American Apartheid

Ace of Spades: “Tim Pool mentioned in a post about this general subject matter [Update: I believe it was in this video discussing PayPal’s reliance on the leftwing extremist front group the SPLC to tell them who to ban] that the creation of parallel/shadow institutions was a necessary precondition for an actual civil war, as peopleContinue reading “American Apartheid”

More 21st Century Jim Crow: PayPal and SPLC Partner to Assault Free Speech

Yesterday I wrote that Republicans are now living in a 21st Century Jim Crow era, forced to live as second-class citizens unable to live normal lives due to their political views. Within hours of my post going up, Breitbart published this article: “PayPal CEO Dan Schulman admitted during an interview with the Wall Street Journal that PayPalContinue reading “More 21st Century Jim Crow: PayPal and SPLC Partner to Assault Free Speech”

21st Century Jim Crow

The Oscars were on last night. I’m sure none of you watched–I certainly didn’t–but from what I’ve heard the night was one leftwing anti-Trumper delivering #Brave and #Passionate speeches after another. Spouting stale anti-Trump cliches to a room of Hollywood leftists who all agree with you; yes, that’s the definition of bravery alright. Because TrumpContinue reading “21st Century Jim Crow”