Pelosi Admits Dems Have Nothing on Trump, Says “We’re Not Going to Impeach”

It’s difficult to overstate the significance of this:

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Monday that she’s against impeaching President Trump “unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan.” Which is exactly the point — there isn’t.

The speaker is surely up to speed on what evidence Democrats actually have against Trump and has a fair sense of what Special Counsel Bob Mueller’s report will say. And she recognizes that it’s nothing that will persuade anyone who hasn’t wanted Trump ousted since Election Day 2016.

Which means that moving to impeach him would be not just “divisive to the country,” as she says, but also bad for Democrats — since it would show them as unable to resist the most demented demands of their base.”

Dems have considered Trump’s impeachment a given for over two years. Since the moment Trump was elected, Democrats thought it to be inevitable that they would find some past crime–whether it be “conflicts of interest,” Russian Collusion, obstruction of justice, Stormy Daniels, or “campaign finance violations”–and would have Trump impeached in short order.

Of course the impeachment obsession was never because of any high crime(s) they could point to: those, once found, would merely be the justification for the impeachment they’d been seeking since the beginning. They have always wanted to impeach Trump, they’ve just never had a legitimate reason to do so.

It has always been: “We will impeach Trump; we’re just not yet sure what for.”

Now you’re seeing it slowly dawn on them: “we’re not going to find anything on Trump.” Trump is clean. The Witch Hunt(s) have been a collective bust.

They still want to impeach him, they just know that they don’t have a legitimate reason to, and so it would look like wild, unhinged overreach. I’m sure a great many Democrats still want to impeach him and don’t care how crazy it would make them look, but for now, their leader Pelosi will not go for it.

Again: it’s difficult to overstate the significance of this. Every major cable “news” outlet has been operating under the “Walls Closing In On Trump” assumption since November 2016. Leftwingers on Twitter are basically all smugly convinced that Trump will be impeached and locked in prison.

Pelosi has just shattered their worlds with this. Impeaching Trump has been the main reason millions of leftists get out of bed in the morning, for Heaven’s sake. Pelosi just dashed all those hopes and dreams in one sentence.

This essentially invalidates virtually everything CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, WaPo and NYT have done over the past two years. That is not an exaggeration: every ounce of manpower at those Uniparty propaganda arms over the past 2.5 years has been devoted to impeaching Trump. And now that dream is gone.

One of the main challenges in being a Political Dissident in America 2019 is determining whether a story is objectively a big deal or not irrespective of how much attention it gets in the “mainstream media.” Because as I say endlessly, the mainstream media is neither mainstream, nor a “media” in any real sense: it’s 100% Democratic Party propaganda. If a story can benefit the Democratic Party, it gets major attention. If a story cannot benefit the Democratic Party, or if it benefits the Republicans, it gets zero attention.

So don’t allow the lack of “mainstream media” coverage of Pelosi’s comments here obscure how big a deal this actually is: this is earth-shattering for tens of millions of leftists, from the boardrooms of CNN all the way to the most deranged corners of Tumblr and social media. Everything they’ve dreamed of over the past 2.5 years is vaporized.

Don’t think that this is not a big deal just because they aren’t making a big deal of it.

The real significance, though, is that this is the first moment in over two years where the Democrats have balked at destroying the precedents set over 230 years of American democratic government in their pursuit of power.

This is Nancy Pelosi pulling Democrats–and America–back from the brink, if only for a little while. This is the first indication we’ve seen in over two years of Democrats showing a willingness to accept the result of the 2016 election.

Beyond just her party’s self-interests, I think Pelosi realizes the danger of falling into this cycle of “Lose Election, Pursue Impeachment” that her party has embraced, and which will eventually render all elections meaningless. At that point we are little more than warring tribes who happen to live within the same borders.

The problem is, the New Generation of Democrats–i.e. those uppity women in the House who have become media darlings–don’t care about preserving America’s democratic institutions and government. They–and the Democratic party base–are of the mindset that they will not recognize the legitimacy of a Republican President, at all, ever.

Pelosi may have pulled her party back from the brink of what would for all intents and purposes be a cold civil war, but she’s only staving off the inevitable.

Welcome to the U.S.S.A.

“The sharp nighttime ring or the rude knock at the door. The insolent entrance of unwiped jackboots of the unsleeping State Security operatives.

“The traditional image of arrest is also what happens afterward, when the poor victim has been taken away. It is an alien, brutal and crushing force totally dominating the apartment for hours on end, a breaking, ripping open, pulling from the walls, emptying things from wardrobes and desks onto the floor–and the crunch of things being trampled beneath jackboots. And nothing is sacred in a search! During the arrest of the locomotive engineer Inoshin, a tiny coffin stood in his room containing the body of his newly dead child. The ‘jurists’ dumped the child’s body out of the coffin and searched it. They shake sick people out of their sickbeds, and they unwind bandages to search beneath them.”

That’s from Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago, in a section describing the terrifying brutality and inhumanity of a nighttime raid in the Soviet Union.

Early this morning in South Florida, before the sun was up, the Uniparty Secret Police raided the home of Roger Stone, assault rifles drawn, and dragged him off into custody.

Why was Roger Stone’s home raided before the sun rose this morning?

Because Roger Stone is an ally of President Donald Trump, and that’s what happens to allies of President Trump.

What does the Stone indictment actually say? Is Stone accused to partaking in a conspiracy? Is there anything about Russia at all?

As in the cases of every other arrest of a Trump associate over the past two years, this has nothing to do with any conspiracy or Russia. Here’s the indictment:


“One count of obstruction of an official proceeding, five counts of false statements and one count of witness tampering.”

All process crimes–meaning Mueller found nothing Stone did prior to the investigation that he could arrest Stone over. All the charges stem from the “process” investigation itself. Just like with Michael Flynn and the others, except for Manafort, whose arrest was over lobbying activity in 2006, dating back way before he joined the Trump campaign.

Obviously this pre-dawn raid on Roger Stone was completely unnecessary. Stone has no criminal history, is not a threat to resist or escape, and had been charged with nothing but process crimes that resulted from him being investigated by straight-up predators.

But the FBI still treated him like a mafia don with a rap sheet a mile long.

When you think of the Soviet Union, you think of jackbooted secret police busting through the door in the middle of the night and carrying people guilty of nothing but political dissent off to the gulags.

Now that’s the reality in America 2019.

And it gets worse. Guess who was there with cameras ready before the sun even came up? CNN. They claim they learned of the raid independently and through hard workin’, sleeves rolled up Big-J Journalisming, even though it’s painfully obvious they were alerted in advance by either Mueller or the FBI:

At least in the Soviet Union, the state media didn’t pretend to be #Independent and #Unbiased like our Uniparty media does.

CNN is gaslighting and lying directly to your face.

That’s how little respect the Uniparty has for you: they don’t even care if you know they’re lying, because they know they’re untouchable.

The FBI colluded with CNN to add extra humiliation and theater to Roger Stone’s arrest.

Not only this, but they wanted all the Fake News-believing NPCs to get the impression that this whole Trump-Russia Investigation is Very Serious Business. The optics of a pre-dawn FBI raid signify ‘This Is A Big Deal”–after all, we’re talking about the investigation of a Stolen Presidency here! This is the highest of high crimes, so of course the Uniparty elite trying to overthrow Trump has to make it look the part.

If there’s two things police state totalitarians are good at, it’s making innocent people look guilty, and propaganda.

If, indeed, Trump and his cronies did collude with Russia to steal the election, then this is what the investigation of such an unthinkable crime would look like, no?

CNN–the enemy of the people–is more than happy to assist Mueller in the optics department, the smoke and mirrors to give the NPC public the impression that this is all legitimate and Very Serious Business.

We now have the “news media” working hand-in-hand with the Deep State to terrorize and humiliate political dissidents guilty of nothing other than having the audacity to support Donald Trump.

Welcome to the U.S.S.A.

There Was Never Any Trump-Russia Collusion, and Mueller has Known it From the Very Beginning

Ask yourself: why is there any suspicion of Trump colluding with Russia in the first place? What spurred this question? What specific instance or incident gave rise to the question, “Is Trump in bed with the Russians?”

Was it when Trump publicly asked if “Russian hackers” could find Hillary’s missing emails? If you believe that you’re a fool. That was a joke told at a campaign event. If you honestly believe that constituted Russian collusion, you are too dumb to be allowed to vote. The belief that that remark, during a nationally-televised campaign rally, was the impetus for the entire Russian collusion investigation is too stupid for words.

No: the origin of the “Trump colluded with Russia” narrative was the Steele Dossier.

That’s it.

In other words, Trump’s political enemies invented the whole thing.

The Steele Dossier was commissioned and funded by the Clinton campaign and then passed to the Obama intelligence community, which began the investigation. It was political from the start.

And so this is why Mueller knows he’s not going to find any collusion. He’s known it all along. There is no uncertainty. It’s not an open question still yet to be answered. Mueller has known the answer from the beginning.

It was Mueller’s Deep state buddies like a Hillary, Obama, Comey, Clapper and Brennan that invented the “Trump Russia collusion” narrative from the very start. It was invented by the Uniparty elites.

They know it’s not true because they were the ones who started the rumor in the first place. When someone starts a false rumor about someone else, the only two people who know the truth are the victim and the person who started the rumor in the first place.

The whole point was never to get Trump for Russian collusion. Uniparty elites have known from the start that there was no Russian collusion because they were the ones who made up the narrative that there was. They never intended to get Trump on Russian collusion; that was always simply a pretext to turn his life upside down via the Special Counsel investigation. The “Russian collusion” narrative has always been a means to an end. Only a rube would believe it’s true or could possibly be true.

You have to be a cable news-watching misinformed NPC dummy to believe the “Russian collusion” narrative has not been a setup from the start.

Why do you think Mueller and the media moved off of the collusion question so quickly? Why do you think they’re trying to nail trump on process crimes like “obstruction of justice” or bullshit that has nothing to do with Russian collusion like “campaign finance violations”?

Why do you think that, in addition to finding absolutely zero evidence of any collusion between Trump and Russia, nobody’s been able to find anything that Russian or “Russian hackers” even did to benefit Trump in the election? Last month, Google’s CEO went before Congress and informed the nation that Russia’s attempts to “influence the election” amounted to spending about $4,700 on Google ads in 2016. We’re supposed to believe insignificant stuff like this tipped the election to Trump.

Yes, Hillary Clinton spent $1.1 billion on the 2016 election, but it was a few thousand bucks of Google search ads bought by Russians that swayed the entire election.

We never hear about Russia collusion anymore because the Russia collusion narrative long ago served its purpose. The day Mueller was first appointed in May 2017, the Trump-Russia collusion narrative was no longer needed. It was the foot in the door, the pretext, the justification for a larger, more general investigation into every aspect of Donald Trump’s life.

The Mueller investigation is Peter Strzok’s “insurance policy.”

Mueller isn’t looking for Russian collusion because he has known from the start that there was none. It was his old protege James Comey, along with Clapper, Brennan, the Clinton Campaign and the Obama White House, that invented the Russian collusion narrative. Mueller is the fixer brought in to weaponize the Department of Justice against Donald Trump in order to find (or create, if need be) an impeachable offense.

People have got to understand this. It has been a set-up from the start. The Deep State needed a legitimate reason to launch a massive, endless investigation into Donald Trump, and that’s why they invented the Very Serious Question of whether or not Trump colluded with Russia. Their mouthpieces in the media have done a good job selling the story to the rubes and pretending it’s an open question, but it’s not.

There never was any collusion. The Obama FBI was not made aware of possible Trump-Russia collusion: they were the progenitors of the narrative themselves, along with the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The Deep State did not uncover a possible link between Trump and Russia; it invented the narrative that there was one.

Michael Flynn Was Set-up By the Deep State

The country we live in today barely even resembles our idea of America anymore:

“Of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s many targets, the most tragic may be former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. The former three-star general pleaded guilty last year to a single count of lying to the FBI about conversations he had with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S. Now we learn from Mr. Flynn’s court filing to the sentencing judge that senior bureau officials acted in a way to set him up for the fall.

Not a rich man after decades in uniform, Mr. Flynn pleaded guilty to avoid bankruptcy and spare his son from becoming a legal target.”

Of course he’s not rich. Democrats may be surprised about this because to them, public office is a springboard to riches, but Michael Flynn did not parlay his name and rank into riches like so many people like him do.

“Mr. Flynn’s filing doesn’t take issue with the description of his offense. But the “additional facts” the Flynn defense team flags for the court raise doubts about FBI conduct.”

The FBI railroaded Flynn, ending his tenure as National Security Adviser before it even really began. Then, when Flynn was forced out because of the FBI’s dirty tricks, the arguably-more-despicable “mainstream” media then seized on the Flynn story to build its false narrative of a Trump White House beset by scandal and full of criminals.

The only collusion that took place was that between the Obama Intelligence Community and the “mainstream” media.

“The Flynn filing describes government documents concerning the Jan. 24, 2017 meeting with two FBI agents when Mr. Flynn supposedly lied. It turns out the meeting was set up by then Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who personally called Mr. Flynn that day on other business—to discuss an FBI training session. By Mr. McCabe’s account, on that call he told Mr. Flynn he “felt that we needed to have two of our agents sit down” with him to talk about his Russia communications.

Mr. McCabe then urged Mr. Flynn to meet without a lawyer present. “I explained that I thought the quickest way to get this done was to have a conversation between [Mr. Flynn] and the agents only. I further stated that if LTG Flynn wished to include anyone else in the meeting, like the White House Counsel for instance, that I would need to involve the Department of Justice. [Mr. Flynn] stated that this would not be necessary and agreed to meet with the agents without any additional participants,” wrote Mr. McCabe in a memo viewed by the Flynn defense team.”

Michael Flynn, like any true American patriot, believed in the inherent goodness of his country and government. He probably never suspected he was being set up by hostile, subversive, traitorous snakes trying to destroy him and ultimately overthrow the newly-elected President.

According to the FBI summary of the interview—known as a 302—Mr. McCabe and FBI officials “decided the agents would not warn Flynn that it was a crime to lie during an FBI interview because they wanted Flynn to be relaxed and they were concerned that giving the warnings might adversely affect the rapport.”

We also know from then FBI Director James Comey that this was his idea. This is “something I probably wouldn’t have done or wouldn’t have gotten away with in a more organized administration,” Mr. Comey boasted on MSNBC this weekend. “In the George W. Bush Administration or the Obama Administration, if the FBI wanted to send agents into the White House itself to interview a senior official, you would work through the White House counsel, there would be discussions and approvals and who would be there. And I thought, it’s early enough let’s just send a couple guys over.”

Predatory mindset. The Obama FBI was run by vicious, traitorous predators.

Flynn probably never suspected the FBI was trying to set him up. And they took full advantage of his naivete.

“If the goal was to set a legal trap, it worked. The two agents showed up at the White House within hours of Mr. McCabe’s call, and they reported in the 302 that General Flynn had been “relaxed and jocular” and “clearly saw the FBI agents as allies.” One of the agents was Peter Strzok, who is famous for his anti-Trump texts to his FBI paramour.”

The tragic saga of Michael Flynn was one of good vs. evil. The FBI preyed on Flynn’s assumption that the US government was in the hands of good people.

“The FBI agents had seen transcripts of Mr. Flynn’s conversations with the Russian ambassador that were “unmasked” by Obama Administration officials. The 302 says that rather than flag this and ask Mr. Flynn for an explanation, the FBI agents decided before the meeting that if “Flynn said he did not remember something they knew he said, they would use the exact words Flynn used, . . . to try to refresh his recollection. If Flynn still would not confirm what he said, . . . they would not confront him or talk him through it.”

A complete set-up.

“Keep in mind the FBI’s counterintelligence probe into Russia and the Trump campaign was still secret. Mr. Flynn had done nothing wrong in conversing with the Russian ambassador—it was part of his job—and he had no reason to believe he was in legal jeopardy. He initially claimed he misremembered what was discussed, which is more believable than that a highly decorated officer would lie to FBI officers he agreed to see without counsel.”

Of course Flynn wouldn’t remember every detail of his conversation with Kislyak–Flynn didn’t think the conversation was a big deal. He wasn’t “colluding,” nor was there ever any collusion, so of course it wasn’t a big deal to Flynn. In contrast, a criminal who  had discussed COLLUSION and SECRET SCHEMES would probably have a full recollection of the conversation.

Mr. Flynn’s lawyers are requesting probation and community service, though the facts suggest the judge should question the entire plea deal. Messrs. McCabe and Strzok have both been fired for misconduct, and their behavior reeks of entrapment.

If he does nothing else, President Trump has an obligation to former aides like Michael Flynn and to the public to declassify and disclose the FBI documents related to the FBI’s Russia probe.

Trump should pardon Flynn and, not only that, bring him back on board in the White House in some capacity.

Michael Flynn deserves to be able to serve his country, which is all he wanted to do from the start. He also deserves to be gainfully employed so that he can begin to dig himself out of the financial hole the diabolical Deep State deliberately and maliciously buried him in. Finally, Flynn deserves to be able to rehabilitate his good name.

The Deep State–Comey, Strzok, Mueller, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper and all the rest–are flat-out evil. Honestly, they should be hung for treason.

The only part of this story to take solace in is the fact that the Deep State’s treachery was ultimately exposed.

Our country isn’t completely gone.

Mueller Update: $30 Million Spent to Uncover a $130,000 “Campaign Finance” Non-Crime

Even the most conservative estimates have pegged the total cost of the Mueller investigation at $20,000,000 minimum, and that’s from seven months ago. Figure that if Mueller’s investigation cost $20 million over the first full year, it’s at least cost another $10 million in the past half year.

And what have we gotten for it? What has that $30,000,000 gotten us?

There’s no Russian collusion, there’s no obstruction of justice. They’ve all but given up on those angles.

But because they just know Donald Trump is guilty of something, the latest impeachment straw the Dems are grasping at is “campaign finance violations“:

“Federal prosecutors in New York said Friday that Trump directed his former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, during the 2016 campaign to make illegal payments to two women claiming they had affairs with Trump.

“Illegal”? My ass.

“Earlier Sunday on “State of the Union,” Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) said that those offenses would “certainly” be impeachable offenses.

What an idiot.

If this is “impeachable,” then we need to throw Barack Obama in prison:

“Cohen may well have to pay far more than the existing record federal elections commission fine of $375,000 involving 1,300 undisclosed contributions levied on the 2008 Barack Obama campaign—an event generally ignored by the media given the extenuating hurrahs of 2009.”

It was the largest penalty ever levied by the FEC on a Presidential campaign, meaning Obama’s 2008 campaign committed the single largest campaign finance violation in the history of the United States.

Go fuck yourself, Jerry Nadler.

Apparently, however, ultra-partisan federal attorneys in the Southern District of New York are going to ignore all precedent and indict Trump under the “ORANGE MAN BAD” section of the US code:

“Scott has described Andy McCarthy’s article “Why Trump is likely to be indicted by Manhattan US Attorney.” McCarthy does the heavy lifting associated with a legal analysis of whether Trump has, in fact, violated campaign finance law, as the Manhattan U.S. Attorney seems to believe.

[. . .] Justice Department guidance holds that a sitting president may not be indicted. If prosecutors in the Southern District of New York decide nonetheless to indict Trump for a campaign finance infraction, the Attorney General (presumably William Barr) should overrule the prosecutors. Justice Department policy shouldn’t be ignored or overturned to prosecute the kind of case that, according to McCarthy, is “often settled by payment of an administrative fine, not turned into [a] felony prosecution[].”

They are so ridiculously corrupt it’s unbelievable. They have literally no shame or morals whatsoever. They know this is all horseshit, and yet they keep pushing it.

Thirty million dollars for a campaign finance “violation” that nobody but a few shameless partisans in the SDNY give a shit about.

“House Democrats might seize on the alleged campaign finance violations as a basis for impeaching Trump. But McCarthy asks, “Do campaign finance violations qualify as ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ which is the constitutional standard for impeachment?” I agree with his answer:

‘It is hard to imagine an infraction that the Justice Department often elects not to prosecute is sufficiently egregious to rise to that level, but the debate on this point between partisans would be intense.’

The prosecutors understand this problem, and want to preempt the argument that they are going after Trump on a mere technicality. That, I think, is why, reportedly, they are spinning the alleged campaign finance violation as Trump “defrauding” voters. They want us to believe that, unlike a technical violation that marginally increases a candidate’s war chest, this violation deprived the electorate of important information about Trump’s behavior.

But the public has no right to know with whom a political candidate has had sex. If it did, all candidates would be required to disclose this. Thus, although Trump’s alleged finance violation does differ from normal ones, it’s ludicrous to claim that voters were defrauded because they lost the opportunity to learn about Trump’s extra-marital sex life.”

Yes, candidates should be required to disclose every person they’ve had sex with. We need full and complete transparency. Of course if that were the case, we’d also find out about all the men Barack Obama had sex with in Chicago gay bathhouses.

Hey, just because the media only wants to focus on the rumors about Trump’s affairs doesn’t make them any more legitimate than the rumors about Obama’s secret gay life they did their best to ignore and hide from the public.

It’s also quite convenient that the Democrats were not pushing this angle in 1992 when Bill Clinton was running for President and the “bimbo eruptions” were popping up left and right. In fact, back then, Dems were arguing precisely the opposite.

The Democrats knew there was no Russian collusion from the start, and in fact they were the ones who began the rumor in the first place–yet they used it as their pretext to demand an unchecked special counsel investigation that has wasted over $30 million. Mueller has known all along he was never going to find any “collusion.”

They’re just despicable people. Truly horrible.