Look What Barack Obama Has Been Reduced To

VERY low energy, Barack:

This was the crowd he drew in Philly for his speech:

What a fall from grace.

Remember the crowds this guy got in 2008?

I almost feel bad for the guy.


Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez Has Really Strong Feeeeelingz About Immigration, and that’s About It

Take any know-it-all from a freshman-level Poli Sci 101 class, put her in Congress and you’ve got Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez:

She has really strong #feeeeeelingzzz about the family separation policy but that’s about it. When she confronted former ICE Director James Homan on the matter–she of course armed with nothing more than misbegotten righteous indignation, Homan armed with decades of first-hand experience–she was clearly out of her league. Homan embarrassed her by simply pointing out that anyone period, illegal immigrant or American citizen, that commits a crime and goes to jail is separated from their families.

That’s what happens when you break the law. You go to jail. Your kids don’t go to jail with you. It’s a little more complicated at the border since they’re far away from their homes, but why should illegals be entitled to lenient, preferential treatment?

You break the law, you get locked up. Bottom line.

Ocasio tried to counter that illegal immigrants didn’t really commit any crimes because she feeeeeeeels that “asylum seeking” isn’t a crime, but Homan recited the precise section and line of the US Code that says, yes, illegally entering the United States is indeed a crime no matter how much real-life Hermoine Granger feeeeeeeels like it shouldn’t be.

Of course it was totally predictable that the College feminist turned bartender turned Member of Congress was no match for a trained, experienced career law enforcement official. That’s what happens when a clueless, inexperienced millennial gets elected to Congress based largely on the support of other clueless, feeeeeeelingz-driven millennials: they get their asses handed to them by actual adults who base their decisions and viewpoints on reality and experience instead of feeeeeelingz.

I was totally overthinking it when in past articles I theorized that perhaps Ocasio, as an ostensible anti-Establishment populist, may ultimately end up being something resembling an ally for our side in the struggle against the Uniparty Elite, but I now know that to be nonsense.

She clearly has no idea what she’s talking about. She’s 100% feelings. Just like any college feminist, she got indoctrinated with the leftwing Oppression/White Devil Narrative, is convinced she knows everything there is to know about the world, and has decided that anyone who disagrees with her is evil.

There’s really nothing more to her than that. Occasionally she may stumble onto good ideas that dovetail with what we’re trying to achieve–for instance, lifetime bans on lobbying for former members of Congress–but those moments are few and far between. On the most important question–the immigration question–she is 100% in favor of the destruction of the United States of America by way of flooding it with poor foreigners, and because of that, no matter what other marginal-by-comparison issues she actually has good ideas on, she can never be an ally of ours.

Vegan Feminist Cafe in Australia That Charged Men 18% More than Women Closes Down

You mean to tell me incoherent man-hating feminism isn’t a viable business model?!

“A vegan feminist cafe in Australia that imposed an 18 per cent “gender surcharge” on men and gave women priority seating has closed down.

The Handsome Her cafe, which only opened a few years ago and was located in inner city Melbourne, described itself as “by women, for women”.

The venue attracted headlines in 2017 for challenging the “gender pay gap” (which doesn’t exist) by charging men extra.

At the time, the cafe’s management claimed the attention left them “jam-packed with customers showing their support”.

Note to aspiring business owners: telling half the population their business isn’t wanted probably isn’t a good idea.

“Not anymore. A notice on the cafe’s website says it’s closing for good on April 28.

The cafe attracted numerous negative reviews on Trip Advisor, with one man saying he had to deal with an “aggressive and irate woman” who called him a “vile beast” because he said he was dissatisfied with his meal.”

Why any man would even enter this place is beyond me. You’d have to be the most beaten-down, brainwashed, virtue-signaling beta boy to even consider giving them your business. I can’t even comprehend the thought process of a man who goes into that restaurant: “I feel so guilty for my male privilege, I will willingly pay 18% more for a disgusting vegan meal. I owe it to women.”

The cafe owner (or should I say, former cafe owner) is pictured above, and while she definitely looks the part, I was expecting her to be fatter, uglier, have more piercings, and have her hair dyed some ridiculous shade of blue or purple.