal bigger than Watergate requires punishments bigger than those handed out after Watergate.

Democrats Are Freaking Out in the Wake of AG Barr’s Confirmation that the Obama Administration Spied on Trump

The headline from Fox News:

“Dems rage against Barr for backing claims of Trump campaign ‘spying’ by FBI”

Prominent Democrats lined up to hammer Attorney General Bill Barr for testifying Wednesday that federal authorities had spied on the Trump campaign in 2016, with one top House Democrat charging that Barr is not acting “in the best interest of the DOJ or the country.”

LOL, wrong. He is absolutely acting in the best interests of the DOJ and America. He’s not, however, acting in the best interests of the Global Crime Syndicate aka the Uniparty aka the Democrats and their Republican lapdogs.

And that’s why House Dems are panicking.

“Despite mounting evidence that the FBI pursued an array of efforts to gather intelligence from within the Trump campaign — and the fact that the FBI successfully pursued warrantsto surveil a former Trump aide in 2016 — House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., told Fox News that Barr’s loyalties were compromised.”

Being loyal to America is, in a Democrat’s eyes, having compromised loyalties.

“He is acting as an employee of the president,” Hoyer said. “I believe the Attorney General believes he needs to protect the president of the United States.”

Added House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., in an interview with the Associated Press: “I don’t trust Barr, I trust Mueller.” And Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., accused Barr on Twitter of “peddling conspiracy theories.”

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., added in a statement that Barr “should not casually suggest that those under his purview engaged in ‘spying’ on a political campaign.”

This is particularly rich coming from Schiff, who has spent the past two years casually suggesting–with zero evidence–that the President of the United States colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election.

Within hours of Barr’s bombshell confirmation, Senate Democrats demanded he walk his statement back:



Is the Science Settled that there was no spying?

It took two years for Trump’s name to be cleared of Russian Collusion, but Democrats want the Obama Administration cleared in two hours.

Sorry, that’s not how this works.

The way the game is played now in the wake of the Russian Collusion Conspiracy Theory is that we make earth-shattering accusations against our enemies and then demand two years of invasive, all-encompassing investigations of them before they can be cleared.

I think we need a multi-year investigation of Barr’s claim.

Check back with us in 2021, Chuck Schumer. Ya miserable fuck.

Eric Holder, Obama’s former Attorney General who once called America a “nation of cowards,” crept out of the woodwork as well:


Now they want evidence, evidence, evidence. How adorable.

And notice they can’t get their stories straight: some are saying there was no spying at all, others, like Holder, are saying the spying was justified.

Which is it, Democrats? It can’t be both.

Finally, here’s James Clapper, who basically masterminded the whole operation:


Yeah, I’d be scared if I were you, too, Jim.

Attorney General William Barr Finally Confirms It: Obama Admin. Spied on Trump Campaign

If you followed me on the old Medium site, you know that I’ve been insisting this for about two years:

Spygate is officially confirmed. This is a major turning point in the fight against the Deep State. This is the moment the tables began turning.

You can tell by the look on Democrat Senator Jane Shaheen’s face that AG Barr’s statement is a big deal. She knows the jig is up.

Of course, in order to prevent Senate Democrats’ heads from exploding on the spot, Barr issued the caveat that “we need to see” whether Obama’s spying on Trump was “adequately predicated,” but we already know the answer to that question: no, it was not. The spying was based on the discredited and false Steele Dossier, which the guilty parties knew was bogus the whole time.

The Steele Dossier was merely their fig leaf of legitimacy to validate their maliciously-driven desire to spy on the Trump campaign. They needed some seemingly legitimate reason to initiate the spying, so they paid Fusion GPS to slap together some bogus document that seemingly justified the spying they already wanted to do.

In other words, the desire to spy on Trump came first, the Steele Dossier came second. The latter was slapped together to provide a veneer of legitimacy for the former.

Dan Bongino has a nice summary of why, contrary to Uniparty media lying, it was indeed the Steele Dossier that served as the pretext for the spying.

The “mainstream media” will either ignore or downplay this major moment, but don’t let that fool you into thinking this is unimportant.

If anything, that should underscore just how important Barr’s admission is.

CNN is already on the job:

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 12.31.16 PM.png



Now they want evidence?

These vile propagandists push an evidence-free Russian Collusion Conspiracy Theory for two straight years and now they have the audacity to demand evidence?

Literally fuck yourselves with the largest vaguely phallic object within arm’s reach.

The Obama Administration, in collaboration with the Hillary campaign, used the false Steele Dossier as a pretext to spy on the Trump campaign.

You want “election meddling”? Here it is.

This is a scandal many times worse than Watergate, about which even the most ardent Nixon haters will admit, “It wasn’t the crime, it was the cover-up.”

Well, Spygate is about the crime.

It’s about the cover-up, too, and in that department the main guilty party is the “mainstream media”. Take Washington Bezos Post’s Aaron Blake, for instance:

But it’s mostly about the crime. And this crime goes all the way to the top.

Let the games begin.

The Deep State Is Real: McCabe Says DoJ Plotted to Overthrow Trump After Comey Firing

There is no omnipotent Deep State pulling the strings behind the scenes. Wherever would you get that ridiculous idea?

“Meetings were held at the Department of Justice on whether President Donald Trump should be removed from office with the 25th Amendment after the firing of former FBI Director James Comey, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe writes in a new book.

“There were meetings at the Justice Department at which it was discussed whether the vice president and a majority of the Cabinet could be brought together to remove the president of the United States under the 25th Amendment,” CBS News’ Scott Pelley said Thursday in a preview of his forthcoming interview with McCabe.

Pelley noted that these meetings were part of an extraordinary 8-day period after Comey’s firing in which Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein also suggested to senior FBI officials that he should wear a secret recording device in his meetings with Trump.

The 25th Amendment allows for the removal of the president of the United States if a majority of his Senate-confirmed cabinet believe he is no longer capable of discharging his duties while in office. Rosenstein reportedly speculated that he could convince at least two cabinet officials to sign on to a plan to oust Trump from office.”

Oh, and that story that broke a while back about Rod Rosenstein supposedly offering to wear a wire and then go talk to Trump? Which Rosenstein played off as a joke?

McCabe says that not only happened, but that Rosenstein was dead serious about it.

This is like something out of a movie. We now have the Deputy FBI Director (who became Acting FBI Director upon Comey’s firing) on record in his own book saying the Department of (In)justice held a meeting in which they not only discussed but actively planned to remove a sitting President.

Keep in mind that Andrew McCabe is not saying this to clear his conscience or to confess. Quite the opposite: he’s bragging.

Make no mistake about it: McCabe’s admissions here will be received among #Resistance and Uniparty Establishment circles as heroic. McCabe will be painted as a martyr who valiantly tried, but ultimately failed, to Save The Nation From Trump.

Despite McCabe’s noble efforts, Fuhrer Trump ultimately clung to power.

That’s how the #Resistance and Uniparty Establishment views this admission.

They don’t fear a rogue, unelected Deep State attempting to overthrow the duly elected President because they are all part of the rogue, unelected Deep State.

It’s Official: No Collusion

We’ve known it all along, but the Senate Intelligence Committee has just wrapped up its two-year investigation into potential Trump-Russia Collusion and the official verdict is that there is no “direct” evidence of collusion.

“WASHINGTON — After two years and 200 interviews, the Senate Intelligence Committee is approaching the end of its investigation into the 2016 election, having uncovered no direct evidence of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, according to both Democrats and Republicans on the committee.

But investigators disagree along party lines when it comes to the implications of a pattern of contacts they have documented between Trump associates and Russians — contacts that occurred before, during and after Russian intelligence operatives were seeking to help Donald Trump by leaking hacked Democratic emails and attacking his opponent, Hillary Clinton, on social media.”

Of course NPC News is trying to hedge and make it look like Trump Still Colluded even though the preceding paragraph contradicts that narrative.

This whole “Russians attacked Hillary on social media” is total bullshit and NPC News knows it. The CEO of Google himself testified before Congress just last year and said Russia spent a grand total of $4,700 on Google ads in 2016. Facebook saw Russia spend  more, $46,000, but it still only amounted to 0.05% of the the total $81 million spent by the Clinton and Trump campaigns on Facebook ads in 2016.

Additionally, we have not been presented with any evidence that the Russians are behind Wikileaks. We’re only told to trust the intelligence community’s assertion.

Moving on:

“If we write a report based upon the facts that we have, then we don’t have anything that would suggest there was collusion by the Trump campaign and Russia,” said Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, in an interview with CBS News last week.

Burr was careful to note that more facts may yet be uncovered, but he also made clear that the investigation was nearing an end.

What about that qualifier, “no direct evidence”? Why don’t they just say, “no evidence”?Does this mean there’s indirect evidence?

Of course not, because it would be the story if there was any.

The only reason the media is saying “no direct evidence” is to leave the possibility open that Trump is still guilty, but was just too conniving and hid it too well.

In other words, “He’s still guilty, we just couldn’t prove it.”

Even if there’s no evidence of any collusion, the media still will not report it. They just will not allow the words, “No evidence of Russian collusion” to appear on any of their cable broadcasts or websites. It’s just too painful for them, and, more importantly, they cannot allow the brainwashed masses to see those words.

But Sen. Richard Burr lays it out:

“We know we’re getting to the bottom of the barrel because there’re not new questions that we’re searching for answers to,” Burr said.

On Tuesday, Burr doubled down, telling NBC News, “There is no factual evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.”

Ahhh. That’s better than “No direct evidence.” Wonder why the line “no factual evidence” is not the NPC News headline?

Please, Democrats: go ahead and seize on non-factual evidence of collusion.

Lord knows they haven’t had any problems doing so the past two years.

Here’s Mark Warner, the Democrat:

Sen. Mark Warner, D.-Va., ranking member of the committee, told reporters in the Capitol Tuesday that he disagrees with the way Burr characterized the evidence about collusion, but he declined to offer his own assessment.

“I’m not going to get into any conclusions I have,” he said, before adding that “there’s never been a campaign in American history … that people affiliated with the campaign had as many ties with Russia as the Trump campaign did.

Uh, I can think of one: the Clinton campaign!

“Democratic Senate investigators who spoke to NBC News on condition of anonymity did not dispute Burr’s characterizations, but said they lacked context.

“We were never going to find a contract signed in blood saying, ‘Hey Vlad, we’re going to collude,'” one Democratic aide said.”

Except, you’ve been telling us the past two years that this was exactly the case, and that Trump was so obviously guilty it would be no trouble at all to convict him.

Now they’re moving the goalposts big-time, hoping you don’t notice.

“Donald Trump Jr. made clear in his messages that he was willing to accept help from the Russians,” one Democratic Senate investigator said. “Trump publicly urged the Russians to find Clinton’s missing emails.”

And the Clintons actually went to Russians for information on Trump. Don Jr. got nothing. And if you believe Trump making an offhand joke about Russia finding Hillary’s missing emails while on-stage at a nationally-televised rally constitutes collusion, you are undoubtedly a Police State Dem.

This whole thing is a joke. There never was any collusion, and we’ve known it all along.

The Democrats invented the myth of collusion during the 2016 election so they could justify spying on Trump, and then ramped up the collusion fairytale after the election so they would have a reason to take Trump down.

Democrats have known it was fake for longer than we have, given that they’re the ones who invented the narrative.

If you were wondering what the media reaction would be like if and when Trump was officially cleared of wrongdoing, this is what it looks like: barely any media attention. And where the media does pay attention to the “No Collusion” story, it does so in an effort to qualify and cast doubt upon its conclusion.

No fanfare, no eating of crow by the Democrats and their media propagandists who have been assuring us for two years that the “walls are closing in” on Trump.

If you were expecting wall-to-wall coverage of President Trump’s exoneration, I’m sorry but you must not know the Democratic Propaganda Media very well: if a story cannot benefit the Democrats, it rarely even becomes a story at all.

Republicans cannot get a positive media cycle at all, ever–unless they do something the Uniparty wants, like cave on the border, or cave and invade some foreign country.

The whole “COLLUSION” hysteria ends with a whimper, not a bang. Democrats are hoping most people forget about the whole thing.

Democrats are now going to pretend they didn’t spend the past two years telling us with 100% certainty that Trump was completely beholden to Russia and is guilty of treason of the highest order.

They’re going to pretend like they didn’t stake literally everything on the COLLUSION!1! hysteria being true.

They’re going to pretend it didn’t dominate cable news on a nightly basis for the better part of two years.

They’re just going to ignore it and pretend it never happened.

In this regard, the Uniparty Propaganda Media is truly Orwellian in its ability to pull off a complete reversal of this magnitude. It’s an “Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia”-level turnaround to be screaming about COLLUSION for two years straight and then, all of the sudden, never mentioning it again.

You know the media is straight-up propaganda when you can witness the same political talking head going on and on about COLLUSION and Our Democracy™ for two years and then suddenly acting as if he had never even heard of the word “collusion.”

America: Banana Republic

This is no longer the country we thought we lived in, and which many millions of Americans of past generations actually did grow up in.

On Friday night, the New York Times reported that the FBI launched an investigation into President Donald Trump after he fired James Comey.

The FBI justified this investigation by claiming Trump’s completely lawful firing of Comey indicated Trump might be working for Russia.

Because the New York Times and virtually the entire Democratic Party are subservient to the Deep State, they all thought this FBI story was Awesome As Hell and totally proved that Trump was corrupt. NYT ran this story believing it painted Trump, rather than the FBI, in a bad light.

The Times and its NPC readers believe the FBI to be unquestionable and unassailable, so in their view the FBI never does anything malicious or corrupt–if the FBI launches an investigation into someone, that investigation is automatically legitimate and warranted. Therefore, Trump has to be a criminal, otherwise there’s no way the FBI would be investigating him! After all, Obama was never under FBI investigation!

But to the rest of us who realize what’s actually going on, the FBI investigating Trump is not an indicator of Trump’s guilt, but rather of the FBI’s staggering corruption and total politicization. How do we know this? Nine paragraphs into the NYT piece, the “reporters” mention that the FBI found absolutely no evidence to support its claims against Trump.

The FBI didn’t launch an investigation into Trump because Trump is corrupt; it launched an investigation because the FBI itself is corrupt and out of control.

Remember: the entire reason for the Trump-Russia Collusion suspicion was and remains the fraudulent, Clinton-funded Steele Dossier.

Andy McCarthy, who is usually spot-on with his analysis of the ongoing Trump v. Deep State war, reiterates this but ultimately misses the point:

“On Friday night, the New York Times published what was clearly intended to be a blockbuster report that, following the firing of FBI director James Comey on May 9, 2017, the bureau formally opened an investigation of President Trump. But in truth, the only thing the story shows is that the FBI, after over a year of investigation, simply went overt about something that had been true from the start. The investigation commenced during the 2016 campaign by the Obama administration – the Justice Department and the FBI – was always about Donald Trump.

We have to remember: The FBI believed the Steele dossier – the collection of faux intelligence reports compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele, who was ultimately working for the Hillary Clinton campaign. The Justice Department on four occasions brought surveillance applications to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), in which the FBI swore that it believed the dossier allegations.”

McCarthy still has some faith in the FBI in saying “the FBI believed the Steele Dossier.” In McCarthy’s view, the FBI is not acting willfully malevolently, but rather out of misplaced faith in a fraudulent, Clinton-funded oppo file.

No chance. The FBI has known all along where the Steele Dossier came from. They weren’t duped by it. I refuse to believe the FBI was/is simply operating under the false impression that the Steele Dossier is legit.

The FBI was not fooled by the Dossier. The FBI is many things, but it is not naive.

The Steele Dossier was their justification for going after Trump. They knew it was fraudulent and dirty all along. They knew where it came from.

But they needed to have some ostensibly legitimate reason to go after Trump, and the Dossier sufficed. Portraying the President as a likely-compromised agent of a foreign enemy was the perfect excuse to take him down.

Trump’s genuine desire to seek and achieve better relations with Russia contradicts the military industrial complex’s institutional and financial priority of permanent war footing with a nuclear-armed power. This was and remains intolerable to our unelected Deep State overlords, and so they resolved to smear Trump as a traitor and a criminal, with the ultimate goal of removing him from power.

That’s what’s going on here.

This tweet does a great job of placing what’s happening in America in perspective:


If this were happening in any other country, the US Ministry of Truth would be reporting on it from the perspective of presumed Deep State Corruption.

The FBI has a mind of its own. It is completely out of control. It now asserts the right to launch politically-driven investigations into whomever it wants, including the President of the United States. It believes itself, rather than the President, to be the ultimate authority in matters of foreign policy. It is accountable to no one.

The FBI is more powerful than the President.

Think of it this way: for his entire presidency, Trump has basically been playing defense against the FBI/Deep State’s attempts to destroy him. The FBI can launch investigations into Trump, but what can Trump do in return? What has he done in return?

He fired Comey, but that only further mobilized the FBI against him.

Even the DoJ Inspector General’s 18-month-long investigation of the Comey-era FBI concluded that it was not tainted by political bias. It amounted to little more than a slap on the wrist for the people that oversaw perhaps the most blatantly corrupt and thuggish FBI conduct in American history.

Trump’s own pick to head the FBI, Christopher Wray, defiantly maintains a siege mentality and insists the FBI is both beyond reproach and accountable to no one.

How do we know the FBI is more powerful than the president? Because we all know the FBI is corrupt and out of control, yet nobody can do anything about it. Open, brazen corruption is an indicator of true power. Think about how Harvey Weinstein got away with being a depraved sexual predator for decades even though everyone in Hollywood knew about it. That’s true power: when everyone knows you’re corrupt and yet nobody can or will do anything about it.

The US “media” not only runs cover for the FBI but actively does the FBI’s bidding by repackaging leaks from high-level officials into seemingly legitimate “news reports” which are intended to reflect negatively on the Bureau’s enemies, namely Trump.

Does this method of governance have any basis in the Constitution?

Is this what the Founding Fathers intended for our country? Could any of them have foreseen our vast, sprawling, 16-agency intelligence community?

Is this in any way congruent with your idea of what America is and ought to be?

This is not America.

We have become the type of third world banana republic we often read about in the news. We’re there.

It’s a tough pill to swallow, and I can see why people like McCarthy are reluctant to admit it, but it’s the truth.

The American Psychological Association: Traditional Masculinity is “Harmful” and We Now Treat it as a Mental Disorder

Rod Dreher writes “Manhood as Mental Disorder.” He quotes the American Psychological Association’s latest announcement:

“For the first time ever, APA is releasing guidelines to help psychologists work with men and boys.

At first blush, this may seem unnecessary. For decades, psychology focused on men (particularly white men), to the exclusion of all others. And men still dominate professionally and politically: As of 2018, 95.2 percent of chief operating officers at Fortune 500 companies were men. According to a 2017 analysis by Fortune, in 16 of the top companies, 80 percent of all high-ranking executives were male. Meanwhile, the 115th Congress, which began in 2017, was 81 percent male.

But something is amiss for men as well. Men commit 90 percent of homicides in the United States and represent 77 percent of homicide victims. They’re the demographic group most at risk of being victimized by violent crime. They are 3.5 times more likely than women to die by suicide, and their life expectancy is 4.9 years shorter than women’s. Boys are far more likely to be diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder than girls, and they face harsher punishments in school—especially boys of color.

APA’s new Guidelines for Psychological Practice With Boys and Men strive to recognize and address these problems in boys and men while remaining sensitive to the field’s androcentric past. Thirteen years in the making, they draw on more than 40 years of research showing that traditional masculinity is psychologically harmful and that socializing boys to suppress their emotions causes damage that echoes both inwardly and outwardly.”

For the sake of fairness, it’s Dreher, not the APA, who asserts that the APA has declared traditional masculinity a “mental disorder.” But Dreher is simply reading between the lines. APA doesn’t come out and say it explicitly, but we all understand what they’re getting at.

The APA’s new official position as of January 2019 is that “traditional masculinity is psychologically harmful.”

Please take a moment and allow that to sink in.

The official position of America’s psychology field is that “traditional masculinity is psychologically harmful.”

Here’s more:

“Once psychologists began studying the experiences of women through a gender lens, it became increasingly clear that the study of men needed the same gender-aware approach, says Levant.

The main thrust of the subsequent research is that traditional masculinity—marked by stoicism, competitiveness, dominance and aggression—is, on the whole, harmful. Men socialized in this way are less likely to engage in healthy behaviors.”

“Traditional masculinity is, on the whole, harmful.”

Yes, in fact, focusing on only the potentially destructive aspects of masculinity would give one the impression that men are all ticking time bombs.

Women, of course, are perfect and have no negative aspects at all. They’re not conniving, passive-aggressive and emotionally unstable. Not at all!

Now the APA claims this is based on data, but let’s take a look at the prominent stat they cite: “Men commit 90% of homicides.”

Rod Dreher points out the glaring problem with this:

“To be fair, it’s not all PC codswallop, but given the social justice warrior jargon throughout, I suspect this is mostly about psychologizing the gelding of American males. I do not trust Ryon McDermott, PhD, to decide what is and is not healthy masculinity.

Me neither.

Plus, I don’t trust the spin. For example, this line: “Men commit 90 percent of homicides in the United States and represent 77 percent of homicide victims.”

True, but misleading. Homicides in the US are disproportionately committed by black menThe American Council on Science and Health reported in 2017:

The CDC confirms that, following an extended period of general decline, the overall homicide rate — as well as the homicide rate within each racial group — has increased from 2014 to 2015. In 2015, the homicide rates were (per 100,000 population): 20.9 for blacks (non-Hispanic), 4.9 for Hispanics, 2.6 for whites (non-Hispanic), 5.7 for all races.

Compared to the national average, the homicide rate was 54% lower for whites, 14% lower for Hispanics, and 267% higher for blacks. Put another way, the homicide rate among African-Americans is nearly quadruple that of the national average.

On the other hand, the white male suicide rate is six times higher for white men than for black men.

I bring this up only to point out that it’s not just “men” committing murders, but overwhelmingly it’s black men. This suggests that there is something particular going on within black male society. And the suicide rate being so unusually high among working-class, middle-aged white males tells us that something is going on with their own social psychology. That black and Hispanic working-class middle-aged men who suffer from the same hardships as whites are not killing themselves suggests that their social psychology has certain strengths that whites lack.

Of course, you’re never going to get this sort of nuance and highlighting of Inconvenient Truths from a thoroughly partisan organization like the APA.

They’ve got a message to push–“MEN BAD”–and they’re going to do it at all costs.

This is what I mean when I talk about “the Deep State” and the idea that the left is in control of our major institutions.

It’s everything.

Many Americans know the media is the Democrats’ propaganda organ. Some are even wise to the fact that the public education system is designed to indoctrinate students with leftism from an early age.

But how many Americans are aware that the American Psychological Association is a front for the Democratic Party? How many are aware that when they read the Supremely Authoritative pronouncements of the APA, and consult its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) as the final authority on what is a mental disorder and what is not, that they are reading Democratic Party propaganda?

I’d guess the number is far fewer than the number of people who realize CNN and the New York Times are Democratic propaganda organs.

This is the larger problem. The left’s dominance of this country is so absolute, so far-reaching and deep-rooted that sometimes it’s overwhelming to take account of just how many institutions and organizations they have infested and corrupted.

We now have the APA, pretending to be a non-partisan authority, proclaiming that “traditional masculinity is, on the whole, harmful” and pretending it’s nothing but #Science and facts rather than political propaganda.

There most certainly is a War on Men and it is being waged against us by the most powerful organizations and institutions in America. They are all in lock-step unison in their mission to castrate us and turn us all into Democrat-voting, soyboy beta pussies who care most about being In Touch With Our Feeeelingz and weeping over our Mean, Nasty Border Patrol using tear gas on “migrants” trying to storm the border.

They want men to be as easily emotionally manipulated as women are, because that makes us more susceptible to Democratic Propaganda efforts.

They want us to be passive betas because assertive alpha males are the ones who stand up and fight their malevolent schemes to “fundamentally transform” this country.

Make no mistake about this: they are launching a full-scale assault on traditional masculinity because it is the single greatest impediment to Democrats obtaining power.

Oh, and if all this is not enough to emphasize what’s going on in this country, consider that in 2013 the APA released a 5th edition of its DSM and among the changes made were to reclassify transgenderism from a “disorder” to “gender dysphoria.” This was done in part to “remove the stigma” from transgenderism.

Not only did APA reclassify transgenderism as not a mental illness, but in the summer of 2018, the World Health Organization, another supposedly non-partisan international institution, announced that it would no longer be considering transgenderism as a mental illness.

So: traditional masculinity is a mental disorder, transgenderism is not. This is the direction we’re moving in–at least the direction our elite institutions are moving.

That’s the country we live in today. That’s America in 2019.

There Was Never Any Trump-Russia Collusion, and Mueller has Known it From the Very Beginning

Ask yourself: why is there any suspicion of Trump colluding with Russia in the first place? What spurred this question? What specific instance or incident gave rise to the question, “Is Trump in bed with the Russians?”

Was it when Trump publicly asked if “Russian hackers” could find Hillary’s missing emails? If you believe that you’re a fool. That was a joke told at a campaign event. If you honestly believe that constituted Russian collusion, you are too dumb to be allowed to vote. The belief that that remark, during a nationally-televised campaign rally, was the impetus for the entire Russian collusion investigation is too stupid for words.

No: the origin of the “Trump colluded with Russia” narrative was the Steele Dossier.

That’s it.

In other words, Trump’s political enemies invented the whole thing.

The Steele Dossier was commissioned and funded by the Clinton campaign and then passed to the Obama intelligence community, which began the investigation. It was political from the start.

And so this is why Mueller knows he’s not going to find any collusion. He’s known it all along. There is no uncertainty. It’s not an open question still yet to be answered. Mueller has known the answer from the beginning.

It was Mueller’s Deep state buddies like a Hillary, Obama, Comey, Clapper and Brennan that invented the “Trump Russia collusion” narrative from the very start. It was invented by the Uniparty elites.

They know it’s not true because they were the ones who started the rumor in the first place. When someone starts a false rumor about someone else, the only two people who know the truth are the victim and the person who started the rumor in the first place.

The whole point was never to get Trump for Russian collusion. Uniparty elites have known from the start that there was no Russian collusion because they were the ones who made up the narrative that there was. They never intended to get Trump on Russian collusion; that was always simply a pretext to turn his life upside down via the Special Counsel investigation. The “Russian collusion” narrative has always been a means to an end. Only a rube would believe it’s true or could possibly be true.

You have to be a cable news-watching misinformed NPC dummy to believe the “Russian collusion” narrative has not been a setup from the start.

Why do you think Mueller and the media moved off of the collusion question so quickly? Why do you think they’re trying to nail trump on process crimes like “obstruction of justice” or bullshit that has nothing to do with Russian collusion like “campaign finance violations”?

Why do you think that, in addition to finding absolutely zero evidence of any collusion between Trump and Russia, nobody’s been able to find anything that Russian or “Russian hackers” even did to benefit Trump in the election? Last month, Google’s CEO went before Congress and informed the nation that Russia’s attempts to “influence the election” amounted to spending about $4,700 on Google ads in 2016. We’re supposed to believe insignificant stuff like this tipped the election to Trump.

Yes, Hillary Clinton spent $1.1 billion on the 2016 election, but it was a few thousand bucks of Google search ads bought by Russians that swayed the entire election.

We never hear about Russia collusion anymore because the Russia collusion narrative long ago served its purpose. The day Mueller was first appointed in May 2017, the Trump-Russia collusion narrative was no longer needed. It was the foot in the door, the pretext, the justification for a larger, more general investigation into every aspect of Donald Trump’s life.

The Mueller investigation is Peter Strzok’s “insurance policy.”

Mueller isn’t looking for Russian collusion because he has known from the start that there was none. It was his old protege James Comey, along with Clapper, Brennan, the Clinton Campaign and the Obama White House, that invented the Russian collusion narrative. Mueller is the fixer brought in to weaponize the Department of Justice against Donald Trump in order to find (or create, if need be) an impeachable offense.

People have got to understand this. It has been a set-up from the start. The Deep State needed a legitimate reason to launch a massive, endless investigation into Donald Trump, and that’s why they invented the Very Serious Question of whether or not Trump colluded with Russia. Their mouthpieces in the media have done a good job selling the story to the rubes and pretending it’s an open question, but it’s not.

There never was any collusion. The Obama FBI was not made aware of possible Trump-Russia collusion: they were the progenitors of the narrative themselves, along with the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The Deep State did not uncover a possible link between Trump and Russia; it invented the narrative that there was one.

Enemy. Of. The. People.

Do you get it now?

CNN is actually trying to get American troops in trouble.

So is Bloomberg’s Jennifer Epstein:

The troops were excited to see their President during a surprise visit on Christmas, but the evil “media” had to come in and ruin that.

Put that Trump sign away or we’ll tell your superiors! That Trump hat is a violation of the rules!”

That’s what the US “media” is saying right now. They’re truly horrible people.

Keep in mind that if Trump had refused to sign their hats–so the media wouldn’t skewer him for “🚨🚨BREAKING THE RULES!!!🚨🚨–then the media would be attacking him for spurning the troops on Christmas.

The “media” is pure evil.

Moreover, the media is not the “American” media at all. They are the propaganda arm of the Deep State, which itself is fundamentally anti-American.

Trying to get the troops in trouble on Christmas for supporting President Trump is anti-American.

Trying to overthrow a democratically-elected President is anti-American. Supporting permanent warfare is anti-American. Everything the Deep State does, the media supports, enables and assists.

It’s an unholy anti-American alliance, and of course if you dare criticize CNN for this they’ll shriek that their First Amendment rights are under attack, because CNN is completely despicable.

This is not about the first amendment or a free press. Not even close.

The government is no threat to them. It’s the people they’ve got to worry about: the First Amendment doesn’t say anything about the people rising up against the likes of CNN and the rest of the malignant cancer cells also known as the “media.”

I’m telling you, these Enemies of the People are never going to see the revolt coming.

They know full well what they’re doing is not “journalism,” and yet they keep on gaslighting the shit out of the nation pretending to be persecuted victims instead of the persecutors.

Do they really believe they can go on doing this despicable shit indefinitely? Do they really believe Americans will sit back and allow them to be as evil and cancerous as they are forever?

Patriotic Americans see our media narking on the troops then hiding behind the First Amendment and they think “Someone has got to put a stop to this.”

CNN seems to be determined to push regular Americans to their breaking points. CNN is really trying to find out how much gaslighting and propaganda the American people will put up with.

They’re going to get another Boston Tea Party if they don’t stop being evil.

Why Trump Can’t Drain the Swamp

A largely unspoken reason why it’s so hard for Trump to drain the swamp: true “MAGA”/America First Trumpists cannot actually get confirmed by the Senate for cabinet-level posts.

To illustrate what I’m talking about, let’s consider James Mattis, the Secretary of Defense who is retiring in the near future due to his disagreement with President Trump over withdrawing US Troops from Syria.


As much as we all like Mattis the man, he’s a neocon at heart. Always has been.

This is why he’s leaving the administration. Because, like every other neocon, he disagrees with the President’s decision to withdraw from Syria and eventually Afghanistan.

First, however, I just want to say, it is very admirable of Mattis to simply resign due to his irreconcilable policy differences with the President. Most Uniparty/Establishment careerists would stay on and try to undermine and sabotage Trump from the inside, but Mattis is a man of character and integrity, so he is simply resigning. He’s not going to leak to the press to undermine Trump’s agenda, he won’t be insubordinate, he’s not going to write a tell-all book (at least I don’t think he will). And for that Mattis deserves a lot of credit, because subversion and sabotage seems to be the way many others in the administration operate. Mattis may disagree with Trump, but he’s not going to try to sabotage Trump’s agenda because of the disagreement the way so many delusional, power-loving Deep Staters would. Mattis doesn’t believe all dissent from neoconservatism is evil and unacceptable, and for that we should be thankful. He doesn’t see it as his patriotic duty to undermine Trump.

But going back to the original point: we all fell in love with the “Mad Dog” warrior monk persona of James Mattis when he was first nominated back in late 2016. It was awesome to have a badass Marine Corps General taking over the Pentagon.

We all just assumed Mattis was just like Trump: a based MAGA nationalist who wasn’t about any of that PC bullshit. And it was all because of the nickname “Mad Dog.”

However, what generally went unsaid was that Mattis was a neocon through and through for his whole career. And he still is today. Separate the man from his policies: he is not a Trumpist. He is a neocon who would have been more comfortable working under George W. Bush or even Obama (which he did).

Ask yourself this: why did Mattis sail through his Senate confirmation vote by a tally of 99-1? At the time we told ourselves it was because Mattis was Totally Awesome and Badass and Fuck Yeah, Bro. But the reality is that anyone, or anything, that passes the US Senate 99-1 should raise major red flags for us.

Again, I know we all love Mad Dog Mattis the man. But the dead giveaway of his true colors should have been the 99-1 Senate vote. That was a loud and clear message that Mattis was a friend of the Uniparty Establishment, we just didn’t want to hear it.

Mattis supported (and probably still supports) the Obama Iran Deal. Mattis is PC: he tried to “walk back” Trump’s decision to ban transgenders from the military, and his position on women in combat roles was basically a bunch of anxious public squirming, refusing to take a decisive position and ultimately just hoping to avoid the question.

(By the way: can we please quit believing this myth that all our military generals are cigar-chomping, hardass alpha males who espouse traditional values straight out of the 1950s? They’re not. Most of them are PC AF. The days of Douglas MacArthur and George Patton, and even Stormin’ Norman Schwarzkopf, are long gone. The Pentagon itself is very PC/“Diversity Is Our Strength”.)

Mattis is an Establishment Neocon. That’s why he passed the Senate 99-1. That vote was the Uniparty Establishment’s seal of approval above all else.

Why do you think Mattis has largely flown under the radar these past two years? Why do you think the media never attacks him and has never tried to get him fired? Because they’re fine with him. I’d wager they probably even see him as largely one of their own, however not to the extent of guys like Comey and Brennan and Admiral Bill McRaven, the last being so PC/Uniparty Establishment he recently said Trump “threatens the Constitution” by criticizing the media.

If our military generals truly were these macho 1950s badasses, they’d never say anything as pussy as that. A liberal cuck like McRaven could only rise to the top of a military that is fully part of the liberal PC Uniparty Establishment.

And that’s part of the larger point here: the talent pool of “qualified” candidates available to Trump to staff his administration with is full of people who not only don’t share his views but hate him so much that they see it as their patriotic duty to sabotage and destroy his administration from the inside.

It’s not as easy as Trump simply being able to pick anyone he wants. The problem is they have to be confirmed by the Senate, and the Senate is overwhelmingly controlled by the Uniparty Establishment.

It was easy for Obama: Obama was a PC neocon globalist member of the Uniparty Establishment, and so were all of his nominees and appointees—as well as most of the Senators voting to confirm them, and the “media” carefully controlling the public’s perception of them. (“Media” is in quotes because our media is not a media at all, it is the Uniparty’s propaganda organ.)

But with Trump, it’s totally different. He can’t pick someone who sees the world the way he does, because A. virtually all the qualified potential nominees in the talent pool came up under Bush and Obama and are thus not even close to being ideological allies of Trump, and B. even if Trump found a legitimate Trumpist to appoint, he could never get him confirmed by the Senate.

What would happen to a true Trumpist if he were nominated for a cabinet post?

Well, just look at what happened to Mike Flynn when he was named National Security Adviser. He was destroyed by the Deep State and “media” within weeks.

A guy like Mike Flynn would have never made it through Senate confirmation, which is why he had to go to NatSec, a post that does not require Senate confirmation.

This is a largely unspoken but major hurdle for Trump in draining the Swamp: it’s virtually impossible for him to fill his Cabinet and administration with true MAGA Trumpists.

And again, the overall available talent pool does not include many—if any—true Trumpists. This is what I was getting at a while back when I wrote that the real problem right now is that there’s only one Donald Trump. Running the government and draining the swamp requires a lot of people on board; the President cannot do it alone. In fact, he can be isolated and held in check by institutional Washington and the Permanent State, as we’re seeing now.

The President does not hold absolute power, and so in order to truly consolidate power and make a meaningful impact, he needs to appoint loyalists and true Trumpists to every cabinet post.

The problem is there’s very few true Trumpists who could actually be appointed.

To rise through the ranks in Washington, you need to be a member of the Uniparty Establishment. You need to be a globalist, politically correct, pro-Open borders, pro women and trannies in the military and a World Policeman Neocon. This is how it’s been for a long time, too, meaning virtually all the “qualified” (meaning: people who could pass Senate confirmation) potential nominees are nowhere near Trump ideologically. As I said earlier, virtually all of them came up under Bush and Obama. But they’re the only people with the credentials and experience to be considered serious candidates for these major posts.

Trumpists are not able to rise through the ranks in Washington. You have to have the “right politics” to move up in that town, and everything Trump stands for in anathema to Official Washington. It’s a self-reinforcing feedback loop. This is why the available talent pool for high-level government posts is full of globalists: they’re the only ones who rise through the ranks in Washington.

One genuine MAGA Trumpist who actually made it into Trump’s cabinet was Jeff Sessions, but Sessions was basically neutralized within the first month when for no legitimate reason other than that he was under heavy “media”/Deep State/Dem pressure, he recused himself from the “Russia investigation” and thus allowed the Mueller Witch Hunt to take off and eventually get completely out of control.

See what I mean? Sessions was as big an immigration hawk as you were going to find in Washington. He was one of Trump’s earliest and most public supporters back when it was considered career suicide to be seen even remotely receptive to Trump. Sessions was legit, and that was why the Deep State made it such a priority to go after him.

The only reason Sessions made it through Senate confirmation was because he was a Senator himself and knew all the people who would be voting on his confirmation. And even then, he still barely squeaked through: the vote was 52-47.

Wherever and whenever the Uniparty Establishment has a say, it will not let a genuine Trump-style MAGA Nationalist anywhere near a position of meaningful power. And in the event a Trumpist does somehow beat the odds and obtain power, the Uniparty will work relentlessly and maliciously to destroy him.

Think of it another way: Trump himself could not have been confirmed by the Senate for a Cabinet post. He’s just too populist and too much of an outsider. His views on immigration, trade and almost everything else are unacceptable to the Uniparty establishment, and if it were entirely up to them, they wouldn’t let Trump anywhere near a position of power.

Fortunately the Presidency is the one office that’s not under their control. They certainly tried to stop him, and they’re still trying today, but they ultimately couldn’t.

Are there any legitimate based nationalists/Trumpists who could possibly be tapped for a cabinet post or high-level White House job?

Ted Cruz comes to mind. Cruz definitely “gets it” and is one of the most uncucked guys in Washington. But I don’t think he’d be able to get 50 votes in the Senate. It would be very close, to the point where you wouldn’t even want to risk it. But the fact that Official Washington hates him tells you all you need to know about him: he’s not one of them. He’s one of us.

Another Senator: Tom Cotton. More than just being a genuine badass military vet and bona fide genius, Cotton is a real immigration hawk who doesn’t just want a border wall, he wants to cut legal immigration levels in half. Tom Cotton is MAGA as hell. Perhaps he could replace Mattis at the Pentagon.

On the House side, you’ve got guys like Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohmert and Steve King. But none of those guys could ever get confirmed by the Senate. And that’s the problem.

Trump’s own son Don Jr. is based AF and totally gets it. Don Jr. would be awesome in a cabinet post or White House job, but unfortunately we have Ivanka (who is beautiful, smart, charming and a great representative for America on the world stage, but ultimately a bleeding heart when it comes to policy) and her globalist husband Jared. And Don Jr. would never be confirmed by the Senate.

Do you see what I’m talking about? It’s virtually impossible for Trump to stock his cabinet with people who truly believe in his vision.

True Trumpists, outside of Trump himself, are few and far between in Washington. And even if Trump does manage to find one, getting him confirmed by the Senate is so much of a long shot it’s not even worth the time and effort.

All the true MAGA Trumpists are not among the realistic talent pool for high level government posts. People like Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Tucker Carlson: they could never get confirmed by the Senate, obviously. Yet I believe if Trump had it his way, he’d be surrounded by people like them, not Official Washington.

But it’s really not up to him. His hands are largely tied when it comes to cabinet posts and major positions. So trump has had to settle on so, so many nominees.

In theory, he’s the President and he can pick anyone he wants.

In practice, he’s severely limited both by the Senate having confirmation power, and by the available talent pool being heavily skewed towards people whose politics are antithetical to his own.