Ted Cruz & Ocasio-Cortez Unite to Take on the Uniparty. Is it For Real?

Recently I’ve been saying the Uniparty Establishment is the true enemy and that partisan politics is one of its tricks to keep Americans divided and fighting one another instead of the Uniparty itself.

When the American people finally DO turn against the Uniparty, it will first require Republicans and Democrats to put aside many of their differences in recognition of the fact that the Uniparty, not the other side, is responsible for all they decry and lament about America.

For the most part, I’m not talking about the politicians because most politicians are the Uniparty. I’m mainly talking about the voters, the masses, but also the handful of rogue politicians out there that aren’t under the thumb/in the pocket of the Uniparty.

In order to actually overthrow the Uniparty it will require grassroots Republicans and grassroots Democrats to recognize that there is far worse out there than each other.

So what would that look like? What would it look like for the grassroots right and the grassroots left to come together, put aside their differences and focus on the major points of agreement rather than differences? By major points of agreement, I mean on genuinely consequential issues: it doesn’t count as bipartisanship if it’s some silly thing like passing a resolution saying “We Hate Cancer.”

And it also has to be an issue that is genuinely in the interest of the American people. If the Establishment wings of both parties come together and pass a horrendous omnibus bill that guts border security and further opens the border, that doesn’t count. In fact that’s simply the Uniparty doing its thing. That’s business as usual. Also something that doesn’t count: the Establishment wings of both parties coming together to start a foreign war.

So here we have a genuine Republican populist, Ted Cruz, coming together with a seemingly (more on this later) genuine Democratic populist, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, on an issue that is truly in the interest of the American people: putting an end to the Congress-to-K-Street-Pipeline.

For those who don’t know, K-Street is the street in D.C. where most of the lobbying firms are located, and so when someone says “K-Street,” they’re referring to the Washington lobbying industry. In 2015, the Washington Free Beacon reported that since 1998, a total of 427 former Members of Congress went into lobbying after leaving Congress. It’s such a common tradition that it’s come to be known as the Revolving Door, or the Congress-to-K-Street-Pipeline. With 427 former Members of Congress in the lobbying business, that means there are nearly as many former Members of Congress lobbying Congress as there are Members in Congress.

This was how the bipartisanship began:

Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 10.02.25 PM.png

The tweet Ocasio-Cortez is reacting to is a report that nearly 60% of the former Members that left Congress in January of this year went into lobbying. Cortez said it should be illegal for former Members of Congress to go into lobbying. Ted Cruz saw her tweet and agreed:

Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 10.02.39 PM.png

Ocasio-Cortez was more than receptive–she was all-in:

Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 10.02.59 PM.png

This is so much more encouraging and gratifying than the constant OWNING and DESTROYING one another we’ve grown accustomed to when it comes to partisan politics.

Usually, it would be something like this: Ocasio-Cortez says something on Twitter, then a Republican quote tweets her and says something to the effect of, “WHAT A F*CKING IDIOT” and gets 50k likes. Or vice versa.

This bare-knuckle brawling and dunking on one another is definitely popular with us partisans, because we’ve all grown so accustomed to seeing the other side as the Great Satan above all others.

But doesn’t this just feel better? Doesn’t this make you more optimistic about the future of our country, to see two politicians who are seemingly bitter opposites coming together to take action against the real enemy?

When we see Politician We Like 💯🔥ABSOLUTELY OWN💯🔥 Politician We Don’t Like, it doesn’t actually make us feel good. It just indulges our partisan hatred. It confirms the views we already hold. And that isn’t inherently bad, because a lot of times the libs do deserve to be OWNED, but it doesn’t actually get us anywhere as a country.

The real enemy–the Uniparty–loves the partisan mudslinging more than any of us because it means we’re not focused on the Uniparty, which is the true source of misery and evil in the country.

What the Uniparty hates, on the other hand, is when politicians it doesn’t control, like Ted Cruz and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (maybe–again, more on her later) come together, seemingly against all odds, and propose something that is bad for the Uniparty and, by definition, good for the American people.

There is no good reason for former Members of Congress to go into lobbying. It doesn’t benefit the American people; it benefits the special interests. It’s taking someone who knows the legislative process from the inside and tasking them with manipulating the legislative process and their former colleagues in order to give the upper hand to the special interests, from Big Pharma to the Military Industrial Complex and beyond. Think about it: a former Member of Congress makes the perfect lobbyist.

This unholy marriage of Big Business and Big Government is the very essence of the Uniparty. It’s how the two have basically merged and become one.

And so while banning former Members of Congress from going into lobbying would certainly not bring the whole corrupt Uniparty system to its knees, it would nonetheless be a victory for the American people.

Of course, this could all be a Uniparty psyop meant to give the people false hope before crushing it in order to demoralize. That’s possible. The Uniparty does this all the time.

If this is the case it would mean both Cruz and Ocasio-Cortez are faux-populists who exist to give the American people the impression that Congress is not 100% dominated by the Uniparty. Again, this is possible.

But here’s the thing: I actually trust Ted Cruz. I trust his anti-Establishment bonafides. I trust that he’s on our side. Why? All the other Uniparty Establishment Senators hate him. He’s gotta be doing something right.

Remember in the 2016 GOP primary, the final two candidates were Trump and Ted Cruz and the GOP Establishment was already moaning that no matter who won, it was screwed. Whether the voters ultimately chose Trump or Cruz, the Establishment knew neither was Their Guy.

The GOP Establishment hated Ted Cruz nearly as much as it hated Trump. In fact Trump was the only candidate the Establishment despised more than Cruz.

Cruz obviously is not as big of an outsider as Trump, but he’s an outsider alright. Cruz has pissed off the Establishment at every step since he first began running for Senate back in 2011. Remember, he was the Tea Party insurgent candidate who defeated the Establishment Careerist David Dewhurst in the Republican Senate Primary in 2012. Like Trump in 2016, the Establishment in 2012 said that Cruz winning the primary was a disaster because he was too conservative to win the general election.

So I trust Ted Cruz. He’s one of the few politicians I can say that about with a reasonable degree of confidence, but the reason I trust him is because all the right people hate him and have tried to stop him at every step of the way.

The real question is, do we trust Ocasio Cortez? Is she really as much of a populist, anti-Establishment rabble-rouser as she claims to be?

I’m kind of torn on that question. On one hand I think she could be the genuine article—a genuine populist, anti-Establishment, Bernie Sanders-like figure who really and truly represents a threat to Uniparty rule—but on the other hand I think the Uniparty may well have already gotten to her and flipped her.

The reason I say Ocasio-Cortez may already have been flipped to the Uniparty is because of all the positive Uniparty media coverage she gets. She’s become a national celebrity, and these days you generally don’t get to become a popular national celebrity who is covered positively by the Uniparty media unless you are one of them.

When you have CNN, FiveThirtyEight, New Yorker and Wired all saying positive things about you, it definitely calls into question your Outsider Credentials.


And yet, on the other hand, Nancy Pelosi seems to really despise Ocasio-Cortez, which is a major boost to her anti-Uniparty bonafides:



And Ocasio-Cortez, like Cruz, like Trump, was a genuine outsider candidate who upset an establishment politician in her primary race.

So is Ocasio-Cortez a genuine populist who will ultimately be an ally against the Uniparty, or have they already gotten to her and turned her into a puppet?

We’ll find out before long.

Reminder: Yellow Vests Take to the Streets in France for 22nd Straight Week

This is your periodic reminder that most Americans only “know” what the Uniparty Propaganda media allows them to know. Sadly, if it’s not on “the news,” then most Americans are completely ignorant to it. And they still believe themselves to be informed and free.

The US “media” stopped covering the Yellow Vests within a week of the first protests last November after it became clear the protests were against neoliberal globalism. No need to give oxygen to movements that threaten the power of the transnational elite.

Nevertheless, Act XII of the Gilets Jaunes movement is currently underway, despite the US “media’s” best efforts to pretend it isn’t:

“France’s Yellow Vest protesters took to the street on Saturday, for the 22nd consecutive Saturday of demonstrations. Tension rose in Toulouse as thousands gathered for the first time since a controversial anti-rioting law took effect on April 11.

Several hundred people had begun marching in Paris by 1pm on Saturday. Protests are also slated for Marseille, Grenoble, Lille and other cities.

On social media, Yellow Vest protesters in Toulouse were called on to keep up the fight against President Emmanuel “Macron and his world” and to “show that everything is just getting started after the results of the big debate”.

And this, right here, is why you don’t hear about the Yellow Vests anymore: because it’s a movement against Macron, the poster boy for elitist neoliberal globalism.

“Less than one hour after the start of the demonstration, clashes broke out when protesters threw stones at the police. The latter answered by firing tear gas.

Prime Minister Édouard Philippe on Monday presented the initial findings of a vast, nearly three-month-long public consultation known as the Grand Débat. Macron launched the initiative in January in response to the Yellow Vest unrest saying he “intend[ed] to transform violence into solutions”.

Which solutions? Certainly not solutions that have anything to do with the actual problems the Yellow Vests are so angry about.

No, the French government sees the Yellow Vests themselves as the problem:

“The new anti-rioting law, which was partially censured by the country’s Constitutional Council before taking effect and which has been condemned by dozens of organisations, makes it illegal to cover one’s face during demonstrations. It took effect on Thursday.

Wonder if this anti-face covering law applies to Muslims?

“Last week, “Act 21” of the protests drew 22,300 people into the streets, the Interior Ministry said, the lowest official figure since the demonstrations began in mid-November.”

That’s still a lot of people, though.

“Saturday’s showing is due to serve as merely a foretaste to larger demonstrations slated for April 20, with Macron expected to present his response to the nationwide debate in a speech in the interim.”

Good. Keep the pressure on.

This was last weekend:


And Macron’s crackdown on the protests has grown increasingly brutal:

It’s Time for Britain to Go Full Yellow Vest

Democracy is not self-maintaining. Elites will not simply honors the voters’ decisions when they go against the elite’s wishes because That’s What The Rules say.

Without vigilance and accountability, democracies are doomed. Having blind faith that the politicians will do what you want them to is suicidal.

Right now in Britain, Parliament just voted to take the “No Deal Brexit” off the table. “No deal” was basically Britain’s only leverage in negotiating the terms of Brexit with the EU, and now that’s gone.

They are currently trying to delay Brexit from March 29 to June. The strategy is “delay and eventually derail.” If they can’t stop Brexit now, they’ll delay it to give themselves more time to hatch a new scheme.

Look at this clusterfuck:

“LONDON (AP) — British lawmakers were voting Thursday on whether to scuttle the already dwindling chances the U.K. will leave the European Union this month as scheduled, but EU officials warned they would only allow a delay if the country made a fundamental shift in its approach to Brexit.

“Allow.” That right there is why Brexit is a necessity.

Prime Minister Theresa May grudgingly granted the vote after Parliament twice rejected her EU divorce deal and also ruled out leaving the EU without an agreement. Withdrawing from the EU without a deal could mean major disruptions for businesses and people in the U.K. and the 27 remaining countries.

Yeah yeah yeah. That’s a bunch of bullshit. It’s a scare-tactic by the elite to screw the whole Brexit process into oblivion. “Major disruptions for businesses!” That’s what they said about the Brexit vote, and it never came to pass.

That was from AP, a Uniparty Globalist Propaganda outlet.

Here’s the actual story from Breitbart:

“Brexiteers have reacted with anger after the House of Commons voted to stop the UK leaving the EU without a deal, whilst the Tory Party is in disarray after Prime Minister Theresa May lost control of her own motion.

Veteran Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage said immediately after the vote, “A total disgrace, Parliament no longer represents the people,” adding, “This is a Parliament of outright liars. We will have to fight them again. And mark my words — we will beat them once more.”

Mr Farage later penned a piece for The Telegraph, where he confirmed what he had written in 2017 that “The great Brexit betrayal has begun,” noting, “Well, although it pains me to say it, the vote in Parliament to take no deal off the table proves that, 20 months ago, I was right.”

Now, above, when I said the Globalist Uniparty’s strategy is “delay and eventually derail,” here’s what I’m talking about:

“Donald Tusk today revealed he will urge EU leaders to agree a ‘long extension’ to Article 50 – delaying Brexit by up to two years to give the UK time to ‘rethink’ – if Theresa May‘s deal is voted down a third time next week. 

The President of the European Council’s intervention on Twitter this morning will bolster claims that the UK would not leave the EU until 2021 unless Mrs May can persuade the DUP and Brexiteers to back her divorce deal – because some in the EU want to play ‘hardball’ and push for a delay of two years. 

Ireland’s Foreign Minister Simon Coveney also said today the EU is likely to offer Britain a 21-month delay to Brexit while Taoiseach Leo Varadkar added that if the UK changes its mind it would be welcomed back ‘like the prodigal son’.

The PM’s deal will be put to another vote next week, just 15 days before the country is due to leave the EU on 29 March, after MPs including a ‘gang of four’ rebellious Cabinet members helped to vote to permanently rule out No Deal Brexit. 

May told the Commons that if she loses a third time she will forced to ask Brussels for a long delay to Britain’s departure from the EU at a summit on Thursday.”

They’ve had nearly three years to negotiate and formalize Brexit, and now they want another two years?

This is totally rotten.

It’s becoming clear that democracy is no longer in existence in Britain. The people voted for Brexit, but the politicians are resolved to deny them Brexit.

When this happens, the only solution is to take to the streets like the Yellow Vests of France–that, of course, or surrendering and admitting to be ruled by an antidemocratic oligarchy of globalists who care nothing for the well-being of the citizens of their respective nations.


Conservatives: The Megacorporations Currently Oppressing You Originated Under Ronald Reagan

Conservatives must reckon with the fact that multinational megacorporations, which are now found oppressing and marginalizing anyone to the right of Jonah Goldberg, were only allowed to get as large and powerful as they currently are because of Reaganomics.

This is a difficult pill to swallow because Reagan is the Messiah to the conservative right. In their telling, he saved and revitalized the economy which fell apart in the 1970s and particularly under Jimmy Carter. Reagan’s neoliberal, or “supply side,” economic policies began a 25-year economic boom that was largely uninterrupted until the collapse of 2008, bringing American prosperity and business to new, unparalleled heights.

Regan’s influence on the right’s economic philosophy is so absolute that even in the 2012 election–24 years after Reagan had left office and 8 years after his death–Republican Presidential candidates competed with each other to show they were the most like Reagan. They would take turns showering him with praise and promising to be just like Reagan. The whole primary campaign was like watching Tibetan Buddhists try to find the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama: who was the TRUE reincarnation of Ronald Reagan?!

A whole generation of Young Conservatives™ born in the years following Reagan’s presidency have grown up revering and worshipping Ronald Reagan, believing him to be completely beyond critique, and his policies having had no downsides.

But while it’s undeniable that Reagan’s policies were great for corporate profits and the stock market, and that a ton of wealth was created following the early 1980s, what’s rarely discussed (even by many of Reagan’s leftwing critics) is the fact that the neoliberal economic paradigm Reagan’s policies ushered in gave us the era of multinational megacorporations and all the troubles they have wrought today.

Reagan’s tax cuts, deregulation and general pro-business, pro-international free trade policies were the opening corporate America needed to take off to heights not seen since the age of the Robber Barrons at the turn of the century.

The difference today is that corporations are hugely influential over our personal lives. We live largely at their mercy, tech giants in particular.

Today, you need to have a social media presence, and yet if you’re a conservative banned from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, you essentially cannot.

Now the banks—Chase specifically—have started closing down accounts of dissidents.

We have reached a scary point in the history of our country, where major corporations are not only virtue signaling for the approval of the left via cynical “Faux Woke” ad campaigns and rainbow-flag social media avatars, but are actively working to oppress and victimize political dissidents.

It’s not just about pandering to a leftwing audience in search of higher profits; it’s about actively enforcing a political agenda, even if it means alienating and even directly oppressing millions, perhaps tens of millions, of Americans.

The largest American corporations now fully realize just how much leverage they can exert over our behavior, and have begun using that leverage to silence political dissent and punish the enemies of Politically Correct Uniparty Globalism.

They have become the primary enforcers for totalitarian leftism. It’s not about profits anymore; it’s about power.

If you’re banned from Twitter, Facebook/Instagram, YouTube, Chase Bank, Uber, PayPal, and Airbnb it is going to be difficult to live a normal life and have a successful career.

That’s seven companies that collectively have an enormous amount of control over your ability to live a normal life and have a successful career in 2019.

Do you really want to get on their bad side? Is supporting Donald Trump really worth all the suffering you’re going to endure? Think of how easy it would be to just give up and support the Uniparty. You’d get to keep your social media accounts, you’d get to keep your bank account, you don’t have to worry about being socially ostracized, you don’t have to worry about being fired for Thought Crime. Things would be much easier if you simply gave in and supported the Uniparty, American Consumer #221,543,906.

And that’s just how it is now: it’ll get worse in the future. Soon, hotels will start denying rooms to dissidents. Airlines will blacklist them. Dissidents won’t be able to travel. They won’t be able to bank and get loans.

It doesn’t make as much sense for Amazon to close the accounts of dissidents, given that Amazon would be stupid to ban people who directly give it money on a regular basis, but is it that far out of the realm of possibility? Absolutely not. In fact I’d bet on it happening in the next few years. As of now I’ve not heard of Amazon denying political dissidents the ability to shop on their site, but they have for a while now been banning books written by dissidents, notably those by Roosh Valizadeh—and at the behest of Huffington Post, of course.

Even scarier is the prospect of Facebook and Google, who know everything about everyone, starting to use their vast trove of data to blackmail people into conformity.

Corporations have always been powerful, but never have they exerted as much control over our personal lives as they do today. And it was Ronald Reagan’s economic policies and philosophy that allowed these companies to grow so big and powerful.

We can better understand the rise of multinational megacorporations since Reagan in the following five trends that have emerged:

First, there are now fewer publicly traded companies than there were in 1980, a time when America had a population of 225 million (100 million fewer people than today) and when the US GDP was only about $2.8 trillion.

Today, a shrinking number of megacorporations control more and more of a $20 trillion economy. At the peak in 1996, there were over 8000 public companies in the US. Today there are around 4,000, a decline of nearly 50%.

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 1.28.13 AM.png

This is mainly due to mergers and acquisitions, closures due to foreign competition, and closures of domestic competition caused by unfair, anti-competition government regulations written in large part by the megacorporations.

Here’s the market cap of that shrinking number of companies:

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 1.34.21 AM.png

The entire economy has essentially become a cartel. Larger pie, fewer slices.

Second, since the early 1980s, the number of banks in the country has fallen by nearly 75%. Increasingly, our only options are the major banks like Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citi, US Bank and PNC.

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 1.24.14 AM.png

More and more Americans use megabanks, and with fewer options for Americans, the banks are able to exert more control over our lives.

The name of the game is consolidation, both in banking and the economy overall. When did that begin? The 1980s.

Third, income inequality has taken off to the point where the top 1% of the country now holds more wealth than the bottom 90%:


Look where the divergence really begins: the early 1980s.

Median family income, which doubled from the end of WWII to 1970, has basically been flat for the past five decades:

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 10.23.27 AM.png

Importantly, this is not a trend that began under Reagan, but the trend of income inequality largely did begin under Reagan:

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 10.25.37 AM.png

Because while it’s technically accurate to say that real incomes for Americans haven’t really grown at all since the early 1970s, they have grown for the richest Americans.

The rich have left everyone in the dust; the actual gains that have been made since the early 1980s have gone to a small number of rich individuals and families at the top.

Fourth, global free trade has outsourced millions of jobs to cheap labor abroad. NAFTA may have been implemented in 1994 under Bill Clinton, but the negotiations began in 1988 under Reagan, continued under Reagan’s hand-picked successor George H.W. Bush and were completed under Clinton. NAFTA was Reagan’s idea originally, and in fact he made free trade a part of his campaign way back in 1979. NAFTA’s roots can undoubtedly be traced to Reagan.

This chart shows job outsourcing in the previous decade, the 2000s:

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 10.32.02 AM.png

Multinational megacorporations added over 2 million jobs outside the US in the decade from 2000-2009 while cutting over 3 million jobs inside the US.

GE, for example, slightly increased its foreign workforce in the 2000s while reducing the size of its US workforce by 16%.

IBM is another major company that has been outsourcing like crazy:

“In 2007, IBM reported having 121,000 workers in the United States. By 2009, this number had shrunk to 105,000, due to layoffs and outsourcing. But IBM is rapidly expanding its global workforce. Through a similar period in 2007, the company had 386,558 employees globally, a number which has since grown to 426,751.

But we don’t know how many U.S. employees it now has; IBM stopped publishing domestic statistics in late 2009, saying that it was no longer necessary because none of its competitors did.”

That’s because they’re all outsourcing like mad and don’t want anyone to know the true extent!

It is estimated that since China was allowed into the World Trade Organization in 2001 (one of the worst things to ever happen to American workers) over 3 million American jobs have been displaced:

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 10.36.14 AM.png

Obviously Reagan was long gone by 2001, but China’s addition to the WTO was a lengthy process that began way back in 1986 and only culminated in 2001. Our trade imbalance with China and all the ills that accompany it began in the early 1990s:


You can see the divergence truly began in 1991 and is now completely out of control.

This has its origins in the neoliberal global capitalism/”free trade” philosophy that began under Reagan.

Fifth and finally, the rise of multinational megacorporations has coincided with the explosion of foreign immigration–both legal and illegal–into the US.

While the demographic transformation of America currently underway can be traced back to Ted Kennedy’s disastrous 1965 immigration overhaul, it was the big corporations that quickly realized they could exploit the left’s push for “diversity” and “multiculturalism” to obtain cheap foreign labor.

There is a massive amount of corporate support behind mass foreign immigration because big companies have realized that if they can’t ship your job overseas, they can bring someone from overseas here to do your job for cheaper.

The reason it has proven so difficult for Trump to stem the tide of foreign immigration is because there are a lot of powerful, wealthy businesses pushing back against him. They largely have Congress in their pockets.

Not only do mega corporations increasingly control our lives, they have also played a major role in destroying the fabric of this country via open borders immigration. Whether it’s cheap low-skilled labor from illegals or cheap high-skilled labor from the H1B visas, wage-killed immigration is in the best interest of the many big businesses that dominate this country.

So it’s no wonder our country is being flooded with third worlders: it is what’s best for the Big Corporations’ bottom lines.

All this goes back to Reagan and his ideology of neoliberal capitalism. It is virtually impossible to say otherwise.

If we are ever going to have any hope of salvaging our country, we must be honest about where the problems began.

Most importantly, the right must move on from the ideology of “free market capitalism.”

There may have been a time when “free market capitalism” truly meant “free market capitalism,” but it has now come to represent an oligarchy of multinational megacorporations.

This does not mean we have to embrace socialism. Not at all. It’s a false choice to suggest that we either have an oligarchy of multinational megacorporations or we have Full Blown Soviet-Style Communism, complete with gulags and Five Year Plans.

We must return to real capitalism. What we have now is basically an unholy alliance of big business and big government. This is not capitalism at all.

It’s not right to say that business is a good thing in and of itself. Small businesses are good, and even larger businesses can be good, but megacorporations are bad—especially when they work hand in hand with the government. Megacorporations spend millions of dollars each year lobbying Washington to write favorable regulations, which usually have the effect of warding off competition and entrenching the megacorporations even further.

“Pro-business” today usually ends up meaning “pro Big Business,” and that’s a bad thing. What we really need is pro-competition policies.

And yes, we do need to reject the ideology of “free” trade because it’s killing us. Cheap Chinese shit has not been a worthwhile tradeoff given how many millions of jobs we’ve lost to outsourcing, and how much capital has been invested overseas instead of here in America.

“Free market economics” generally has a very positive connotation on the right, and conservatives will point to luminaries like Milton Friedman and Adam Smith to justify their views. I know because I used to be a devout, Reagan-worshipping “free market conservative,” believing that the free market was always and everywhere right and any form of government intervention was wrong.

Free market conservatives believe businesses almost always do the right thing, and that if simply left to their own devices, they will create a sort of perfectly efficient utopia in which all demands are met with supply, every problem is solved by an innovative entrepreneur or business, and no one is ever oppressed because only the government can oppress you. This last part about the government being the only institution with the power to oppress you is probably the single greatest blind spot of Reagan-worshipping free market capitalists.

And it’s pretty easy to see that when left to their own devices, businesses operating in a free market will not do what’s best for everyone. For instance, a long-held critique of Reaganomics from the left is that unregulated businesses don’t give a shit about the environment and will pollute and dump to their hearts’ content if the government doesn’t forbid them from doing so.

Free market conservatives, however, instead of simply admitting they don’t give a shit about the environment, often make the ridiculous argument that ackshually, businesses will naturally take better care of the environment because The Free Market is Jesus.

No. They will only care about the environment if it is profitable for them to do so.

Another example is labor costs: free marketers think businesses will care about wages if you simply removed government regulations.

No, they don’t care about wages: they care about profits. And everyone knows the single largest expenditure for businesses is labor. They are always and everywhere looking to cut costs and maximize profits, and when they can cut labor costs, they will.

This is why we have layoffs and outsourcing: if you can’t eliminate the job, find someone who will do it for cheaper.

If these big companies could, they would automate almost every job. Robots and AI are the ultimate cheap labor. But for now big companies have to settle for foreigners.

Before global free trade came around, companies were generally restricted to finding Americans who would do the jobs for cheaper. But now they’re not limited to just Americans: they can find Taiwanese kids in sweatshops who will do the job for way cheaper. Or they can move their plants to Mexico.

The ultimate example of post-Reagan neoliberal capitalism is Apple: Apple is the largest publicly traded company on earth with a market cap of $821 billion. Last year, before its more recent fall in share price, Apple became the first company to sport a trillion-dollar market cap. Yet Apple only directly employs about 50,000 workers here in the US. Foxconn, however–the Taiwanese company that makes Apple’s iPhones and iPads–employs over 800,000 people. And the reason Apple uses Foxconn is because they manufacture for dirt cheap.

(Walmart, in contrast to Apple, employs over 2 million people in the US. McDonald’s employs about 2 million Americans.)

So we’ve got a multinational megacorporation that is worth over $800 billion yet only employs about 50,000 people in the US. Apple is turning just stupid profits and the actual economic benefit to Americans in terms of jobs created is relatively tiny.

This is all because of the ideology of free market economics: just let businesses do whatever they want and trust that they act in America’s best interests.

It’s a faith-based ideology at heart. The Almighty Free Market will be our salvation.

But the past several years should show us all–especially conservatives–that big business is not our friend. The free market does not always get the best result for everyone.

Left to their own devices, companies will consolidate market share and power by gobbling up smaller competitors. They will cut labor costs by moving operations overseas, and they will use their might to lobby and influence Washington for favorable regulations and policies, which suppress, rather than encourage, competition.

We seem to have forgotten this sometime after the end of the first Roosevelt administration, but the primary tendency of unconstrained businesses is towards domination and monopoly. They don’t want competition, they want supremacy.

If the great Trust Buster himself Theodore Roosevelt came back to life and saw that the prevailing economic mindset among America’s modern day political class–especially among his Republican successors–was to simply sit back and allow companies to do whatever they want, under the presumption that businesses only ever act in our best interests and will never harm us, he would be furious. He would wonder if his time in the White House had been forgotten by history.

This all goes back to Reagan. His economic policies were anchored in the desire to fully unleash and unchain American businesses.

We did, and his philosophy took root among our political establishment. Neoliberal capitalism has been the dominant consensus of economic thinking in Washington for the past three decades. All of Reagans successors until Trump were disciples–yes, that includes Bill Clinton, and yes, that even includes Barack Obama, who made a lot of talk about the middle class and taxing the wealthy but ultimately presided over an economic recovery in which virtually all the gains went to the wealthy. From 2009-2017, big corporations saw their values and profits explode while regular Americans were largely forgotten.

It all goes back to Reagan.

I’m not saying we haven’t benefitted from neoliberal capitalism. We clearly have. Our economy is incredibly efficient, and costs on virtually all essential consumer goods have come down significantly over the past 35 years. Today the poorest Americans are much better off than the poorest Americans of prior generations. Today poor people have appliances, cellphones and even luxuries poor people of previous generations could have never dreamed of. Poor Americans today aren’t starving, instead they are actually more likely to be obese. We live in a land of plenty, and that is largely due to neoliberal capitalism that began under Reagan.

But it has all come at a great cost.

The bottom line is that increasingly, regular Americans—conservatives in particular—are out of options and at the mercy of the megacorporations, which they increasingly need to live normal lives. Nobody is self-sufficient anymore. We need big corporations for virtually everything.

The multinational megacorporations, after decades of plundering our economy, hoarding all the gains, importing millions of immigrants for cheap labor, and shipping millions more jobs overseas, are now actively oppressing those who dare speak out against them.

The megacorporations are out of control. This much we can agree on.

But when the question turns to, “How did we get here?” the uncomfortable truth for free market conservatives is that this all started under Ronald Reagan.

The rise of multinational corporations is a large part of the reason things have gotten so bad today—whether it be immigration, corporate censorship, the hollowing out of the economy, the greater concentration of wealth in the hands of the 1%, the rise of the banking cartel—and the modern multinational corporation is a product of free market (or supply side) economics, i.e. Reaganomics, neoliberalism.

We need small businesses. We need thriving families that are not buried in debt. We need strong communities characterized by high-trust, assimilation and shared values and institutions.

Multinational megacorporations have eroded much of that.

We must disabuse Mainstream Conservatives of their belief that the free market is always and everywhere wonderful, and that big business always has our best interests in mind.

This begins by deconstructing the Reagan Mythology.

We will never make any progress on breaking up the modern day trusts until we convince the Free Market Conservatives that businesses can be bad and that the Free Market does not always deliver what’s best for everyone.

Reagan himself would be horrified by what the Big Corporations are doing to conservatives today. Reagan may have been a neoliberal capitalist, but first and foremost he was for individual liberty and the constitution. That’s why he hated communism and the Soviet Union so much.

Reagan would recognize that today’s multinational megacorporations are the very tyrants we feared the government would become.

It’s time to leave Reaganomics in the past and get to Trust Busting before it’s too late.

Tucker to Elites: Start Caring About the American People or Be Overthrown

Tucker Carlson seems to be one of the few prominent political pundits who “gets it” and understands what’s happening in this country.

Tucker understands that there is a large number of dispossessed and marginalized Americans out there who have been utterly left behind over the past few decades, and that our ruling class shows no interest in doing anything to make their lives better:

“One day, Donald Trump will be gone. The rest of us will be gone, too. The country will remain. What kind of country will it be then? What kind of country will we leave our grandchildren? Those are the only questions that matter.

The answer to them used to be obvious: the overriding goal for America is more prosperity, meaning cheaper consumer goods. But is that still true? Does anyone still believe that cheaper iPhones or more Amazon deliveries of plastic garbage from China will make us happier? They haven’t so far.

A lot of Americans are drowning in “stuff,” and yet drug addiction and suicide are depopulating large parts of the country. Anyone who thinks the health of a nation can be summed up in GDP is an idiot. The goal for America is simpler and more lucid than mere prosperity, it’s happiness. There are ingredients for happiness: dignity, purpose, self-control, and above all, deep relationships with other people. Those are the things that you want for your children, and that our leaders should want for us, if they cared. But they don’t care. They feel no long-term obligation to the people they rule.”

The entire Tucker segment is a must-watch. But most importantly, Tucker understands what happens when a long-suffering and ignored populace cannot obtain respite through the political system–in other words, when they keep voting for politicians promising change and improvement, and yet still nothing changes or improves. What happens is, the people revolt, like we’re seeing in France.

If you still don’t believe the seeds of revolt are there, have a look at these statistics that show just how bad the past several decades have been for Americans aged 25-34:


Their incomes haven’t risen at all since 1977, yet their debt has more than tripled.

And that’s just scratching the surface.

Many American families have lost their sons because they were sent off to faraway places fight wars that seem totally unnecessary. Plenty more young men have come back from these foreign wars permanently disabled and disfigured.

American communities have been decimated by the opioid crisis due to the vast quantities of drugs that pour across our southern border. Men have seen their social/sexual market values plummet due to the offshoring and outsourcing of millions of good manufacturing jobs, combined with the rise of Female Empowerment Feminism.

Entire cities and even states are completely transformed by immigration. Communities have become culturally unrecognizable to longtime residents, and in a relatively short period of time.

Low-skilled workers lose jobs to illegal immigrants, and those who haven’t lost jobs have seen their wages fall because they simply can’t compete in the labor market with illegals who don’t have to be paid the minimum wage by corporations that understand full well that labor is their single largest expense.

Even high-skilled workers in tech, data and healthcare are losing out on jobs to foreign immigrants via the H1B visa program. In a rare moment where it actually reported real news,  the New York Times detailed the infuriating stories of high-skilled workers who are not only laid off, but have to train their foreign replacements before being given the boot. Big corporations are not only destroying American workers’ livelihoods, but humiliating them in the process.

“Hey, we’re gonna have to let you go. But first, you must train your foreign replacement before you leave. Have a nice life, bitch. Lol 😂😂”

Even Americans who took the elites’ advice and Learned To Code still wound up losing their jobs.

Do the elites really believe this can go on indefinitely? Because it won’t.

It’s not just right-wing Americans who feel left behind. The populist left has plenty of valid critiques of the Uniparty Elite, too: healthcare is expensive as hell and the rich are getting ever richer. Bernie Sanders shocked the political elite when, seizing on precisely those major issues near and dear to the populist left, he nearly upset The Predetermined One, Hillary Clinton, in the 2016 Democratic Primary. Bernie probably should have won, too, but the contest was rigged, as we now know.

Bernie Sanders should have been a warning to the elite that it is dangerously out of touch with regular Americans, but instead the elite’s response to Bernie Sanders was to crush him with dirty tricks and skullduggery.

Despite the valid concerns millions of Americans, left and right, have with the current state of affairs, our elite is concerned with bullshit like “fighting climate change,” and making sure the host of the Oscars isn’t a “homophobe.”

And so in 2016, millions of Americans, desperately seeking relief and feeling as if they were out of options, turned to Donald Trump to turn things around. It was a desperate measure to put a total outsider in the White House, but people felt as if the country–and their lives–were about to go over the cliff.

But President Trump is stymied and obstructed at nearly every turn (except for on tax cuts) by the Uniparty Elite, which, as we’re finding out, still runs Washington no matter who’s in the White House.

It’s not hard to see why most regular Americans believe the game is rigged, and that no matter who they vote for, they’ll never see meaningful improvements in their lives. They’re starting to understand that they’ll never get the policies they voted for.

Pretty soon, marginalized Americans are going to conclude that voting simply doesn’t work, and that it’s pointless.

But, ultimately, that won’t stop them from getting what they want. Because there is another option for them: they can rise up.

If anything, Tucker is the sanest voice in the room: he’s trying to prevent a violent revolution. He’s telling the Uniparty what it has to do in order to avoid being overthrown.

Of course, the Uniparty Elites don’t have to take Carlson’s recommendations to heart. They don’t have to listen to him.

And it seems like they have no desire to:




But they should listen to him.

Because he’s telling them, pretty clearly, how to not get overthrown. He’s saying, “If you keep ignoring these discontented and marginalized Americans, sooner or later they will take drastic measures to remedy their suffering.”

Now, the dishonest elite’s response to this is painfully predictable. There will be no self-reflection or desire to hold themselves accountable. The political elites will never reevaluate their priorities or rethink their massively unpopular policies which are running the country into the ground.

They’ll simply shriek with sanctimony and feigned horror, “Is this a Threat Of Violence?!?!? *Gasp* Violence has no place in American politics! Gosh, that Donald Trump sure has Eroded Civility and Democratic Institutions!”

No, idiots–it’s not a threat of violence, and it’s not been enabled by Trump. Trump, like Tucker Carlson, is offering the democratic alternative to violence. Trump was put in the White House to finally do what the American people want their government to do, but the Uniparty Elite is determined to prevent him from doing so.

And so we’re not saying, “Do what we want, or we revolt.”

We’re saying, “If you continually deny the American people what they rightfully and democratically voted for, they will eventually rise up against you and take it one way or another.” It’s a statement of fact.

Eventually, enough Americans will realize that it’s the Uniparty that has killed our democracy, and that the Uniparty stands in the way of peace, prosperity and happiness.

People who are trampled and mistreated eventually rise up and revolt. It is an iron, immutable law of human civilization.

It’s playing out all over the world: in Brazil, where Jair Bolsonaro just took power; in Britain, where the people voted to leave the EU; in Italy, where anti-immigration populists were just swept into power; in France, where the working class masses continue to riot and protest against globalism and have come close to overthrowing their government. These are just several examples; there are plenty more.

But they’re all different version of the same thing: the long-suffering masses finally rising up against a corrupt and out-of-touch ruling oligarchy.

I don’t know why our ruling class feels it is immune from this law of nature, but it does.

They don’t seem to fully grasp the fact that they’re not far from being overthrown.

Tucker does, and yet they hiss and shriek at him for daring to tell it like it is.


Exactly right. Tucker is imploring the ruling class to fix the problems (problems it largely created) destroying our nation before the people rise up and overthrow them.

Donald Trump, Bolsonaro, Brexit and Salvini/Five Star are “in-system” remedies for the problems of the 21st century, which is to say that they’ve all been peaceful and democratic in nature. They’ve all taken place within the legitimate bounds of civil democracy. But now the people are learning that even when they get their candidates in office, that’s not enough to make a change.

As bad as the Uniparty elite thinks Trump is, he’s nothing compared to a full-scale revolt like we’re seeing in France.

Tucker Carlson is the Voice of the New Right

Last night Tucker just went off on the ruling class. His opening monologue was prompted by newly sworn-in Senator Mitt Romney’s idiotic attack on Donald Trump (after Romney had eagerly accepted Trump’s endorsement during the campaign), but Tucker ended up going into a full-spectrum condemnation of the ruling class’ parade of policy failures over the past two and a half decades or so.

You really should check out the opening monologue:

Here are some of the best quotes:

“Anyone who thinks the health of a nation can be measured in GDP is an idiot”

“Rich people are more happy to help fight malaria in Congo than they are to raise men’s wages in Dayton or Detroit.”

“Our mindless cultural leaders act like it’s still 1961 and the biggest problem American families face is sexism preventing housewives from becoming investment bankers.”

“For our ruling class, more investment banking is always the answer: they teach us it’s more virtuous to devote your life to some soulless corporation than it is to raise your own kids.”

“When you care about people, you do your best to treat them fairly. Our leaders don’t even try: they hand out jobs, contracts and scholarships to prestigious universities to people based purely on how they look.”

“Unfairness is profoundly divisive. When you favor one child over another, your kids don’t hate you, they hate each other. This happens in countries too. It’s happening in our country, and probably by design. Divided countries are easier to rule.”

A lot of the stuff Tucker said last night would not have been welcome in the Republican Party of Mitt Romney. But in the party of Donald Trump, which is fundamentally a rejection of Ruling Class Capitalism as embodied by Mitt Romney, the conversation has completely changed.

We’re not mindless defenders of corporate America and private profits anymore. We don’t support Democrat-pushed identity politics simply out of the fear of being called racists. And we embrace the long-forgotten white working class no matter how much they’re demonized by the “media”.

Mitt Romney’s version of Republicanism has no place in the party anymore. It lost decisively in 2016 and the party voters haven’t looked back. Anything Mitt Romney says about President Trump falls on deaf ears.

Why Trump Can’t Drain the Swamp

A largely unspoken reason why it’s so hard for Trump to drain the swamp: true “MAGA”/America First Trumpists cannot actually get confirmed by the Senate for cabinet-level posts.

To illustrate what I’m talking about, let’s consider James Mattis, the Secretary of Defense who is retiring in the near future due to his disagreement with President Trump over withdrawing US Troops from Syria.


As much as we all like Mattis the man, he’s a neocon at heart. Always has been.

This is why he’s leaving the administration. Because, like every other neocon, he disagrees with the President’s decision to withdraw from Syria and eventually Afghanistan.

First, however, I just want to say, it is very admirable of Mattis to simply resign due to his irreconcilable policy differences with the President. Most Uniparty/Establishment careerists would stay on and try to undermine and sabotage Trump from the inside, but Mattis is a man of character and integrity, so he is simply resigning. He’s not going to leak to the press to undermine Trump’s agenda, he won’t be insubordinate, he’s not going to write a tell-all book (at least I don’t think he will). And for that Mattis deserves a lot of credit, because subversion and sabotage seems to be the way many others in the administration operate. Mattis may disagree with Trump, but he’s not going to try to sabotage Trump’s agenda because of the disagreement the way so many delusional, power-loving Deep Staters would. Mattis doesn’t believe all dissent from neoconservatism is evil and unacceptable, and for that we should be thankful. He doesn’t see it as his patriotic duty to undermine Trump.

But going back to the original point: we all fell in love with the “Mad Dog” warrior monk persona of James Mattis when he was first nominated back in late 2016. It was awesome to have a badass Marine Corps General taking over the Pentagon.

We all just assumed Mattis was just like Trump: a based MAGA nationalist who wasn’t about any of that PC bullshit. And it was all because of the nickname “Mad Dog.”

However, what generally went unsaid was that Mattis was a neocon through and through for his whole career. And he still is today. Separate the man from his policies: he is not a Trumpist. He is a neocon who would have been more comfortable working under George W. Bush or even Obama (which he did).

Ask yourself this: why did Mattis sail through his Senate confirmation vote by a tally of 99-1? At the time we told ourselves it was because Mattis was Totally Awesome and Badass and Fuck Yeah, Bro. But the reality is that anyone, or anything, that passes the US Senate 99-1 should raise major red flags for us.

Again, I know we all love Mad Dog Mattis the man. But the dead giveaway of his true colors should have been the 99-1 Senate vote. That was a loud and clear message that Mattis was a friend of the Uniparty Establishment, we just didn’t want to hear it.

Mattis supported (and probably still supports) the Obama Iran Deal. Mattis is PC: he tried to “walk back” Trump’s decision to ban transgenders from the military, and his position on women in combat roles was basically a bunch of anxious public squirming, refusing to take a decisive position and ultimately just hoping to avoid the question.

(By the way: can we please quit believing this myth that all our military generals are cigar-chomping, hardass alpha males who espouse traditional values straight out of the 1950s? They’re not. Most of them are PC AF. The days of Douglas MacArthur and George Patton, and even Stormin’ Norman Schwarzkopf, are long gone. The Pentagon itself is very PC/“Diversity Is Our Strength”.)

Mattis is an Establishment Neocon. That’s why he passed the Senate 99-1. That vote was the Uniparty Establishment’s seal of approval above all else.

Why do you think Mattis has largely flown under the radar these past two years? Why do you think the media never attacks him and has never tried to get him fired? Because they’re fine with him. I’d wager they probably even see him as largely one of their own, however not to the extent of guys like Comey and Brennan and Admiral Bill McRaven, the last being so PC/Uniparty Establishment he recently said Trump “threatens the Constitution” by criticizing the media.

If our military generals truly were these macho 1950s badasses, they’d never say anything as pussy as that. A liberal cuck like McRaven could only rise to the top of a military that is fully part of the liberal PC Uniparty Establishment.

And that’s part of the larger point here: the talent pool of “qualified” candidates available to Trump to staff his administration with is full of people who not only don’t share his views but hate him so much that they see it as their patriotic duty to sabotage and destroy his administration from the inside.

It’s not as easy as Trump simply being able to pick anyone he wants. The problem is they have to be confirmed by the Senate, and the Senate is overwhelmingly controlled by the Uniparty Establishment.

It was easy for Obama: Obama was a PC neocon globalist member of the Uniparty Establishment, and so were all of his nominees and appointees—as well as most of the Senators voting to confirm them, and the “media” carefully controlling the public’s perception of them. (“Media” is in quotes because our media is not a media at all, it is the Uniparty’s propaganda organ.)

But with Trump, it’s totally different. He can’t pick someone who sees the world the way he does, because A. virtually all the qualified potential nominees in the talent pool came up under Bush and Obama and are thus not even close to being ideological allies of Trump, and B. even if Trump found a legitimate Trumpist to appoint, he could never get him confirmed by the Senate.

What would happen to a true Trumpist if he were nominated for a cabinet post?

Well, just look at what happened to Mike Flynn when he was named National Security Adviser. He was destroyed by the Deep State and “media” within weeks.

A guy like Mike Flynn would have never made it through Senate confirmation, which is why he had to go to NatSec, a post that does not require Senate confirmation.

This is a largely unspoken but major hurdle for Trump in draining the Swamp: it’s virtually impossible for him to fill his Cabinet and administration with true MAGA Trumpists.

And again, the overall available talent pool does not include many—if any—true Trumpists. This is what I was getting at a while back when I wrote that the real problem right now is that there’s only one Donald Trump. Running the government and draining the swamp requires a lot of people on board; the President cannot do it alone. In fact, he can be isolated and held in check by institutional Washington and the Permanent State, as we’re seeing now.

The President does not hold absolute power, and so in order to truly consolidate power and make a meaningful impact, he needs to appoint loyalists and true Trumpists to every cabinet post.

The problem is there’s very few true Trumpists who could actually be appointed.

To rise through the ranks in Washington, you need to be a member of the Uniparty Establishment. You need to be a globalist, politically correct, pro-Open borders, pro women and trannies in the military and a World Policeman Neocon. This is how it’s been for a long time, too, meaning virtually all the “qualified” (meaning: people who could pass Senate confirmation) potential nominees are nowhere near Trump ideologically. As I said earlier, virtually all of them came up under Bush and Obama. But they’re the only people with the credentials and experience to be considered serious candidates for these major posts.

Trumpists are not able to rise through the ranks in Washington. You have to have the “right politics” to move up in that town, and everything Trump stands for in anathema to Official Washington. It’s a self-reinforcing feedback loop. This is why the available talent pool for high-level government posts is full of globalists: they’re the only ones who rise through the ranks in Washington.

One genuine MAGA Trumpist who actually made it into Trump’s cabinet was Jeff Sessions, but Sessions was basically neutralized within the first month when for no legitimate reason other than that he was under heavy “media”/Deep State/Dem pressure, he recused himself from the “Russia investigation” and thus allowed the Mueller Witch Hunt to take off and eventually get completely out of control.

See what I mean? Sessions was as big an immigration hawk as you were going to find in Washington. He was one of Trump’s earliest and most public supporters back when it was considered career suicide to be seen even remotely receptive to Trump. Sessions was legit, and that was why the Deep State made it such a priority to go after him.

The only reason Sessions made it through Senate confirmation was because he was a Senator himself and knew all the people who would be voting on his confirmation. And even then, he still barely squeaked through: the vote was 52-47.

Wherever and whenever the Uniparty Establishment has a say, it will not let a genuine Trump-style MAGA Nationalist anywhere near a position of meaningful power. And in the event a Trumpist does somehow beat the odds and obtain power, the Uniparty will work relentlessly and maliciously to destroy him.

Think of it another way: Trump himself could not have been confirmed by the Senate for a Cabinet post. He’s just too populist and too much of an outsider. His views on immigration, trade and almost everything else are unacceptable to the Uniparty establishment, and if it were entirely up to them, they wouldn’t let Trump anywhere near a position of power.

Fortunately the Presidency is the one office that’s not under their control. They certainly tried to stop him, and they’re still trying today, but they ultimately couldn’t.

Are there any legitimate based nationalists/Trumpists who could possibly be tapped for a cabinet post or high-level White House job?

Ted Cruz comes to mind. Cruz definitely “gets it” and is one of the most uncucked guys in Washington. But I don’t think he’d be able to get 50 votes in the Senate. It would be very close, to the point where you wouldn’t even want to risk it. But the fact that Official Washington hates him tells you all you need to know about him: he’s not one of them. He’s one of us.

Another Senator: Tom Cotton. More than just being a genuine badass military vet and bona fide genius, Cotton is a real immigration hawk who doesn’t just want a border wall, he wants to cut legal immigration levels in half. Tom Cotton is MAGA as hell. Perhaps he could replace Mattis at the Pentagon.

On the House side, you’ve got guys like Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohmert and Steve King. But none of those guys could ever get confirmed by the Senate. And that’s the problem.

Trump’s own son Don Jr. is based AF and totally gets it. Don Jr. would be awesome in a cabinet post or White House job, but unfortunately we have Ivanka (who is beautiful, smart, charming and a great representative for America on the world stage, but ultimately a bleeding heart when it comes to policy) and her globalist husband Jared. And Don Jr. would never be confirmed by the Senate.

Do you see what I’m talking about? It’s virtually impossible for Trump to stock his cabinet with people who truly believe in his vision.

True Trumpists, outside of Trump himself, are few and far between in Washington. And even if Trump does manage to find one, getting him confirmed by the Senate is so much of a long shot it’s not even worth the time and effort.

All the true MAGA Trumpists are not among the realistic talent pool for high level government posts. People like Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Tucker Carlson: they could never get confirmed by the Senate, obviously. Yet I believe if Trump had it his way, he’d be surrounded by people like them, not Official Washington.

But it’s really not up to him. His hands are largely tied when it comes to cabinet posts and major positions. So trump has had to settle on so, so many nominees.

In theory, he’s the President and he can pick anyone he wants.

In practice, he’s severely limited both by the Senate having confirmation power, and by the available talent pool being heavily skewed towards people whose politics are antithetical to his own.

The Uniparty, or: Why Americans are Destined to Revolt

I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that we’re not getting the wall. It’s not just because the Democrats don’t want it but also because most Republicans don’t want it. Republicans—at least those that haven’t been fully converted to full-on “Diversity Is Our Strength!” cultural leftism after spending years enmeshed in DC—know deep down that we need the wall, it’s just that they rely too much on donations from corporate America and thus will either never allow it or just keep it far down on their priority list (the latter is effectively the former, just a more cowardly and corrupt way of going about it.)

We elected Trump to build the wall, drain the swamp and reclaim America from the corrupt globalist Uniparty, but it turns out the corrupt globalist Uniparty is simply too vast and powerful that not even the President of the United States can make a difference.

The only thing that can save America is a revolt like we’re seeing in France. I’m pretty much resigned to this fact by now.

I’m going to reiterate that I don’t want a revolt. I don’t want social upheaval and possible collapse.

I want peace and prosperity and America. I don’t want this country to be turned into a third world hellhole.

I just want what we voted for.

But the Uniparty is determined to prevent us from getting it, and at that point there’s really no other option for us, is there?

What is the last resort of people who are continually trampled and abused by their supposed public servants, who in reality have become rulers? When the elites have for all intents and purposes killed democracy, there’s only one other option.

We’ve almost lost the revolutionary spirit over the past few centuries because democracy has more or less worked for the vast majority of American history. Elections actually meant something and people had no need to revolt because democracy actually worked. You could actually achieve real, substantial change simply by voting.

But now the game is rigged. The outcome is predetermined. Trump sort of threw a monkey wrench into the Uniparty’s plan of continued dominance and higher profits for multinational corporations by winning the presidency but it turns out the presidency is just one part of the equation. The Uniparty still controls Congress, the federal bureaucracy (especially the Justice Department), and the media, and that’s enough to cancel out having Trump in the White House. They are able to hold him in check.

From the moment Trump was elected, and even before that, the Uniparty has sought to destroy Trump. Their mechanism for doing this centers on the false narrative of “Russian collusion” that they created in order to delegitimize Trump and, more importantly, launch an endless and boundless investigation into him in hopes of impeaching him. They all want it. The media talks daily with hope and delight about “the walls closing in” on Trump. Impeachment is so transparently their prime objective they don’t even really try to deny it.

Republican voters, don’t get mad at Trump. He’s the only one actually on our side. It’s just that it’s impossible for him to actually do what he said he would because the Uniparty is too pervasive and too powerful.

If you want to know what the Uniparty is just look at any image of the Obamas, Clintons and Bushes together. An example is Bush 41’s funeral: the Uniparty was assembled and in full display. The media was gushing. You’d never think the Bushes were Republicans given the way the media was singing their praises. But Trump made the media realize who its real enemy was, and also that the Bushes were basically on their side. Look at how they treated Trump: he was the unwanted guest, the Party Crasher. At least they invited him to 41’s funeral: McCain’s funeral they wouldn’t even let him attend. McCain’s funeral was strictly Uniparty.

Trump was the last best hope of defeating the Uniparty democratically and peacefully. And two years in it’s pretty clear that he is unable to do so.

Eventually it will come to revolt. I don’t know when, but it will. I’m sure of that. Because when voters don’t get what they voted for, they don’t just forget about it and give up. They get even angrier and their discontent with the status quo only gets worse.

Working on Capitol Hill for a member of Congress, I spent all day taking calls from constituents and the one thing I remember is that people were pissed. Super pissed. This was over four years ago and I don’t remember all the issues they called about specifically but the one constant theme was that people were at wits end over not getting what they voted for. Taking the House in 2010 midterms did nothing. Adding the Senate in the 2014 midterms got them nothing as well. They would always ask why the hell they keep giving Republicans more power in Washington and yet nothing changes.

In hindsight I should have seen Trump coming from a mile away after hearing from all those constituents day after day. They were fed up. They were done with getting shit on by Republicans who would promise the moon and deliver nothing. The callers correctly realized there was little difference between the Republicans and the Democrats: no matter who you voted for you always got the same thing. So of course they were going to take drastic measures and go with the outsider candidate to turn Washington on its head.

Those people haven’t just calmed down over the past few years. They haven’t given up. They haven’t simply accepted that they will keep getting the same Corporate-approved, politically correct globalist garbage shoved down their throats want no matter who they vote for.

They vote Republican and carry the party to power, and they expect to see results. They’re never going to be okay with the fact that they’re not allowed to simply get what they want. They weren’t okay with it in 2011, they weren’t okay with it in 2015 and they’re not okay with it now.

Maybe they could partly accept not getting what they wanted when the Republicans weren’t in full control of government, but were finishing up two years of full Republican control of the federal government and the people still haven’t gotten what they voted for. This is something they’re definitely not fine with. This is something they won’t tolerate. You can’t tell people who represent the majority that they still can’t get what they voted for. That does not go over well.

And yet somehow the Uniparty still believes the opposite is the case: the people will eventually learn to accept all this. Your country WILL be overrun with illegals and foreigners, your jobs WILL all be shipped overseas or taken by robots, and there is nothing you can do about it.

People can only take getting screwed over so much. They won’t just accept the fact that they’re powerless and don’t have a say in how their country is run.

And why on earth would they ever? They’re Americans for God’s sake. They know the history of their country. They know it was born of revolution and rebellion against tyranny. Sure the Uniparty is trying to erase their history and ruin their past by stigmatizing all their heroes as RAAAAAACISTS, but people still have that sense of American don’t-take-no-shit independence.

We know who we are.

Americans are hardwired to reject tyranny. We just are. This country was founded on the idea that we don’t have to take crap from some ruler. Try as the Uniparty might, it cannot stamp out the American spirit of self governance. It can never turn red-blooded Americans into passive subjects who will simply accept that do not have a say in how their country is run.

People who historically have known nothing but self-governance and freedom will not simply wilt into downtrodden peasants who accept the top-down dictates of their self-appointed ruling class. It’s just not gonna happen.

Sooner or later the Uniparty will push the American people to their breaking point.

This, of course, is a major reason the Uniparty has been working so hard for so long to import an entirely new electorate of foreigners who are more accustomed to obeying a ruling class in exchange for handouts and benefits.

But the Uniparty will fail. I’m sure of this.

So whenever you see Uniparty elites celebrating this victory or that over Trump, just know that one day they will have their comeuppance. Don’t get caught up in the daily manufactured drama of Failure Theater, whereby Republicans talk a big game of finally putting their feet down and doing what they’ve been promising to do for years, yet end up folding at the last minute, giving Democrats everything they wanted and getting no concessions whatsoever. Don’t fall for the act.

It’s simply the Uniparty trying to trick you into believing there isn’t a Uniparty aligned against your interests. The outcome of whatever they were pretending to disagree over was never in doubt. That’s just to maintain the illusion that the parties actually disagree and that there is a reason to continue voting.

Each time they thwart or obstruct Trump, it is only hastening their downfall.

Each time they deny us what we voted for, it only further solidifies the fact that the people will rise up and stop playing their rigged game.

The rules were written down clearly at the beginning: the people will govern themselves. They will not be subjects of a ruling class, in fact just the opposite will be true: the elected officials will be public servants of the people.

But somewhere along the way the whole thing was flipped and the public servants became the rulers while the public became the servants.

And so because the rulers stopped playing by the rules, it won’t be long before the people do the same.

The Elites Are Making Violence Inevitable

The Yellow Vest uprising in France has taught us that there is only one way to defeat the Western political establishment: violent revolt.

That might sound extreme and shocking, but consider that the cancelation of the gas tax is probably the first time in decades the globalists have actually lost on a political issue.


Every single major issue has gone their way for decades: immigration, trade, healthcare, taxes. Everything. Brexit has gone their way. Trump’s presidency has even gone their way, largely: we all got tax cuts, and that’s great, but the tax cuts primarily benefitted those at the top.

But the gas tax did not go the globalists’ way. They didn’t get their way on that.

And do you know why? It was because they felt fear. Real, physical fear.

I challenge you to name a single policy since the end of the Cold War implemented in Western Civilization (America, Western Europe) that has been either restrictionist on immigration, good for the middle class economically (don’t say Cheap Chinese Crap), pro-national sovereignty, pro-peace, or pro-traditional values.

There’s nothing.

Virtually everything has been pro-open borders, pro-mass immigration, pro-job outsourcing, anti-manufacturing, anti-Christian, anti-middle class, pro-welfare state (i.e. government dependency), pro-globalist, pro-foreign war, pro-regime change and pro-domestic culture of depravity.


Except the gas tax.

The French people got the first policy win over the Western globalist elite in decades.

And it was because they turned to violence. It was because they threatened to topple Macron and burn Paris to the ground.

You think this has gone unnoticed? This past weekend, Yellow Vest-style protests spread to Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as Germany.

Why? Because the Yellow Vests protests are working.

For the first time in decades, the forgotten, discontented masses of Western Civilization are actually seeing encouraging results, and it’s through protests and riots.


Back when Obama was President, I used to scoff at Democrats’ claims that our political system was broken. They were just complaining because we were using our minority powers granted under the constitution to stymie their agenda, I thought. We on the right smugly lectured them that the system was working just as it was intended to, and that the Founders wanted us to obstruct our balls off.

But now that they’re obstructing us on everything, I see they had a point.

What’s going to happen to our political system? Is it going to be endless obstruction? Some people are fine with this but consider that without any major legislative changes America will be transformed into a third world nation by way of mass immigration. It will happen barring a major change in immigration policy, a change which can only come through Congress.

Are we fated to simply take turns obstructing one another until demographics win out and give Democrats a permanent supermajority in this country? Because that’s what it seems like.

Eventually it will reach a breaking point.

Eventually people will get sick of never getting what they voted for.

And if you think the violence can only come from the right, you are fooling yourself. The media has been fomenting racial resentments for the better part of this decade and has convinced the now mostly-nonwhite left that they live in a viciously racist country where white supremacism runs rampant and oppresses minorities in every conceivable way.

Doesn’t matter if it’s not true: people believe it’s true. Millions of people. And because of it, they are full of righteous anger.

You saw what happened after Ferguson. Antifa and Black Lives Matter show that the left is increasingly seeing violence as the answer.

But overall here, I’m talking from a right-wing populist point of view. The media always derides us as angry, and eventually we’ll say, “You know what? We are angry. And we’re going to take it out on you and your kind.”

Trump’s election in America has not changed much. We still don’t have a wall, illegal immigration is at a record high, and the media still covers for Deep State criminals who have not faced any accountability for what they did in 2016 pertaining to the Steele Dossier and their abuse of government power to destroy Donald Trump. Nobody answered for Benghazi, nobody answered for Obama’s IRS harassing conservatives. The middle class is eroding and America is turning into a economically stratified nation of rich and poor with little in between.

In Britain, the Brexit vote changed nothing. Somehow, the EU is still in control. In fact, the European Court of “Justice” just ruled that Brexit can be reversed.

So what’s the takeaway? You can’t vote the globalists out of power. It just doesn’t work that way. Even when we win the elections, they still ultimately win. Nothing changes.

“We voted for the Wall.”

“Well, you still can’t have the Wall.”

“We voted for Brexit.”

“Well, you still can’t have Brexit.”

Yeah, it’s a huge mystery why people are taking to the streets.

I see a choice in the coming years between violent uprising and passive submission, and as history shows us, submission won’t happen.

No rotten, corrupt system can go on forever. Sooner or later, discontent boils over.

Again, as I keep saying, I do not prefer violence.

I wish we could get what we want democratically and peacefully. That’s the social compact that this country was founded on. But today’s elites do not believe in democracy. In fact they are actively anti-democratic.

They are not upholding their end of the social compact which states that we do not have to resort to violence and war so long as the results of democratic elections are honored.

It’s pretty simple.

They’ll cynically and disingenuously say that talking like this is undemocratic, but what else are we supposed to do when voting accomplishes nothing?

Worst of all, we increasingly can’t even voice our disapproval with the elite. Silicon Valley is making sure of that.

We sit patiently and wait for Republicans in Congress to do something about the fact that Big Tech is waging a digital genocide on right wing voices on social media, and yet nothing is done.

Hearing after hearing after hearing and not a damn thing happens. More right wing voices are banned with each passing day. Gavin McInnes is now banned from every major social media platform as of yesterday.

House Republicans dragged Google CEO Sundar Pichai before a committee today and the first thing out of his mouth was that Google is not biased against conservatives:

Are House Republicans just hoping some Big Tech CEO comes out and admits it?

What if that never happens, even thought we all know it to be true?

What is the plan then? Do we just accept it as a fact of life that we’re eventually going to be run off of social media, and that Republicans aren’t going to do shit about it?

The Hitler Youth site Vox is openly encouraging Big Tech to delete right wing voices from digital existence:


So what are we supposed to do?

If we don’t stop this, we are finished. Pretty soon the only “right wing” voices permitted to remain online will be the Establishment-approved NeverTrump pussies who represent zero threat to the globalist status quo.

They’ll let us have Ben Shapiro, and that’s about it.

Big Tech will let us have YouTube clips of Shapiro using FACTS and LOGIC to OWN 20-year-old college liberals, and that’s it. They figure that’ll be enough to keep us sated.

But it won’t. Eventually they’ll push us to a breaking point. I don’t know when, but it will happen eventually.

The only way you can defeat the globalists that are destroying Western civilization is to do what they’re doing in France: revolt.

I wish it didn’t have to be like this, but people are not going to simply surrender as their beautiful countries are transformed into vastly-unequal third-world hellholes via mass immigration and job outsourcing by multinational corporations, and while their voices are silenced on social media for daring to express opposition to it all.


“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is its natural manure.” -Thomas Jefferson, 1787

Theresa May Is About to Kill Brexit–and Democracy in Britain Altogether

And there it is:

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 1.05.30 PM.png

“We deliberately fucked-up the Brexit that you voted for. Wanna reconsider?”

The vote already happened. A second vote is not only unncessary but unacceptable.

If the people who ruled Britain believed in democracy, they would have all stepped aside in the wake of the Brexit vote–which they rightfully lost despite their campaign of fear and lies–and allowed genuine Brexiteers to take things from there.

They would have said, “The people have spoken, and rejected our vision for Britain. We will step aside and allow their vision to be carried out by those who actually supported it and believ in it.” In fact, that’s what their last Prime Minister, David Cameron, did. He was a Remainer, and when Remain lost, he stepped down because he knew he could not carry out the Brexit process in good faith.

At least he was honest about where he stood. His replacement, Theresa May, who was supposed to be the one suited to completing the Brexit deal, was in reality a closet Remainer who #Resisted the will of people and sabotaged the Brexit negotiations.

The people voted for Brexit, but the politicians have overruled them.

Thanks for playing.

The elites are killing democracy by brazenly overruling the will of the voters.

Do they see what’s going on in France? Doesn’t that give them at least a little pause?

They’re going to get themselves overthrown, and they’ll completely deserve it.