Bernie Sanders is a Pussy

Joe Biden’s Body is now the presumptive Democratic nominee after winning a handful of primaries last night. Biden won Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi and Idaho. He’s going to lose to Bernie in North Dakota but that’s inconsequential. And the two so close in Washington state, even if Bernie wins the vote count, Biden will still win the same number of delegates as Bernie.

It’s over. Biden is going to be the Democratic nominee. There was a rumor going around on Twitter last night that Bernie was planning to drop out on Wednesday, but his campaign shot that down.

It doesn’t really matter, though. Joe Biden’s Body is going to take this thing.

But before I get to Joe Biden’s Body becoming the presumptive Democratic nominee, let me just mention Bernie Sanders and sum up his campaign in a few words: Bernie Sanders is a pussy.

There’s not much more to it.

Bernie is a pussy.

I apologize for using that word, I know it’s vulgar, but there is no better way to describe Bernie Sanders. That’s what he is.

The man has been wronged by the Dem Party Establishment at every turn since 2015 and yet he still will not stick up for himself.

Last night, Tucker had a segment in which he called Bernie Sanders the “lamest revolutionary ever,” and that’s exactly right. In this clip Tucker runs down all of the reasons why Bernie Sanders is a pussy–although of course Tucker is not allowed to use that word.

You should watch Tucker’s segment in full, but the bottom line is that Bernie Sanders is a pussy.

If Trump were in his shoes (and he will be in a couple months time), Trump would be raising hell. He wouldn’t shut up. He wouldn’t back down. He would not sit there and take it.

“Believe me, folks: Joe Biden should be in a retirement home. They’re calling him Senile Joe. Can you believe that? Bad stuff, folks. You really have to feel bad for this guy, Joe Biden. He can’t even tell you what state he’s in and they’re making him run for President. Did you see the other night he thought his sister was his wife? Unbelievable. He was talking about letting all the little kids rub his hairy legs. Disgusting. Just disgusting. What’s the matter with this guy?”

“So all my rivals dropped out right before Super Tuesday and they’re all going to endorse Biden. They’re trying to rig this election against me. Nasty people. I’ll bet Biden’s people cut a deal with all of them. They don’t want me to win. You know that, right? Well, we’re going to win. We’re going to win big. There’s nothing they can do about it, that I can tell you.”

If Trump were in Bernie’s shoes right now, he’d be going scorched-earth on the Democrat Establishment. Zero punches pulled. He’d be calling out all the dirty tricks even though it’s considered “taboo” to point out that an election that is obviously being rigged, is being rigged. He doesn’t care whose feathers he ruffles, or if he breaks with the “decorum” of Official Washington. In fact, he enjoys doing that stuff. He relishes being the party crasher, the bane of the Establishment’s existence.

Bernie, on the other hand, doesn’t want to fight. When push came to shove, Bernie folded like a cheap suit. He cucked. He sat on his hands while Joe Biden’s Body ran away with the nomination.

Bernie knows he’s sharper than Biden. Bernie knows he could pummel Biden in a debate. Biden has tons of weaknesses that Bernie could’ve exploited. But he didn’t do any of that. He fought with both hands tied behind his back, voluntarily.

He sat there and allowed his clearly undeserving and unfit opponent to run him over. Bernie allowed himself to be humiliated. He allowed himself to be cuckolded by Joe Biden’s Body.

Because of that, Bernie Sanders deserved to lose.


Now, there was certainly more support for Joe Biden than most observers realized. You can say us political junkies were duped into conflating Bernie’s popularity on Twitter with his popularity in real life. This is a valid point. Most Biden voters aren’t on Twitter 24/7, while Bernie’s are everywhere on Twitter. So it was easy to fall into the belief that Bernie was the frontrunner and Biden had no support.

But this primary was about more than just the false reality of Twitter misleading a great many political observers. This was also one of the most blatant oligarchal interventions in an American political race, perhaps ever.

First, you had Pete the Cheat stealing Iowa from Bernie, which turned out to be a fakeout. At the time, I thought the Democratic Establishment had left Biden for dead and thrown its weight behind Buttigieg. But then Buttigieg quickly flamed out. He “won” Iowa thanks to help from that “malfunctioning” vote-counting app, but did nothing after that. Now it seems more like the Democratic Establishment simply wanted to blunt Sanders’ momentum any way they could, and since Biden was polling badly in Iowa, they rigged the race for the next closest non-Bernie candidate, which happened to be Mayor Pete. But once Pete had served his purpose, he was no longer useful to the Dem Party Establishment. So he fizzled out quickly.

And then there was Super Coupsday, where most of the field dropped out the day before and endorsed Biden in an effort to stop Bernie.

This is to say nothing of how badly they rigged it against Bernie in 2016, either. Bernie got screwed big time, twice.

But I still think he could’ve won if he would’ve fought for it–both in 2016 and 2020. Calling out a rigged system may evoke gasps and outrage and finger-wagging from the media, but it’s actually quite popular with voters. Shocking, I know. Had Bernie actually stood up for himself and gone nuclear on the Democratic Party Establishment, he could’ve won this thing–handily, too. But he didn’t. And we all know why.

The Big Club (as George Carlin brilliantly put it) wanted Biden, the Big Club got Biden. They muscled him through the primary.

What we’re witnessing right now is actually quite remarkable: there is no substance at all to the Joe Biden campaign, and yet he’s going to win the Democratic nomination. First it was Fake News, now we have a Fake Candidate.

What’s Biden’s rallying cry, his campaign’s raison d’être? There is none.

Do you know a single one of his policy proposals? Can you name one thing (besides cognitive decline) that is synonymous with Joe Biden 2020 in the way the Wall was for Trump in 2016, or Hope and Change was for Obama in 2008?

When Joe Biden first announced his candidacy in April 2019, he was asked what his campaign’s motto is, and this was his answer:

“In an interview with Robin Roberts of ABC’s Good Morning America, Biden was asked if he had his own motto for his 2020 run.

He said: “Make America moral again. Make America return to the essence of who we are, the dignity of the country, the dignity of people, treating our people with dignity… End this God-awful deliberate division that is being taken in order… separating people to aggrandize his own power.”

What on earth is he talking about? It sounds like he made that up on the spot. It’s incoherent word salad.

On top of this, no one actually believes Joe Biden is the man to “make America moral again.” Since when has anyone ever associated Joe Biden with morality? This is a guy who as Vice President set his crackhead son up with an $83,000 per month no-show job in Ukraine, and then threatened to withhold US military aid money to Ukraine unless the prosecutor investigating his son was fired.

And just yesterday, Biden was caught on video berating a factory worker who asked him a legitimate question about his stated plans to trample the Second Amendment. Biden told the factory worker he was “full of shit,” then commanded the woman next to him to “shush,” and then after some back and forth, asked the factory worker if he wanted to “go outside” with him, meaning fight.

The guy who’s trying to brawl with random American citizens that dare ask him questions he doesn’t like is going to Make America Moral Again?

Uh, what?


I went to his official website to try and figure out what the point of Joe Biden’s campaign was, and I didn’t find much. First, I clicked on the “Joe’s Vision” tab, and there you’ll find a whole bunch of policy proposals he didn’t write, that no one will ever read. That section was labeled “Bold Ideas.” Great, but not what we’re looking for. Then there’s some generic campaign boilerplate waxing eloquently about “the idea” of America. Still not what we’re looking for. If you scroll down further, you will find what I would guess are the three main ideas of the Biden campaign. Here they are:

  • “Rebuild the middle class” (Apparently the Obama Administration didn’t adequately do this. Or he’s trying to claim Trump has destroyed the middle class in four years, which no one believes.)
  • “Demonstrate respected leadership on the world stage” (Translation: more foreign wars.)
  • “We’ve got to make sure our democracy includes everyone” (Translation: illegal immigrants voting.)

It’s just vague claptrap. There’s no real core message to his campaign. You cannot sum up the main thing Joe Biden wants to do for America.

Joe’s just running for President, and that’s it. There is nothing for people to sink their teeth into. There is no heart and soul of his campaign.

It’s just him running for President. He’s running for President to become President. That’s it. Trump ran for President in 2016 to Make America Great Again, Joe Biden is running for President in 2020 to become President.

Hillary’s campaign in 2016 was a clear and obvious power grab, but at least she attempted to vaguely make it about “WAMMEN!” and the “glass ceiling” or whatever. At least she made some effort to not make it so obvious that she just wanted power.

With Biden, there’s none of that. It’s just, “I’m Joe Biden and I’m runnin’ for President.”

The only thing I can think of that might give Democrat voters reason to be excited about Joe Biden is Obama nostalgia. Obama is still far and away the most popular Democrat out there, and I guess some Democrat voters view Joe Biden as the closest thing they can get to a third Obama term.

But that’s really all I can think of in terms of the natural allure of Joe Biden’s candidacy.

Outside of the fading memories of Obama, there is nothing there but Joe Biden himself, and Joe Biden is not even really there anymore.

The guy is so far gone mentally he doesn’t even know what day of the week it is half the time, and yet right before Super Tuesday, all of his rivals dutifully dropped out and threw their support behind him.

I don’t think we’ve ever seen such an obviously propped-up candidate for President in U.S. history. Everyone can see that Joe Biden’s campaign isn’t for Joe Biden. He’s not running for President: they’re running him for President.

The Big Club sees Joe Biden as their best shot at retaking the White House, and once Biden gets in, the Big Club will be calling the shots. Completely. Joe Biden will be living in the White House, and that’s about it.

And the VP spot on his ticket will be the most coveted job in Washington.

Does anyone actually see this guy making it to 2025, much less 2029? Is there even a snowball’s chance in hell Joe Biden will be President until the end of this decade, which only began a couple months ago?

No way.

The jockeying to get the nod to be Biden’s running mate will be spectacular, because whoever ends up locking it down will, should Biden win in November, have great odds at taking over as President sometime in the next few years.

They may even be calling the shots from Day One of a Biden presidency given how obviously unfit for office Joe currently is.

There will not be one single decision a President Biden’s Body makes that will be his. They’re not going to let him.

And that’s the point I’m trying to make here: there has never been a more obvious figurehead candidate than Joe Biden in 2020. Never. All the reasons we regular people look at him and think, “there’s no way this guy has the mental capacity to be President” are the same reasons the Big Club threw its support behind him.

“But Joe Biden doesn’t even really have a campaign platform at all!”

Yeah, that’s the point.

Obama was an obvious figurehead, but at least he could play the part. At least Obama could fool a lot of Americans into believing he was actually his own man and calling all the shots.

Joe Biden can’t even play the part. It is so obvious what they’re doing running him for President.

So I think we should take a moment and recognize this watershed moment in American politics for what it is: today was the moment the Big Club stopped trying to hide it. In the past, they put up figurehead candidates for President, and then people whose names you don’t know and who you didn’t vote for would call the shots behind the scenes.

With a clearly-gone Joe Biden becoming the presumptive Democratic nominee today, they’re not even trying to pretend he’s an actual, legitimate candidate. They haven’t even given us a fake slogan to believe in, or a signature policy proposal we can vainly hope will improve our lives. Joe Biden is nothing more than a vehicle for the Big Club to regain power.

The whole point of Joe Biden’s campaign is simply to get Trump out of office and return power to the exiled Establishment. Biden recently cut an ad that closed with him literally saying “I will not let this man [Trump] be reelected president of the United States of America.” They view Trump as the Usurper and Biden as the restoration of the old globalist monarchy. If Biden wins this fall, the history books will refer to the years 2017-2021 as the interregnum, a brief disturbance of the status quo that was quickly rectified.

Joe Biden isn’t just the Big Club’s Candidate–he is the Big Club. He is its stand-in. He’s not just going to do their bidding if he’s elected; they will do it directly.

Socialism is Rising in America Because Capitalism Has Failed

After nearly 250 years of glorious, uninterrupted Capitalism (the most undeniably and self-evidently flawless economic system ever!), America suddenly finds itself on the brink of becoming a socialist hellhole like Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela.

And for no reason at all, too! Why are people even supporting Bernie Sanders, anyway? Probably because they’re just idiots who can’t see how Amazing and Wonderful our Capitalist System™️ is. They just need to watch more Youtube clips of Ben Shapiro DESTROYING 19-year-old gender studies majors with Facts & Logic, is all.

Right? Right?

There is a meme that is popular on Conservative Twitter: “This is why you got Trump.” It is usually deployed when a politician or media propagandist reveals a little too much raw contempt for Middle America–which is to say, more than the usual amount of sneering condescension. It is directed at clueless elites who still to this day fail to see why the American voters delivered them a massive “F-you!” in November 2016. Instead of soul searching and re-evaluating to see where they went wrong or what problems in the nation they’ve been overlooking (or, more likely, causing), the U.S. political establishment is content to simply blame Trump’s election on “white nationalism,” Racism or, most absurdly, Russia. Usually it’s a combination of the three. The takeaway is that even after mobilizing the full might of the controlled media and the US government’s intelligence apparatus against him, the Establishment was still unable to scare the American people away from Trump. And they still have no idea why Americans despise them and weren’t swayed by their fearmongering.

Instead of asking what they’ve done wrong to invoke the wrath of the silent majority, the elites simply come up with comforting self-assurances to convince themselves it’s Not Our Fault. Their total lack of self-awareness and failure to admit any shortcomings whatsoever is Why We Got Trump.

But now, ironically, the new version of this meme might well be: That’s why you got Bernie. And this time, Conservatives™️ will be on the receiving end.

They have failed to address–or even acknowledge–the major failings of our Capitalist™ economic system, and that’s why we may well get a Socialist President.

Our elites–Democrat and Republican alike–believe that because they are living large, everyone else must be too. The elites like the system in place–it works for them–so it must work for everyone else. Anyone who doesn’t like Capitalism™ is either just a loser or is Doing It Wrong.

But that’s not the answer disaffected Americans want to hear, nor is it the correct answer. Because to the elite, doing it “right” means going into six-figures of debt by age 22 and becoming a wageslave for Corporate America until 65. And somehow, elites born into rich, powerful families fail to see why normal people don’t want that kind of life.

The Democratic Elite takes Bernie seriously–given that they only narrowly fended him off in 2016–and fears him accordingly. Conservatives™️, though, will be just as blindsided by Bernie as the D.C. Elite was by Trump, because they’ve completely failed to identify the legitimate reasons for his rise—they are content simply calling his supporters idiots who haven’t cracked a history book. “Don’t they know socialism doesn’t work?! Haven’t they heard of the Soviet Union?!

Well, I’ve got bad news for the Conservatives™️: the Bernie Bros have a point. They’re not wrong about our economic system.

You may think calling Bernie a Commie Bastard will suffice in discrediting him, but the guy is saying stuff that resonates with people:


A lot of people out there hear Bernie saying stuff like that and think to themselves, “If that’s socialism, then maybe I’m a socialist, because I agree with him.”

The reality is that American Capitalism™️ now only works for a small number of people at the top. The rest of us are expected to be content with iPhones, Netflix, free online HD porn, and cheap Chinese crap from Amazon delivered in 2 business days. We’re told to quit complaining about the shrinking middle class, the mass importation of foreign labor that depresses wages and costs many their jobs, and the trillions of dollars of student debt we amassed to obtain mostly useless degrees in hopes of getting a job with Corporate America (which we’ll probably hate and dream of quitting).

That’s the raw deal most Americans have gotten from Capitalism™, because Capitalism™ is inherently soulless. The corporations have no allegiance to the nation where they were founded: they will always go where the labor is cheapest. This is why once finally permitted, most major firms moved their manufacturing plants abroad, decimating the American manufacturing sector. Capitalism™ does not care if the American middle class withers and dies because of its cost-cutting efforts. Just enjoy your Netflix shows, you ungrateful peasants!

Once you accept all this and stop believing the Capitalism™ Mythology, it’s actually quite liberating. You no longer have to rationalize and experience cognitive dissonance when confronted with unpleasant facts about the American economy and how it has utterly failed for the past few decades. In this regard, the socialist Bernie Bros have the upper hand on us “conservatives” because they have no borderline-religious devotion to Capitalism™, like we do. They’re free to relentlessly critique our failed economic system because they have simply chosen not to pretend that modern American Capitalism™ is the best we can do.

Until we drop this attachment to Capitalism™, we will never be able to reclaim conservatism from the shills and sellouts who have turned it into little more than a democratic stamp of approval for the unchecked rule of multinational megacorporations. Conservatism will never win out over socialism if we continue defending a system that is rotten to the core. Because the socialists are on the “right side of history” about one thing: the system has failed and it does need to be completely demolished. Where the socialists go wrong is in their belief that Capitalism™ should be replaced by socialism.

Are we really going to allow America to be turned into a socialist country because we were too blinded by our dogmatic attachment to a failed economic system? Most Americans recognize the whole system needs to be rebuilt, but only the socialists are offering them an alternative to this corrupt scam that is the US economy. The socialists are going to win by default because we’re the idiots defending a rigged game (which isn’t even rigged in our favor!)

Conservatives should also be seeking a complete restructuring of the failed American economy, it’s just that most aren’t yet aware they should be. But an honest appraisal of the state of American Capitalism™ makes it clear that there is virtually nothing conservative about the way the system works today.

For example, there is nothing conservative about “vulture capitalism” as practiced by Wall Street Billionaire (and GOP megadonor) Paul Singer. In fact, there’s nothing conservative about Wall Street in general: they create nothing, they don’t improve our lives, and when they wreck the whole economy with financial alchemy (like “collateralized debt obligations”), they know they’ll get bailed out by taxpayer money. There is nothing conservative about shuttering American factories and moving them to Asia for the cheap labor. There is nothing conservative at all about running annual $500 billion trade deficits with China. There is nothing conservative about trillion-dollar Silicon Valley monopolies killing free speech as we know it.

There is nothing “America First” about any of that. In fact, modern American Capitalism™ is as America Last as you can possibly get (behind of course being convinced to fight Israel’s wars in the Middle East).

I feel like Conservatives™ have been brainwashed into becoming shills for the multinational megacorporations who view all of us (including you, Conservatives™) as nothing more than mindless consumers who have no other use but to be constantly milked for our hard-earned money.

Guys, why are you cheering when big corporations report a blowout quarter? Why are you so obsessed with the GDP number? You do not benefit from that. The days of the stock market and the quarterly GDP print actually translating into positive effects on average Americans’ lives are long gone. Median family income in the US has been flat since the early 1970s:


Conservatives™ are some of the biggest cucks out there right now, cheering as the rich get richer while they, the Conservative Intellectuals™, barely get the table scraps.

Stop shilling for Big Business. Big Business does not give a shit about you. In fact, Big Business utterly despises you. They sponsor the Pride Parades. They are obsessed with “Promoting Diversity”. At literally every opportunity, the big corporations will bend over backwards to virtue signal for the approval of the pussyhats, the bluehaired feminazis and the trannies. Gillette ran an ad that stated point-blank, men are everything that’s wrong with society. Goldman Sachs now refuses to handle the IPO of any company that is run by white guys. And here these Conservatives™ are cheering anytime the Dow goes up 200 points.

Give it up. Big Business is not on our side. They think you Conservatives™ are total suckers. Stop defending these guys:


The socialists are going to win–whether it’s this election or the next one. It’s a matter of when, not if. Do you really want to go down with the Capitalism™ ship? Do you really want to go down protecting the quarterly profits of leftwing megacorporations that despise you and your way of life?

There is nothing conservative at all about shilling for big business. Andrew Jackson would think you are a huge bitch for defending these soulless multinationals. The multinationals themselves are laughing at you for defending them as they pillage the middle class and plaster the rainbow flag all over town.

The Bernie Bros are pissed off about all the corporate malfeasance (besides the rainbow stuff), and we should not be afraid to agree with them there. Agreeing with them that the system has failed doesn’t make you a socialist–wanting socialism makes you a socialist.

I’m not saying I hate capitalism. That’s why I distinguish between “capitalism” (the idea) and “Capitalism™” (the twisted reality). I love the idea of capitalism. I love the idea of being able to keep your money and earn as much as you deserve by way of your talents and innovations. I love the idea of only the free market setting prices, allocating resources and deciding winners and losers.

But we don’t have capitalism. We don’t have a free market.

Or, at least, we don’t anymore. We did at one point in our nation’s history, but those days are long gone now.

The natural tendency of capitalism is toward monopoly and corruption. Eventually the corporations become so big that they buy out the government and write the rules to ensure their own continued dominance.

How else do you explain the fact that 91 companies in the Fortune 500–including Amazon, Netflix, Starbucks, Chevron, General Motors and IBM–paid $0 in taxes last year? This is no accident. It’s a rigged game: the corporations and the government are now one and the same.

Meanwhile, it is not easy to open up a small business in America.

I had a friend a while back whose family owned a small sporting goods store in rural Illinois, and her dad used to quip that given the amount in federal, state, local, payroll and property taxes he paid–along with OSHA and other compliance costs–he was the minority owner of his store. Imagine living in a supposedly capitalist country and giving up over 50% of your profits to the government–while multinational megacorporations pay $0 in taxes.

Socialism is not the answer. I feel like I have to keep saying this because so many conservatives have been trained to believe that any criticism of the American economic system–however valid–equals FULL BLOWN COMMUNISM INCLUDING GULAGS. But I promise you I am just as far from a socialist as you are. I’ve never believed in its viability as an economic system. It has never worked anywhere it has been tried. Turns out the people who work hard don’t like being forced to subsidize those who don’t (or, worse, won’t). And yes, the “free market” is a better allocator of resources than a centralized megastate–at least marginally. (Anyone who has ever worked for a large company knows how much money is wasted and how many unqualified job applicants get hired.)

But you don’t have to be a Full Blown Commie to realize that our system of deformed Mutant Capitalism is not working.

It’s time to let go of the idea that present-day America is an accurate representation of “capitalism.” You are already working hard to support people who refuse to work. Contrary to the Democrats’ oft-repeated claims that America is a merciless, Darwinian libertarian state with zero safety net for the poor, America actually has the second-largest welfare state on the planet, behind only France.

America is not a capitalist paradise full of financially independent freemen. In fact it resembles a socialist country more than anything else, in that there’s a large class of cash-strapped, hand-to-mouth-living wageslaves beneath a small, rich oligarchy that plays by its own set of rules.

Right now, the top 1% owns nearly as much wealth as the entire middle class. If that’s not the definition of an oligarchy, then I don’t know what is.

78% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck:

Financial independence and self-employment in America are at 80-year lows. If America is truly a capitalist country, then explain this:

The number of self employed Americans is as low as it has perhaps ever been. Official figures put it at 8.4 million Americans. For perspective, the number in 1990 was 8.7 million Americans, but the total population back then was 250 million vs. 320 million today. Obamacare has made it far more difficult (read: expensive) for entrepreneurs to both get health insurance and cover their employees, but the trend of fewer and fewer Americans being self-employed began long before Obamacare was passed in 2010.

“But Google and Facebook were startups!” Never mind that they were both secretly created by the CIA (and are probably still run by the CIA today), that’s not gonna cut it. Two companies do not prove that entrepreneurship is thriving in America.

(Also, Facebook and Google aren’t hiring Middle Americans whose towns were decimated when the factories moved out. They’re using the H1B program to import foreign labor from East Asia and India. That’s who the tech sector is creating jobs for. Even though they tell you to just learn to code if the factory shuts down, they’ll never hire your white privilege-having ass anyway.)

Face it: the government does not want you starting your own business and becoming financially independent. They want you dependent on Corporate America. Most Americans’ jobs exist to make someone else richer. Students go through 16 years of schooling including college and don’t learn a single thing about starting their own business or becoming financially independent, and this is because the American education system is meant to turn you into a wageslave, not an entrepreneur. I’m not sure about you but that doesn’t sound like capitalism to me.

80+% of the country in our supposedly capitalist system works for somebody else. Most of us exist to make someone else richer. Some company president or small board of directors at the top.

And don’t say “the shareholders” as if that’s just regular Americans like you and me. The shareholders are just another group of rich elites.

Do you know who “the shareholders” are? It ain’t mom and pop. Today only 33% of the stock market is owned by households:

That’s down from over 90% in the late 1940s. Most regular Americans aren’t in the stock market, so they don’t really benefit when it goes up.

That chart above is even misleading. If you think it’s bad that households have gone from owning over 90% of the stock market to just 33%, wait till you see exactly which households make up that 33%:

The bottom 60% of Americans own a grand total of 1.8% of the stock market. Tack on the next 20% of Americans (meaning the bottom 80%) and that figure is just 6.8% of the stock market. In fact that top 1% owns 40% of the market, and the top 5% owns over 70%.

When the market goes up, most Americans do not benefit from that. At least not directly. I know a lot of people think the wealth “trickles down” but in reality, the wealthy are just watching their portfolios expand. They’re not liquidating their portfolios and Starting Businesses So They Can Hire You. If anything they’re just buying real estate and art and other assets.

And as for the Big Corporations, they use their profits mostly to buy back stock, not hire. In 2018, corporations bought-back over $1 trillion of stock. That does not benefit the average American.

It’s hard to argue that American Capitalism is anything more than an ideal, a dream, for more than a small sliver of the population.

The game is now rigged. You are now living in a post-capitalist America.

The reason, however, is not because we’re secretly a socialist country (although this country is a lot more socialist than most people think). Rather, it’s because capitalism has a shelf-life. Capitalist systems inevitably tend toward monopoly and cartel control of the various sectors, and then the government itself, creating what I call “The Beast.”

Firms in competition are like animals in nature: the strongest will rise to the top and dominate the rest. Almost every sector of the economy today is dominated by just a few massive multinational firms, because that’s what happens in capitalist systems. Firms do not remain in competition forever: eventually, one firm wins. The loser either gets bought-out or goes under. Over time this process of competition results in firms growing smaller in number but ever-larger in size, until you are at the point we’re at today, where the economy (and the government) are dominated by a small number of massive firms.

To illustrate this, just look at the consolidation of the banking sector between 1990 and 2009:

There were 38 major banks in 1990, and that number shrank to 4 in 2009. That’s how capitalism works. Firms don’t want to compete, they want to dominate. Competition is hard. It’s much easier to buy-up and thereby eliminate the competition—in addition to paying off the government, too.

The entire rationale of why capitalism works in theory is that competition is good, but anyone can see that that’s not how capitalism actually plays out in reality.

Capitalism is just like socialism in that it sounds good in theory, but it doesn’t work in practice. The difference is that with capitalism, there is a period of time where it actually works as intended. But capitalism will always devolve into oligarchy, in which the corporations steadily amass power and eventually take over the government.

The funniest part is that when capitalism turns into Capitalism™, it actually ends up looking a lot like socialism–socialism in practice, not socialism in theory. Think about it: in virtually all socialist countries, you’ve got a group of wealthy elites at the top who play by a different set of rules, and then you have the common people, who are all equal in their poverty and misery. Present-day America resembles that an awful lot.

So, ironically, when the Bernie Bros win and implement socialism, the system won’t actually change in the way they expect. It’ll be like the system we already have, only much worse. Even if they do successfully “eat the rich” (and it appears they just might given how the rich elite has mobilized against Bernie Sanders) the socialists will just become the new oppressive, wealthy ruling class. Look to the Russian example for a hint as to how socialism will play out: they took down the big, bad Tsar, only to end up with a guy like Stalin, who was unquestionably worse than the Tsar in every possible way. Tsarist Russia may have been bad for most people living under it, but Communist Russia was even worse.

Again: just because true capitalism is dead in America does not make socialism good by default. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m trying to show you why Bernie Sanders is so popular and why so many people think socialism is the answer. The right can’t keep on deluding itself that Capitalism Is F*cking Awesome and perfect in every way.

Capitalism has a shelf life. Ours is definitely past the expiration date.


My opposition to socialism stems from the fact that it has failed everywhere it has been tried, and that although Marx made no explicit mention of socialist governments needing to be murderously totalitarian, every socialist regime established in the world since 1917 has been just that.

So don’t be under any illusions that I’m saying Actually, Socialism Is Good.

I’m just asking, are we sure our “Capitalist” system is so great these days?

At least in a socialist country, the oppressive ruling regime has the national interest in mind.

Ours, conversely, does not. What else could explain them enacting global “free trade” policies that ship all the manufacturing jobs overseas?

What else could explain them flooding the country with poor immigrants to do our jobs for less?

The ruling class is bleeding America dry.

The Soviet Communists were guilty of many horrific crimes, but selling their country out to foreign interests for higher quarterly profits was not one of them.

Again, I am emphatically NOT saying we should give socialism a try. But you don’t have to be a socialist to recognize that American Capitalism has failed.

In fact, it should be the so-called “conservatives”–who claim to value strong families, hard work, social tranquility, and the dignity of man–sounding the alarm at how badly our economy has been perverted.

We have been here before as a country. Following the Civil War, a rapidly industrializing America saw an explosion of commerce and development that resulted in a handful of savvy businessmen and captains of industry (e.g. John Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, John Pierpont Morgan, Cornelius Vanderbilt) not only becoming obscenely rich, but amassing a tremendous amount of influence over the U.S. government.

This period of time is synonymous with the term “monopoly.”

The so-called “Gilded Age” was the first time American capitalism reached its expiration date. And it was known at the time, too. Look at any of the old political cartoons from the era; most depict a nation that had fallen completely into the hands of a wealthy few, at the expense of everyone else:


America in 2020 is not a perfect analogue to the America of the late 19th century, but it’s pretty close. In the Gilded Age, the Industrial Revolution paved the way for the creation of not only whole new industries–railroads, oil, steel, etc.–but completely reshaped the economy. Vast sums of wealth were suddenly there for the taking, and when the dust settled, most of the money–and the power it could buy–wound up in the hands of a small number of men. At the same time, America was absorbing massive waves of immigration from southern and eastern Europe, and these new arrivals immediately entered into competition in the labor market with working-class Americans (there yet wasn’t much of a middle class at the time given that prior to the Industrial Revolution basically everyone was a farmer).

In the 21st century, there are more factors at play, but the main one that has reshaped the economy and funneled hundreds of billions of dollars into the hands of a few men has been the Internet. Gates, Bezos and Zuckerberg are the Robber Barons of our time. Add in a new wave of wage-depressing mass foreign immigration (this time from Central America), plus a global free trade regime which has allowed multinational corporations to outsource their production to Asia, and you’ve got a hollowed out economy that’s deprived the working class of its lifeblood–working, i.e. manufacturing. Formerly working class Americans have been shoved into soul-crushing service sector jobs as our economy is increasingly “brain-driven” (as opposed to brawn).

And this is not a knock on the working class at all. A healthy and balanced economy has demand for both brains and brawn, white collar and blue collar, but ours increasingly only values the former. There needs to be balance; there needs be a role for everyone, not just the college grads who “know computers” and the finance whizkids who push complex financial instruments like options and mortgage-backed securities (which do not improve anyone’s lives and have already wrecked the economy once this century).

In fact, the ditch-diggers and the factory workers are far more valuable contributors to society than the tenured Harvard PhDs and the Wharton MBAs on Wall Street.

The elite have completely detached and left the masses in the dust. We are back to early-20th century levels of income inequality:


And that chart stops around 2010. It’s even worse today.

We need a dramatic restructuring of the American economic system or else socialism is inevitable. If things keep getting worse for the majority of Americans, the socialists will get more and more radical, and more and more popular. Down the road, someone so radical will rise up that he or she (or, in all likelihood, xer) will make Bernie Sanders look like Ronald Reagan.

We got things back on track in the past by breaking up the monopolies (Theodore Roosevelt was known as the Great Trust-Buster) and enacting pro-worker policies with the New Deal. After World War II, America entered into the greatest, longest, and most widely-enjoyed economic boom in our nation’s history. This is why we look back on the 1950s so fondly: it was a time of broad-based prosperity, when you could afford a decent home in a safe neighborhood in which to raise a family. The middle class was thriving because manufacturing was booming, unlike today:


We have to get things back on track. Just because the socialists are wrong about what they believe the solution is does not mean they’re wrong about the problem.

Socialism isn’t the answer, but there most definitely is a problem.

As I said earlier in this post, capitalism has a shelf-life. Eventually, most industries will be dominated by monopolies or oligopolies, and then the corporations will fuse into an unholy union with the government.

Capitalism is great in its early and middle stages, but once it reaches its later stages, it becomes monstrous. We’re in the late stage now, and drastic action is required so that it actually works for all Americans.

Trump needs to continue being tough on trade and focused on bringing manufacturing back to America. No longer should the multinationals be allowed to exploit cheap foreign labor at the expense of the American worker.

We need to halt immigration–both legal and illegal–for a long period of time to allow wages to grow.

We need to Make Trustbusting Great Again, starting with Silicon Valley, followed by Wall Street.

Something must be done about the out-of-control price of a college education. College endowments in America are now worth an aggregate $479 billion, and it’s mostly because they run a massive, nationwide scam aimed at 18-year-old kids. Seize the endowments, return the money to the bamboozled students, and bring college tuition costs back down to earth. And while we’re at it, stop letting the Chinese overrun our universities. America first. American universities should exist to educate and train Americans, not foreigners. Every foreigner at an American university equals an American deprived of a college education. That’s a travesty.

We need to enact policies that are pro-small business, not pro-big business. We need to encourage entrepreneurship and self-sufficiency. In fact, this should be the highest priority of all: financial independence is freedom, but we’re a nation of wageslaves.

This is not an exhaustive to-do list–for instance, I’ve said nothing about the Fed and its mass-manipulation of the economy. But it’s a good start.

If we do not turn our economic system around, not only will we be unable to stop the rise of socialism, we’ll deserve it.

Bernie Sanders: Sellout

2015: Bernie Sanders calls open borders a “Koch Brothers proposal.”

Bernie Sanders: “Open Borders? That’s a Koch Brothers proposal. Open borders is a right-wing proposal which says, essentially, that there is no United States.”

Ezra Klein: “–But it would make a lot of the global poor richer.”

Sanders: “Yes, but it would make everyone in America poorer. You’re doing away with the nation-state.”

Even if he is a socialist, at least he’s got some common sense.


Well, apparently he lost that common sense at some point over the past five years.

(Side note: why do so many “men” these days talk like Ezra Klein? That nerdy, effeminate voice. Why is that such a common trait of guys who work in the media?)

2020: Bernie Sanders wants open borders and government benefits for everyone who takes advantage of the open borders:

What happened to the guy from 2015?


My opposition to Bernie stems mostly from the fact that he appears to have been almost entirely co-opted by the Beast: he’s not the populist he once was. He’s now saying the federal government should begin (more like continue) showering illegal immigrants with All The Benefits and gibs.

He used to be unique on the left in that he rejected the idea that America could have a generous welfare state and open borders at the same time.

But now he’s fallen in line with the rest of them: open borders and free stuff for everyone.

If Bernie was still Insurgent Bernie, railing against illegal immigration because it’s bad for the American worker, I might actually be able to passively endorse his supposed hostile takeover of the Democratic Party. It’s not a bad thing for the sole existing anti-immigration Democrat politician to take over the party.

If Bernie truly was the insurgent outsider he’s portrayed as in the media, that would be great news for everyone. Even if he’s a leftist, the enemy of the Establishment is a friend of ours, albeit not a very strong one.

But Bernie Sanders has been compromised. He’s basically a generic mainstream Dem. He capitulated to the Establishment. He’s one of them now.

In other words, Bernie isn’t bad because he’s a Radical Leftwing Populist whose views are unprecedented in American history, but because he’s become a mainstream Establishment Democrat.

The way to beat Bernie is to point out that he’s a sellout. Open Borders Bernie wants to flood the country with illegals and shower them with free stuff.

Partisan Politics is a Trick Used by the Uniparty Establishment to Divide and Conquer the People

The greatest trick the Establishment ever pulled was dividing the electorate into fiercely competitive and adversarial factions. The end result is that the people are fighting each other instead of their true enemy. Divide and conquer.

The main theme of traditional Left vs. Right American Politics has been Democrats having their fury trained on Big Businesses and how evil the Private sector is, while Republicans are fixated on the evils of big government.

Each side sees the other as the puppet of their great Satan: Democrats see Republicans as in thrall to big business, Republicans see the Democrats as the party of big government.

And here’s the thing: they’re both right.

But both sides miss the real problem: big business and big government are two sides of the same coin: the Uniparty.

The Uniparty is the unholy alliance of big business and big government.

As long as you’re missing the bigger picture and only focusing on one side, the Uniparty wins.

The great trick is to keep Democrats and Republicans divided and attacking one another instead of the Uniparty.

“But there’s lots of genuinely evil people on the left! We need to fight them!”

That’s true. I’m not saying there aren’t anti-white racists on the left. I’m not saying the abortion lovers aren’t out there and in need of thwarting. I’m not saying Antifa isn’t out there. There are indeed lots of genuinely bad people on the left, and it’s perfectly fine to oppose them and their agenda.

But they’re the minority. The vast majority of Democrats are decent people, albeit deeply misled. They’re all not the nutty, unrepentant lunatics we see on Twitter and on Fox News. Most Democrats aren’t going to bark at you about proper gender pronouns.

Democrats also need to realize Republicans aren’t all Evil Racist Nazis hellbent on killing everyone who isn’t a white Christian. Republicans aren’t all gun-toting inbred hicks.

The real enemy is the Uniparty Machine. It’s the big corporations and the politicians they control. Big business and big government have become one, and that’s the true enemy.

They’re the ones flooding our country with poor immigrants. They’re the ones shipping all the jobs overseas. They’re the ones causing housing bubbles. They’re the ones killing us with opioids and poisonous pharmaceutical drugs. They’re the ones who have decimated black families and inner cities.

Keep your eyes on the prize: the only way we will ever actually defeat and dislodge the corrupt Uniparty is when Americans finally realize who the true enemy is.

As long as we’re fighting each other, we’re not fighting the Uniparty.

The Latest Media Fairytale: It’s Finally Joe Biden’s “Turn” to be President

The Uniparty Establishment would like you to forget everything you know and dislike about Joe Biden, because it’s time for the Media propagandists to put lipstick on a pig in a pathetic attempt to repackage him and sell him to you as fresh and attractive.

Wow, it’s finally Joe Biden’s time.”

No, it’s not. Please stop.

After nearly five decades of Public Service™️, America’s Lovable Uncle, Joe Biden, might finally get his turn in the White House. What a storybook moment.”

Come on.

Biden deserves this after patiently waiting his turn and serving our country so honorably for so long.”

Oh for the love of God. . .

They tried this same shit with Hillary: “It’s finally her turn.”

They preferred you not mention the fact that Hillary was rejected by the voters in 2008 when she originally sought the Presidency. That was supposed to be “her turn,” but she lost embarrassingly to a guy who had only been in the Senate for two years before he ran for President.

She didn’t “wait her turn” at all. She tried to run in 2008 and lost!

The Uniparty is trying to hype these career politicians’ multi-decade campaigns for the White House as sentimental, storybook and inspiring. Get the hell outta here.

No one is mentioning that Joe Biden first ran for President in 1988, or 31 years ago (pictured above). He had to drop out of the race before the first primary vote because he was caught plagiarizing.

2020 is not the culmination of a life of government service for Biden. He hasn’t patiently wait his turn at all; he lost.

But 1988 was not the end of Joe Biden’s presidential ambitions. He tried to run for President again in 2008, this time actually making it to the Iowa Caucus, only to come in a distant 5th place with under 1% of the vote. He promptly dropped out of the race.

Joe Biden 2020, like Hillary 2016, is an absolute fairytale. The only thing different about Joe Biden now from his last failed bid for the White House is his association in liberal/Establishment minds with Obama. And if Obama can’t run, Obama’s former Vice President must be the Next Best Thing, right?

That was basically the thought process for Hillary, too: “Well, if we can’t get Bill again, Hillary’s gotta be the Next Best Thing, right?” The only thing that changed about Hillary between 1992 and 2008 was that her husband was President. Bill’s presidency enabled everything Hillary has done in her political career since 2000, when she was basically handed a Senate seat in New York because of her husband.

Joe Biden is the male Hillary Clinton, the only difference being that Biden got elected to the Senate on his own and not due to who his spouse was. But like Hillary’s perceived legitimacy as a presidential candidate was only due to who her husband was, Biden’s perceived legitimacy for the presidency is 100% a product of the fact that he was Obama’s VP.

Biden: the Next Best Thing nostalgia candidate.

The media narrative on Biden is massively detached from reality.

The thought of Joe Biden finally getting the job he deserves after decades of Public Service™️ doesn’t warm anyone’s heart.

Biden is trying to make it seem like after two terms as Vice President, he was happy to ride off into the sunset of old age as a Dignified Elder Statesman™️ (also a total fairytale given what a loutish, boneheaded creep we all know him to be). But, according to the Uniparty Fairytale, the stoic and revered Biden could not sit idly by while his country was ruled by a Fascist Nazi Usurper, so Biden, reluctantly, decided to run for President in order to save the nation from Trump.

Makes you want to puke, no?

Keep in mind that while Uniparty Propaganda is now trying to depict Biden as a dignified and respected Elder Statesman, this is a man the Onion lampooned for years as a national joke–the Obama Administration’s comic relief; the kooky (77-year-old) uncle who talks out of his ass and gets a little too handsy with younger girls.

It all started in 2009:

Basically the Onion portrayed Biden as a burnout stoner stuck in 1986. This became a running joke on the site for the duration of the Obama Presidency:

The Onion articles were funny because they were kinda believable; that’s what makes a good parody. The underlying idea was that Biden was not to be taken seriously.

But now the Uniparty Media is trying to pretend Biden is this revered and accomplished Public Icon.

It seems like we’ve forgotten almost overnight exactly who Joe Biden truly is.

Hello? This is still the same Joe Biden, people.

Remember when his hairplugs were a running joke? Remember when he himself was a running joke?

It’s the same Joe Biden as ever.

Don’t believe a word of this Biden Fairytale. The reality is he’s the only viable Uniparty Establishment candidate out there, and so he must be brought out of retirement to oust the Outsider in the White House and return things to the Globalist Uniparty Status Quo.

Biden is pure Uniparty Establishment.

What Were Once Conveniences Are Now Leveraged to Control Us

The conveniences and comforts of modern life are now being leveraged against us to control out political behavior.

Example: for many years, social media made it easier to keep in contact with one another, now the companies that own the platforms are proactively policing speech and political expression.

At first social media was a novelty, then it became essential to our daily lives. Life takes place online nowadays; you need to be on social media in order to stay connected. And that’s especially true if you are in the political sphere. Politics takes place on social media. That’s where the debate is.

But now, previously benign social media platforms, which used to simply sit back and allow virtually anyone to say basically whatever they wanted, are beginning to proactively enforce Uniparty political dogma on social media.

Social media companies realize how important they are to our daily lives, and the political debate in particular, and are leveraging their importance toward political ends.

There are strings attached now. If you want to use and benefit from social media, you must have the correct politics now. It wasn’t this way at the start, but now that the big tech companies have us hooked on their platforms, they are trying to control our thoughts and opinions–otherwise, you can kiss your Twitter and Facebook goodbye.

But now major American corporations are taking it a step further: it’s not just big tech that is using its power to play the role of Thought Police.

Now, it’s big payments processors “financially blacklisting” political dissidents:

“Can you imagine how scary it would be to live in a world where your livelihood depended on having the ‘correct’ politics? It’s the sort of thing you might expect of totalitarian regimes – Baathist Iraq under Saddam Hussain; everywhere that has ever tried communism; increasingly, Xi’s panopticon China – but definitely not of any liberal democracy in the 21st century.

That dystopian future, though, may be much closer than you think. I only properly appreciated this recently when the podcast I’ve been doing for the last few years was mysteriously dropped by my regular employer, forcing me to seek funding sources from elsewhere.

If I were impeccably ‘progressive’, this would be a doddle. I could monetize my content through ads on YouTube, I could crowdfund donations through Patreon, I could promote my work with regular appearances on CNN.  But if you’re snarky and irreverent and you won’t play the virtue-signaling game then your options are much more limited. Any deviation from the path of ‘woke’ righteousness – even just a misjudged joke or a remark taken out of context – can get you branded a ‘far right’ extremist and your audience won’t be allowed to pay you even if they want to.

This is what happened last month to the blogger/vidcaster Carl Benjamin – aka Sargon of Akkad – whose long-form meditations on everything from Brexit and feminism to Islam and video game politics have won him nearly 900,000 subscribers on YouTube. Benjamin’s primary funding source was Patreon, a website which enables donors to support projects they love with monthly contributions. But when one of Benjamin’s critics unearthed some audio of intemperate remarks he’d made in the course of an obscure interview where he’d been defending himself against neo-Nazis, Patreon de-platformed him for breaching its ‘terms of service.’

Instead of simply providing a neutral platform for creators of all stripes to get paid by their audiences, Patreon has decided that only those with the Correct Views can get paid for their work.

It would be one thing if these platforms like Patreon, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook were actually only trying to remove genuine violent/dangerous extremists. But they’re not. They’re simply labeling everyone who challenges Uniparty orthodoxy as a “right-wing extremist” and using that false label as justification for deplatforming them.

“Benjamin’s defenestration needs to be understood in the context of a much wider ongoing purge of right wing voices by Silicon Valley, which now likes to see itself as the world’s liberal bulwark against the dark, populist forces supposedly unleashed by Donald Trump.

Superficially, this might sound reasonable. As even our conservative tabloids are wont to ask, ‘When, oh when, are social media giants going to do more to combat hate speech?’ The more important question is, though: ‘Who gets to decide what is hate speech?’ From YouTube and Twitter to Facebook and Patreon, Silicon Valley’s answer seems to be: the kind of Social Justice Warriors who think any viewpoint to the right of Bernie Sanders or Jeremy Corbyn is literally Hitler.

“Combating hate speech” is merely the pretext, the fig leaf to provide some moral justification for waging war against free speech.

See, the American Totalitarians still want to maintain their delusions of moral superiority. They want to have it both ways: they want to silence anyone who disagrees with them, but they don’t want to feel like fascists while doing so. So they pretend the people they’re silencing are all Literal Nazis who need to be silenced, or else they’ll eventually start waging another genocide or something.

But it’s not just Patreon enforcing political orthodoxy. It’s much worse:

“Among those riding to the defense of Benjamin were two of Patreon’s leading beneficiaries – author and academic Jordan Peterson and vidcaster Dave Rubin. They are trying to launch an alternative crowd-funding platform to Patreon – one untainted by political bias. But this may not be easy because the rot goes much deeper than Patreon. The real pressure, it seems, comes from the payment providers – Visa, Discover, PayPal, especially Mastercard – which have taken to using financial blacklisting as a way of enforcing progressive ideology.

There isn’t space here to discuss why they are doing it. It is simply an observable fact that, as Breitbart writer Allum Bokhari puts it, ‘it has become increasingly difficult for individuals engaged in controversial yet lawful speech to fund their activities online.’ Even liberals are starting to worry. Banks and credit card companies, says the left-leaning Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), have become ‘de facto internet censors.’

Patreon is small-time compared to the big dogs Visa and Mastercard.

Payments processors and banks made life easier for us, now they’re leveraging our reliance on them to control our behavior:


Better think twice now before you use your Visa or MasterCard to legally purchase guns and ammunition. They got us hooked on their products because of how much easier they made our lives, and now they’re saying, “Either you readjust your political views or you no longer get to enjoy our now-essential services.”

And of course if you don’t like it, then go start your own global payments processing business. At least that’s what the True Conservatives™ will say.

If you think this will stop with social media companies and payments processors, you are wrong. Eventually hotels will start refusing rooms to dissidents. A judge in New York said bars are allowed to kick Trump supporters out.

We won’t be able to get loans from banks.

We will eventually be blackballed from commerce altogether.

The New Fascists will not stop until conservatives are completely excommunicated from American life altogether.

They want to make regular Americans conclude it’s simply not worth it to challenge the Uniparty establishment. Too much trouble. It’s about demoralizing dissidents.

They want us fired from our jobs and denied the ability to make a living–in addition to wanting us dead and our homelands overrun with Third Worlders.

The Ben Shapiros will say, “That’s absurd! Muh Free Market will prevent this! These companies will lose so much money discriminating against conservatives!”

Apparently the companies don’t care.

They’re willing to sacrifice profits to enforce Uniparty dogma.

Virtually every major multinational corporation will soon be an enforcer for the Uniparty Establishment.

And, of course, Teachers Pet do-gooder 30-year-old “journalists” at the New York Times are applauding it all.


They’re the same people telling us democracy dies in darkness and that they’re protecting us from tyranny.

They are the tyrants.

The fascists are completely convinced beyond all doubt that they are the good guys doing the right thing.

When the history of this era is written, they will be the bad guys. But not only are they unaware of it, they are so utterly certain that the complete opposite will be true; that they’ll be the Heroes and Good Guys.

No. No chance.

Sooner or later, the truth comes out.

Opposition to Immigration is Emphatically NOT a Product of White Racism

The idea that predominantly white western nations are uniquely “xenophobic” (quotation marks because it’s a BS term invented not to diagnose an actual pathology but merely to stigmatize, slander and pathologize the rejection of open borders) is a crock.

Opposition to immigration isn’t simply white racism against brown people. Numerous predominantly brown/nonwhite countries are not only opposed to more immigration but far more opposed to it than we supposedly RAAACIST white Westerners are:

“Much has been written about anti-immigrant sentiments in the West in recent years. Brexit, Trump’s election, and the moderate success of political movements hostile to immigration in countries like Italy, Germany and Sweden have provoked much admonishment of Western societies by various intellectuals and commentators, usually of leftist leanings. What has not received much attention are contemporary attitudes to immigration in countries outside the Western hemisphere. What do Nigerians, Indians, Turks and Mexicans think about migrants coming to their countries? This we don’t hear much about.”

That’s by design.

“Two recent surveys on the issue provide interesting results. Pew Research queried respondents in 27 nations across six continents, asking whether they felt their countries should let in more immigrants, fewer, or about the same as they do at present. In European nations like Greece and Italy that have had huge influxes of migrants in recent years, the numbers wanting fewer or no more immigrants were high—82 and 71 percent respectively. But in several other Western countries, including some perceived as being hostile to immigration, people are more sympathetic to immigration than in other parts of the world.

The percentage of people wanting fewer or no more immigrants coming to their country was higher in South Africa (65 percent), Argentina (61 percent), Kenya (60 percent), Nigeria (50 percent), India (45 percent), and Mexico (44 percent) than it was in Australia (38 percent), the U.K. (37 percent) or the U.S. (29 percent).

Wow, I didn’t realize so many nonwhite countries could be so RAAACIST against nonwhite immigrants!

The article has more numbers. But you’ll never hear about them from the Uniparty Propaganda Department because its primary goal is to shame white Westerners into accepting mass immigration. It wants us to believe we’re uniquely guilty of racism and “xenophobia” and that we alone need to get with the program and accept open borders.

Keep in mind that Western attitudes have been shaped by a decades-long media/cultural and political misinformation campaign to promote the ideas of multiculturalism, the “melting pot,” “Diversity is our strength,” “America is a nation of immigrants,” and globalization. The objective has been nothing less than rewiring our brains to be biased against our own kind and towards the other, the foreigner.

The Uniparty knows that people are naturally skeptical of immigration, and so they’ve put on a full-court cultural press to get people to suppress their natural inclinations against immigration and multiculturalism. They have brainwashed a significant portion of the West by repeating the same phrases over and over again: “Diversity is our strength.” “Immigrants do the jobs you won’t.” “America is a nation of immigrants.” “We have a moral obligation to let them in; they’re fleeing misery.”

They call illegal immigrants simply “migrants,” or when they’re truly feeling audacious, simply “refugees” even when they’re nothing of the sort. This is to erase the distinction between legal and illegal immigration.

All of this is to get you to accept open borders and, with them, the wholesale transformation (i.e. destruction) of your country. It’s a domestic psyop of epic proportions, and you–you evil, white RAAACIST, you–are the target.

Don’t fall for it. You’re not a RAAACIST for opposing open borders. There are many nonwhite countries around the world that are far more opposed to immigration than you are, and one of them is even Mexico.

Mitt Romney is a Jackass

Mitt Romney was just elected to the Senate in Utah, ostensibly as a Republican.

However, his first move upon joining the Senate was to write an anti-Trump op-ed in the Washington Post blasting the President’s “character.”

We no longer have to deal with John McCain and Jeff Flake, but now we’ll have to deal with virtue signaling Mitt taking up their mantle as the Senate’s leading NeverTrumper.

Several points about Mitt’s D.C. debut:

  1. It’s truly pathetic that Mitt Romney’s first move in 2019 is to suck up to the media which spent 2012 assailing his character. Absolutley shameful. He’s like the high school loser that gets bullied by the Popular Kids yet still inexplicably tries to suck up to them. Sheer cuckoldry.
  2. Mitt Romney’s conception of “character” apparently means constantly rolling over for the left and taking it on the chin. Character is letting the left get everything it wants and never, ever trying to fundamentally change the status quo.
  3. Character means never standing up to the Ministry of Truth’s outright propagandizing for the Democratic Party. It means never calling out the Deep State’s thuggery and lawlessness. It means never challenging the Uniparty.
  4. Mitt Romney is seriously delusional if he believes the American people look to politicians for “unity and inspiration.” Someone has to break the news to him: the American people do not think very highly of politicians as a group. And we definitely don’t look up to them as role models and for inspiration.
  5. If anything, Trump is the most inspiring politician out there. He showed that you can take on the Uniparty Establishment and win. His victory was the greatest democratic achievement perhaps in the history of the United States given how many powerful, entrenched interests opposed, and still oppose, him. Trump was the guy that showed that no matter how powerful our ruling class has become, our democracy still works. How’s that for “defending our vital institutions”?
  6. But Mitt Romney doesn’t care about “defending our vital institutions” in the sense of preserving democracy. He cares about maintaining the Uniparty Status Quo, where only Uniparty-Approved candidates can win the Presidency.
  7. If Mitt thinks so lowly of Trump, then why was Mitt so eager to meet with Trump over potentially becoming Secretary of State back in late 2016? There are only two possible answers: either he, Romney, is so power/status hungry that he was willing to work for a supposed “bad guy” like Trump, or Romney was only seeking the Secretary of State job in order to undermine the Trump administration from within. Whichever reason it was, neither reflects positively on Mitt Romney’s character. Reaaaaally makes you think 🤔🤔🤔🤔.
  8. Finally, I don’t remember Mitt being anywhere near as critical of Barack Obama as he is of Donald Trump. That tells you all you need to know about Mitt Romney.


Why Trump Can’t Drain the Swamp

A largely unspoken reason why it’s so hard for Trump to drain the swamp: true “MAGA”/America First Trumpists cannot actually get confirmed by the Senate for cabinet-level posts.

To illustrate what I’m talking about, let’s consider James Mattis, the Secretary of Defense who is retiring in the near future due to his disagreement with President Trump over withdrawing US Troops from Syria.


As much as we all like Mattis the man, he’s a neocon at heart. Always has been.

This is why he’s leaving the administration. Because, like every other neocon, he disagrees with the President’s decision to withdraw from Syria and eventually Afghanistan.

First, however, I just want to say, it is very admirable of Mattis to simply resign due to his irreconcilable policy differences with the President. Most Uniparty/Establishment careerists would stay on and try to undermine and sabotage Trump from the inside, but Mattis is a man of character and integrity, so he is simply resigning. He’s not going to leak to the press to undermine Trump’s agenda, he won’t be insubordinate, he’s not going to write a tell-all book (at least I don’t think he will). And for that Mattis deserves a lot of credit, because subversion and sabotage seems to be the way many others in the administration operate. Mattis may disagree with Trump, but he’s not going to try to sabotage Trump’s agenda because of the disagreement the way so many delusional, power-loving Deep Staters would. Mattis doesn’t believe all dissent from neoconservatism is evil and unacceptable, and for that we should be thankful. He doesn’t see it as his patriotic duty to undermine Trump.

But going back to the original point: we all fell in love with the “Mad Dog” warrior monk persona of James Mattis when he was first nominated back in late 2016. It was awesome to have a badass Marine Corps General taking over the Pentagon.

We all just assumed Mattis was just like Trump: a based MAGA nationalist who wasn’t about any of that PC bullshit. And it was all because of the nickname “Mad Dog.”

However, what generally went unsaid was that Mattis was a neocon through and through for his whole career. And he still is today. Separate the man from his policies: he is not a Trumpist. He is a neocon who would have been more comfortable working under George W. Bush or even Obama (which he did).

Ask yourself this: why did Mattis sail through his Senate confirmation vote by a tally of 99-1? At the time we told ourselves it was because Mattis was Totally Awesome and Badass and Fuck Yeah, Bro. But the reality is that anyone, or anything, that passes the US Senate 99-1 should raise major red flags for us.

Again, I know we all love Mad Dog Mattis the man. But the dead giveaway of his true colors should have been the 99-1 Senate vote. That was a loud and clear message that Mattis was a friend of the Uniparty Establishment, we just didn’t want to hear it.

Mattis supported (and probably still supports) the Obama Iran Deal. Mattis is PC: he tried to “walk back” Trump’s decision to ban transgenders from the military, and his position on women in combat roles was basically a bunch of anxious public squirming, refusing to take a decisive position and ultimately just hoping to avoid the question.

(By the way: can we please quit believing this myth that all our military generals are cigar-chomping, hardass alpha males who espouse traditional values straight out of the 1950s? They’re not. Most of them are PC AF. The days of Douglas MacArthur and George Patton, and even Stormin’ Norman Schwarzkopf, are long gone. The Pentagon itself is very PC/“Diversity Is Our Strength”.)

Mattis is an Establishment Neocon. That’s why he passed the Senate 99-1. That vote was the Uniparty Establishment’s seal of approval above all else.

Why do you think Mattis has largely flown under the radar these past two years? Why do you think the media never attacks him and has never tried to get him fired? Because they’re fine with him. I’d wager they probably even see him as largely one of their own, however not to the extent of guys like Comey and Brennan and Admiral Bill McRaven, the last being so PC/Uniparty Establishment he recently said Trump “threatens the Constitution” by criticizing the media.

If our military generals truly were these macho 1950s badasses, they’d never say anything as pussy as that. A liberal cuck like McRaven could only rise to the top of a military that is fully part of the liberal PC Uniparty Establishment.

And that’s part of the larger point here: the talent pool of “qualified” candidates available to Trump to staff his administration with is full of people who not only don’t share his views but hate him so much that they see it as their patriotic duty to sabotage and destroy his administration from the inside.

It’s not as easy as Trump simply being able to pick anyone he wants. The problem is they have to be confirmed by the Senate, and the Senate is overwhelmingly controlled by the Uniparty Establishment.

It was easy for Obama: Obama was a PC neocon globalist member of the Uniparty Establishment, and so were all of his nominees and appointees—as well as most of the Senators voting to confirm them, and the “media” carefully controlling the public’s perception of them. (“Media” is in quotes because our media is not a media at all, it is the Uniparty’s propaganda organ.)

But with Trump, it’s totally different. He can’t pick someone who sees the world the way he does, because A. virtually all the qualified potential nominees in the talent pool came up under Bush and Obama and are thus not even close to being ideological allies of Trump, and B. even if Trump found a legitimate Trumpist to appoint, he could never get him confirmed by the Senate.

What would happen to a true Trumpist if he were nominated for a cabinet post?

Well, just look at what happened to Mike Flynn when he was named National Security Adviser. He was destroyed by the Deep State and “media” within weeks.

A guy like Mike Flynn would have never made it through Senate confirmation, which is why he had to go to NatSec, a post that does not require Senate confirmation.

This is a largely unspoken but major hurdle for Trump in draining the Swamp: it’s virtually impossible for him to fill his Cabinet and administration with true MAGA Trumpists.

And again, the overall available talent pool does not include many—if any—true Trumpists. This is what I was getting at a while back when I wrote that the real problem right now is that there’s only one Donald Trump. Running the government and draining the swamp requires a lot of people on board; the President cannot do it alone. In fact, he can be isolated and held in check by institutional Washington and the Permanent State, as we’re seeing now.

The President does not hold absolute power, and so in order to truly consolidate power and make a meaningful impact, he needs to appoint loyalists and true Trumpists to every cabinet post.

The problem is there’s very few true Trumpists who could actually be appointed.

To rise through the ranks in Washington, you need to be a member of the Uniparty Establishment. You need to be a globalist, politically correct, pro-Open borders, pro women and trannies in the military and a World Policeman Neocon. This is how it’s been for a long time, too, meaning virtually all the “qualified” (meaning: people who could pass Senate confirmation) potential nominees are nowhere near Trump ideologically. As I said earlier, virtually all of them came up under Bush and Obama. But they’re the only people with the credentials and experience to be considered serious candidates for these major posts.

Trumpists are not able to rise through the ranks in Washington. You have to have the “right politics” to move up in that town, and everything Trump stands for in anathema to Official Washington. It’s a self-reinforcing feedback loop. This is why the available talent pool for high-level government posts is full of globalists: they’re the only ones who rise through the ranks in Washington.

One genuine MAGA Trumpist who actually made it into Trump’s cabinet was Jeff Sessions, but Sessions was basically neutralized within the first month when for no legitimate reason other than that he was under heavy “media”/Deep State/Dem pressure, he recused himself from the “Russia investigation” and thus allowed the Mueller Witch Hunt to take off and eventually get completely out of control.

See what I mean? Sessions was as big an immigration hawk as you were going to find in Washington. He was one of Trump’s earliest and most public supporters back when it was considered career suicide to be seen even remotely receptive to Trump. Sessions was legit, and that was why the Deep State made it such a priority to go after him.

The only reason Sessions made it through Senate confirmation was because he was a Senator himself and knew all the people who would be voting on his confirmation. And even then, he still barely squeaked through: the vote was 52-47.

Wherever and whenever the Uniparty Establishment has a say, it will not let a genuine Trump-style MAGA Nationalist anywhere near a position of meaningful power. And in the event a Trumpist does somehow beat the odds and obtain power, the Uniparty will work relentlessly and maliciously to destroy him.

Think of it another way: Trump himself could not have been confirmed by the Senate for a Cabinet post. He’s just too populist and too much of an outsider. His views on immigration, trade and almost everything else are unacceptable to the Uniparty establishment, and if it were entirely up to them, they wouldn’t let Trump anywhere near a position of power.

Fortunately the Presidency is the one office that’s not under their control. They certainly tried to stop him, and they’re still trying today, but they ultimately couldn’t.

Are there any legitimate based nationalists/Trumpists who could possibly be tapped for a cabinet post or high-level White House job?

Ted Cruz comes to mind. Cruz definitely “gets it” and is one of the most uncucked guys in Washington. But I don’t think he’d be able to get 50 votes in the Senate. It would be very close, to the point where you wouldn’t even want to risk it. But the fact that Official Washington hates him tells you all you need to know about him: he’s not one of them. He’s one of us.

Another Senator: Tom Cotton. More than just being a genuine badass military vet and bona fide genius, Cotton is a real immigration hawk who doesn’t just want a border wall, he wants to cut legal immigration levels in half. Tom Cotton is MAGA as hell. Perhaps he could replace Mattis at the Pentagon.

On the House side, you’ve got guys like Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohmert and Steve King. But none of those guys could ever get confirmed by the Senate. And that’s the problem.

Trump’s own son Don Jr. is based AF and totally gets it. Don Jr. would be awesome in a cabinet post or White House job, but unfortunately we have Ivanka (who is beautiful, smart, charming and a great representative for America on the world stage, but ultimately a bleeding heart when it comes to policy) and her globalist husband Jared. And Don Jr. would never be confirmed by the Senate.

Do you see what I’m talking about? It’s virtually impossible for Trump to stock his cabinet with people who truly believe in his vision.

True Trumpists, outside of Trump himself, are few and far between in Washington. And even if Trump does manage to find one, getting him confirmed by the Senate is so much of a long shot it’s not even worth the time and effort.

All the true MAGA Trumpists are not among the realistic talent pool for high level government posts. People like Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Tucker Carlson: they could never get confirmed by the Senate, obviously. Yet I believe if Trump had it his way, he’d be surrounded by people like them, not Official Washington.

But it’s really not up to him. His hands are largely tied when it comes to cabinet posts and major positions. So trump has had to settle on so, so many nominees.

In theory, he’s the President and he can pick anyone he wants.

In practice, he’s severely limited both by the Senate having confirmation power, and by the available talent pool being heavily skewed towards people whose politics are antithetical to his own.

The Uniparty, or: Why Americans are Destined to Revolt

I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that we’re not getting the wall. It’s not just because the Democrats don’t want it but also because most Republicans don’t want it. Republicans—at least those that haven’t been fully converted to full-on “Diversity Is Our Strength!” cultural leftism after spending years enmeshed in DC—know deep down that we need the wall, it’s just that they rely too much on donations from corporate America and thus will either never allow it or just keep it far down on their priority list (the latter is effectively the former, just a more cowardly and corrupt way of going about it.)

We elected Trump to build the wall, drain the swamp and reclaim America from the corrupt globalist Uniparty, but it turns out the corrupt globalist Uniparty is simply too vast and powerful that not even the President of the United States can make a difference.

The only thing that can save America is a revolt like we’re seeing in France. I’m pretty much resigned to this fact by now.

I’m going to reiterate that I don’t want a revolt. I don’t want social upheaval and possible collapse.

I want peace and prosperity and America. I don’t want this country to be turned into a third world hellhole.

I just want what we voted for.

But the Uniparty is determined to prevent us from getting it, and at that point there’s really no other option for us, is there?

What is the last resort of people who are continually trampled and abused by their supposed public servants, who in reality have become rulers? When the elites have for all intents and purposes killed democracy, there’s only one other option.

We’ve almost lost the revolutionary spirit over the past few centuries because democracy has more or less worked for the vast majority of American history. Elections actually meant something and people had no need to revolt because democracy actually worked. You could actually achieve real, substantial change simply by voting.

But now the game is rigged. The outcome is predetermined. Trump sort of threw a monkey wrench into the Uniparty’s plan of continued dominance and higher profits for multinational corporations by winning the presidency but it turns out the presidency is just one part of the equation. The Uniparty still controls Congress, the federal bureaucracy (especially the Justice Department), and the media, and that’s enough to cancel out having Trump in the White House. They are able to hold him in check.

From the moment Trump was elected, and even before that, the Uniparty has sought to destroy Trump. Their mechanism for doing this centers on the false narrative of “Russian collusion” that they created in order to delegitimize Trump and, more importantly, launch an endless and boundless investigation into him in hopes of impeaching him. They all want it. The media talks daily with hope and delight about “the walls closing in” on Trump. Impeachment is so transparently their prime objective they don’t even really try to deny it.

Republican voters, don’t get mad at Trump. He’s the only one actually on our side. It’s just that it’s impossible for him to actually do what he said he would because the Uniparty is too pervasive and too powerful.

If you want to know what the Uniparty is just look at any image of the Obamas, Clintons and Bushes together. An example is Bush 41’s funeral: the Uniparty was assembled and in full display. The media was gushing. You’d never think the Bushes were Republicans given the way the media was singing their praises. But Trump made the media realize who its real enemy was, and also that the Bushes were basically on their side. Look at how they treated Trump: he was the unwanted guest, the Party Crasher. At least they invited him to 41’s funeral: McCain’s funeral they wouldn’t even let him attend. McCain’s funeral was strictly Uniparty.

Trump was the last best hope of defeating the Uniparty democratically and peacefully. And two years in it’s pretty clear that he is unable to do so.

Eventually it will come to revolt. I don’t know when, but it will. I’m sure of that. Because when voters don’t get what they voted for, they don’t just forget about it and give up. They get even angrier and their discontent with the status quo only gets worse.

Working on Capitol Hill for a member of Congress, I spent all day taking calls from constituents and the one thing I remember is that people were pissed. Super pissed. This was over four years ago and I don’t remember all the issues they called about specifically but the one constant theme was that people were at wits end over not getting what they voted for. Taking the House in 2010 midterms did nothing. Adding the Senate in the 2014 midterms got them nothing as well. They would always ask why the hell they keep giving Republicans more power in Washington and yet nothing changes.

In hindsight I should have seen Trump coming from a mile away after hearing from all those constituents day after day. They were fed up. They were done with getting shit on by Republicans who would promise the moon and deliver nothing. The callers correctly realized there was little difference between the Republicans and the Democrats: no matter who you voted for you always got the same thing. So of course they were going to take drastic measures and go with the outsider candidate to turn Washington on its head.

Those people haven’t just calmed down over the past few years. They haven’t given up. They haven’t simply accepted that they will keep getting the same Corporate-approved, politically correct globalist garbage shoved down their throats want no matter who they vote for.

They vote Republican and carry the party to power, and they expect to see results. They’re never going to be okay with the fact that they’re not allowed to simply get what they want. They weren’t okay with it in 2011, they weren’t okay with it in 2015 and they’re not okay with it now.

Maybe they could partly accept not getting what they wanted when the Republicans weren’t in full control of government, but were finishing up two years of full Republican control of the federal government and the people still haven’t gotten what they voted for. This is something they’re definitely not fine with. This is something they won’t tolerate. You can’t tell people who represent the majority that they still can’t get what they voted for. That does not go over well.

And yet somehow the Uniparty still believes the opposite is the case: the people will eventually learn to accept all this. Your country WILL be overrun with illegals and foreigners, your jobs WILL all be shipped overseas or taken by robots, and there is nothing you can do about it.

People can only take getting screwed over so much. They won’t just accept the fact that they’re powerless and don’t have a say in how their country is run.

And why on earth would they ever? They’re Americans for God’s sake. They know the history of their country. They know it was born of revolution and rebellion against tyranny. Sure the Uniparty is trying to erase their history and ruin their past by stigmatizing all their heroes as RAAAAAACISTS, but people still have that sense of American don’t-take-no-shit independence.

We know who we are.

Americans are hardwired to reject tyranny. We just are. This country was founded on the idea that we don’t have to take crap from some ruler. Try as the Uniparty might, it cannot stamp out the American spirit of self governance. It can never turn red-blooded Americans into passive subjects who will simply accept that do not have a say in how their country is run.

People who historically have known nothing but self-governance and freedom will not simply wilt into downtrodden peasants who accept the top-down dictates of their self-appointed ruling class. It’s just not gonna happen.

Sooner or later the Uniparty will push the American people to their breaking point.

This, of course, is a major reason the Uniparty has been working so hard for so long to import an entirely new electorate of foreigners who are more accustomed to obeying a ruling class in exchange for handouts and benefits.

But the Uniparty will fail. I’m sure of this.

So whenever you see Uniparty elites celebrating this victory or that over Trump, just know that one day they will have their comeuppance. Don’t get caught up in the daily manufactured drama of Failure Theater, whereby Republicans talk a big game of finally putting their feet down and doing what they’ve been promising to do for years, yet end up folding at the last minute, giving Democrats everything they wanted and getting no concessions whatsoever. Don’t fall for the act.

It’s simply the Uniparty trying to trick you into believing there isn’t a Uniparty aligned against your interests. The outcome of whatever they were pretending to disagree over was never in doubt. That’s just to maintain the illusion that the parties actually disagree and that there is a reason to continue voting.

Each time they thwart or obstruct Trump, it is only hastening their downfall.

Each time they deny us what we voted for, it only further solidifies the fact that the people will rise up and stop playing their rigged game.

The rules were written down clearly at the beginning: the people will govern themselves. They will not be subjects of a ruling class, in fact just the opposite will be true: the elected officials will be public servants of the people.

But somewhere along the way the whole thing was flipped and the public servants became the rulers while the public became the servants.

And so because the rulers stopped playing by the rules, it won’t be long before the people do the same.