More People Killed By Lawnmowers Each Year Than Unarmed People Shot By Police

Remember way back when terrorism was still a thing, how the #Enlightened liberals would brush it off as nothing to worry about? Their go-to rebuttal to any concerns over terrorism was usually to just call you a racist. But occasionally you’d find some who would say something like, “more people are killed by lawnmowers than terrorists every year,” or “more people fall out of bed and die every year.”

Here’s an example from 2017, Kim Kardashian, in an attempt to demonstrate the idiocy of President Trump’s so-called “Muslim ban” (which actually wasn’t a Muslim ban), tweeted this out:

Her tweet got almost 340,000 likes from smart, enlightened liberals who Just Knew Better than that idiot troglodyte President Trump.

But you know what? As much as we rightwingers didn’t want to admit it back then, they were ultimately right about us not having proper perspective on the true threat of terrorism. They were (and still are) wrong about Trump’s “Muslim Ban” (which wasn’t a Muslim Ban), but on the broader point of terrorism, they were right. Outside of 9-11, which was a one-off event, terrorism over the past 19 years has not been a serious danger for the average American.

We were the ones duped by the media, whipped into a hysteria over terrorism even though the statistical likelihood of dying in a terrorist attack here in the US is infinitesimal. This is not to dismiss the 14 confirmed terrorist attacks that have happened in this country since 9-11, notably San Bernadino, Pulse Nightclub and the Boston Marathon Bombing. There was a rash of terror attacks in the US from 2014-2016 which coincided with the rise of ISIS in the Middle East. Since 9-11, 97 Americans have been killed by Islamic Terrorism in total. That’s 97 people over an 18 year period.

Again, this is not to completely dismiss terrorism and trivialize those 97 people that died (and the additional people injured), but it is to say that media coverage of terrorist attacks has caused us to perceive terrorism as a far greater threat to ourselves than it truly is. And you could even go further and say that this media-fueled obsession with terrorism actually ended up causing more terrorist attacks due to military intervention in the Middle East enraging people and causing some to turn to terrorism as a way to get back at the US.

But if we’re going to put the true threat of terrorism in perspective by pointing out that you’re almost 35x more likely to be killed by a riding lawnmower than you are by a terrorist, we should also do the same thing with the current topic of media-fueled mass hysteri a: police brutality caused by racism.

Each year on average, 69 Americans are killed by riding lawnmowers. Yet according to the Washington Post, since January 1, 2015, 125 unarmed black Americans have been killed by police. That’s an average of 21 per year. If we do Americans of all races, the number is 356 over that same time span, or 59 per year on average.

There are more Americans killed in lawnmower accidents each year than there are unarmed Americans killed by police.

And this is including all incidents of police killing unarmed black people–meaning the justified killings as well as the unjustified ones. Meaning the number of unjustified police killings is way lower than even 21 per year.

How many of these infamous police killings of black people in recent years have actually been legitimate instances of officer wrongdoing? I know the media treats all of them as completely unjustified acts of racism by the cops, but really, how many of the major incidents since Trayvon Martin (who wasn’t even killed by a cop) have actually been unequivocal cases of unjustified police brutality? And even in that handful of incidents, how many were plausibly attributed to racism?

Face it: the media warps our realities and makes us believe things like terrorism and police brutality are far more prominent than they truly are. Simply by giving certain events more coverage, and other events less (or zero) coverage, the media has the ability to determine our priorities and fears.

From 2014-2019, there were an average of 73 shark attacks worldwide annually. That’s one every five days on average. If the media wanted to, it could give each and every one of these shark attacks massive and hysterical coverage and within a year or two, we’d all be terrified to go in the ocean.

The media has people fooled. Worse than that, it has people afraid. And it’s not just terrorism and police. If the media covered coronavirus honestly, we probably wouldn’t be under this six-month lockdown that has driven so many people crazy and caused so much economic destruction. The CDC, over the weekend, just updated its website and admitted that only 6% of the 187,000 Covid deaths were caused by Covid alone–the remaining 94% had an average of 2.6 additional comorbidities that were as much if not greater contributors to the remaining 178,000 “Covid” deaths.

It’s time for people to admit they were duped by the media. The country would be far better off if people just admitted they were duped, and learned their lesson: never trust the media again.

More Blood on the Media’s Hands

Yet another person radicalized by the media’s propaganda:

Apparently this man, Jayvon Hatchett, “felt the need to find a white male to kill”:

Mills told the court that when he asked Hatchett why he stabbed the AutoZone employee, Hatchett said he “felt the need to find a white male to kill” after watching videos of police brutality happening across the country.

Our media in this country is insanely irresponsible. Its lies have real-world consequences, such as this stabbing in Georgia. The media is actively trying to start a race war.

Kenosha Police: Majority of Rioters Arrested Weren’t From Kenosha

Kenosha police said 102 of the 175 people arrested last week were not from Kenosha:

They said the people arrested came from 44 different cities in total. This could mean neighboring towns to Kenosha or it could mean faraway places way beyond the borders of Wisconsin.

This would seem to confirm suspicions that the riots are not grassroots and organic, but are in reality planned and staged–Astroturfed. Someone is funding and coordinating all of this, bringing in out of state agitators to cause mayhem and destruction.

Given how much property damage and destruction we saw, this explanation always made more sense. People don’t destroy and burn their own cities indiscriminately like that. It always made way more sense that the anarchists, arsonists and vandals were ringers brought in from elsewhere.

The real questions: Who brought them in? Who paid them? Why?

Biden/Harris: Get Out There And Riot For Jacob Blake, People!

Because it is now a full-scale national crisis anytime a black person is shot by police, the Biden campaign released this statement on the (as of now non-lethal) shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin yesterday:

“We must dismantle systemic racism.” “We must fight…”

They are trying to provoke looting and rioting. They automatically assume the police were in the wrong, they automatically assume it was RACISM–they want chaos and unrest. They want this country divided by race.

Of course they left this line in here and I’m sure it slipped past plenty of people: “Jacob Blake was shot 7 times in the back as police tried to restrain him from getting into his vehicle.”

Uh, he was disobeying police orders. He was not allowed to get into his vehicle. What Jacob Blake was doing was called “resisting arrest”. He was blatantly doing the opposite of the police orders. I know it’s racist that black people have to follow the law and obey the police, but those are the rules for now.

Here is the video:

Police are trying to get him to stop, he has zero regard for their commands, and then he goes into his car and appeared to be reaching for something, which could have been a gun, so cops shot him. Cops have to make split second decisions like this all the time. Most of them would rather be safe than sorry.

This is why it’s terrible for our country that every police shooting is considered national news. Because even videos like these lack the proper context needed to understand why police made the decision to use lethal force. You really don’t know unless you’re there, yet for the the social media know-it-alls, a 10 second low quality phone video is all they need to make up their minds: it was RACISM!!! In fact, most probably won’t even watch the video. They’ll just see it trending on social media and join in the dogpile.

After the shooting went public, BLM started rioting. I won’t include the imagery here because if you’ve seen one riot, you’ve seen them all. Except for this choice image of a car dealership burning down–with a BLACK LIVES MATTER sign in the foreground:

That’s what you get for being an “ally.”

Closer and closer they inch to calling for White Genocide

Pharrell Williams: “America’s past and Present Are Racist. We Deserve a Black Future.”

What the hell does this mean? I read the article. He doesn’t specify what a “Black Future” means.

Does it mean a future devoid of white people? Does it mean a future where white people are subjugated and oppressed?

Every day these radical black activists get closer and closer to just outright saying it: they want a race war. They want white genocide.

How else can you interpret him saying, “We deserve a Black Future”?

America is a white nation. It has been since Day 1. That’s what Pharrell means when he says “America’s past and present are racist.” Racist, in their eyes, means simply “white.” To be white is to be racist, to be racist is to be white. That’s how they view things. It’s their way of demonizing and dehumanizing white people, because when one is branded a “Racist,” they effectively become sub-human. They no longer have rights; it’s open season on them. They can be robbed, beaten, fired from their job, potentially even killed, and it’s all justified, Because That Person Is A Racist. “Racist” has essentially become the n-word for white people. It means more or less the same thing. It’s not loaded with the same history, but give it time. At the very least it’s equivalent to being called a witch in 1620 Salem Massachusetts.

They aim to demonize us to the point where their rabid footsoldiers will commit acts of violence against us–because they think we’re the evil and dangerous ones. It’s like the whole “Punch a Nazi” thing. They really and truly believe every Trump supporter is a literal Nazi, like the ones they learned about in school and see in so many Hollywood movies, and so given how evil Nazis are, it’s not only appropriate to punch them, it’s imperative. When you have demonized someone badly enough, they cease to be seen as human beings and become monsters, and at that point there is no action that can be taken against them that is too radical.

That’s the reality people like Pharrell Williams want for white people. They want to dispossess white people of their country. It’s simply a fact that America was founded as an Anglo-Saxon Protestant nation and was overwhelmingly white protestant for nearly 400 years (counting pre-1776 Colonial America). To even say that fact is now considered taboo. Pharrell wants to ensure America ceases to be a white country and has a “black future.” He is openly calling for a hostile takeover of America based entirely on race, and white people are not even allowed to mention it, much less oppose it, lest they be “canceled.”

It’s kind of brilliant when you think about it: “We have to be racist against white people because white people are racist.” That’s like their entire M.O. I only hope they’re not so completely brainwashed that they can one day have an epiphany and realize “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

I hate that these hardcore antiwhite racists have forced me to view the world through a racial lens. This was not how I was raised or how I saw the world growing up. In fact, up until a few years ago I didn’t really think much about race at all. But as the black left has become more and more vocally anti-white–encouraged of course by the media and the Democratic Party–it’s impossible not to be aware of the fact that this country is fracturing along racial lines.

They say it’s “racist” that a majority white country is mostly run by white people. Well, in what other country is that not the norm? In what other country in the world is it seen as wrong for the majority population to be in control?

Only in 21st Century America, the empire crumbling from within due to the Fifth Column consisting of the media, one of its two major political parties, its entertainment industry, its academic system and most of its most powerful corporations.

If you don’t like the fact that America is a white country predominantly run by white people, then go somewhere else. If it’s so horrifying and miserable to be a minority here, then why not just leave?

We all know why. Because Pharrell and every other black celebrity denouncing Evil White America knows they have it much better here than they would anywhere else.

I have no doubt Pharrell is full of shit. If he really believed the stuff he’s saying, he wouldn’t accept money from white people who buy his music. He wouldn’t live in a Beverly Hills mansion. As a minority in a white country, he’s done extraordinarily well for himself, becoming a world-famous multi-millionaire. He’s part of the Elite. He could easily renounce all of his fame and fortune–after all, because it was ill-earned through an evil white system. But he won’t. He just spouts off whatever anti-white bullshit he’s told to in an effort to keep stoking the flames of black rage.

But the problem is, people do believe this shit. It does influence people. The BLM mobs terrorizing the country’s major cities right now are openly terrorizing white people, and it’s because they’ve been brainwashed by the media, the Democratic Party and Hollywood:

According to video livestreamed by, dozens of activists marched through a residential area pounding drums, flashing lights on windows, yelling through loudspeakers, and demanding that residents give up their homes.

“Get the f*** out so we can come back!” one activist yelled. “All y’all white motherf***ers get the f*** out of our neighborhoods so we can come back!”

“Get the f*** out and give us our sh** back!,” he yelled. “Reparations baby!”

Another yelled, “Pay the fee! Open your purse!”

This is what the media has done to our country. This is what people like Pharrell Williams are encouraging. This is the extent the Democratic Party will go to in its desperate attempt to retake power.

I am heartened by the number of black conservatives I’ve seen over the past few years. Judging from social media, it seems like there are a lot more black people who are rejecting the Democratic Party and its Racial Tribalism Agenda than there were four years ago.

I don’t think the average black person thinks like Pharrell Williams or those BLM marauders in Seattle, however there are plenty of black people out there who hate white people like Pharrell does.

Pharrell and these other anti-white black celebrities–like Nick Cannon, who said white people are “closer to animals” and “a little less”–are no more than pawns and puppets of the Power Establishment who are told what to say in order to further divide this country along racial lines.

They want black people to hate white people, because that will in turn make white people return the favor, and ensure that this country can never be unified.

Spot The Difference

Not all hate crimes are created equal:

The race is always relevant when the perpetrator is white. But when the perpetrator is not white, we just get “25-year-old man.”

By the way, I’ve been seeing a lot of people try to downplay and dismiss the Cannon Hinnant story by saying, a. It was a local story and shouldn’t be national news, and b. What’s there to be outraged over given that the killer was quickly apprehended?

Let me address the two:

  • First, I would love it if we were more locally-focused. Stories in other states generally don’t impact us much if at all, and yet we get all worked up over them nonetheless. But that’s not how the media works. George Floyd was a local Minneapolis story that they made into a national crisis. So unfortunately we have to fight fire with fire.
  • Yes, Cannon Hinnant’s killer was quickly apprehended. But so was George Floyd’s. That didn’t stop anyone from making a huge deal out it.

WaPo Openly Running Chinese Propaganda

They’re making no effort to hide it:

How can America survive when its media is openly treasonous?

Do not click on any mainstream media links. Deprive them of clicks, pageviews and anything that would bring them revenue. Do not watch CNN, ABC, NBC or CBS. These are old, dying companies and the best thing we can do for America is hasten their demise.

Anthony Fauci Thinks You’re an Idiot

Anthony Fauci, Unassailable Expert of Science™️ and America’s Heartthrob who no one may ever question, started off the MLB season at the Nationals-Yankees game with a botched first pitch, then went into the stands (which us Normal People are not allowed to sit in) and yakked it up without a mask on, and definitely not socially distanced:

He thinks you’re an idiot. He thinks you’re a sucker. He thinks he’s better than you.

Masks are all for show to this guy–but you have to wear one. Social distancing is a crock of shit to him–but you still have to do it.

Attending sports games is too dangerous to be allowed–but he and his elderly friends who are most at-risk for dying of Coronavirus can do it. Also BLM “protests” attended by tens of thousands of people in urban areas are just fine.

If Fauci not taking his own advice on 🦠 😱THE VIRUS 🦠 😱 then why should we? He is almost 80 years old and clearly has no fear of the virus. It’s almost as if it’s a big ass lie.

Joe Biden, who is actually two years younger than Fauci, has been sequestered in his basement for the past four-and-a-half months because apparently it’s too dangerous for him to go outside of his house and campaign (and presumably debate), what with the 🦠 😱GLOBAL PANDEMIC 🦠 😱 and all.

Really makes you think.

NYTimes: “White Parents” Are What’s Wrong With the Education System

Another day, another instance of anti-white racism being normalized in America:


The best case scenario is that the formerly serious and respectable NYTimes is now using racially incendiary headlines and rhetoric in a cheap attempt to drive clicks and generate buzz.

The worst case scenario is, well, do I even really have to say it?

They’re going to be sending white people off to death camps while repeating over and over again: “IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO BE RACIST AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE.”