The Coronavirus Shows Why it’s Time to Become Self-Sufficient

Mainstream public “intellectual” Steven Pinker might well have said one of the dumbest things of 2020:

The thought never even crossed Steven Pinker’s head that globalization is a choice, and that there is an alternative.

“Viruses don’t care about borders.” Yeah, assuming you continue allowing people to cross those borders.

Assuming you continue the system of global trade and reliance on dozens of other countries around the world for your supply chains.

It’s all by choice. It’s all so the global economy can be structured like this:

“Intellectuals” like Steven Pinker cannot conceive of any other way for the world to work. To him, modern globalization is and always has been.

To him, there is no conceivable alternative to a world where one break in the supply chain leads to cascading problems all around the world.

Bizarrely, he cites a global pandemic as the reason why “neo-nationalism” (gotta throw in that word association with Neo Nazis) doesn’t work. But this is a vulnerability of globalism, not nationalism.

Nationalism would be closing the borders so we’re not susceptible to a virus that originated in China. Globalism means someone in Argentina can catch a virus that started in China. What on earth is Steven Pinker saying?

Is he trying to claim that nationalism is simply a political ideology that nevertheless still accepts a globalized world? This guy doesn’t know the first thing about nationalism.

“Nationalist politics is rising all over the world, so an international virus outbreak made possible and exacerbated by the still-dominant globalist world order proves nationalism is futile and stupid.” This has got to be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read.

If we actually lived in a world of independent nations rather than an interdependent network of “economies,” virus outbreaks in one country would be better contained and pose far less of a risk to other countries.

Globalism is why basically all of Northern Italy is under quarantine due to a virus that began in China:

“Italy reported a huge jump in deaths from the coronavirus on Sunday, a surge of more than 50 percent from the day before, as it ordered an unprecedented peacetime lockdown of its wealthiest region in a sweeping effort to fight the epidemic.

The extraordinary measure restricted movement for a quarter of the country’s population.

“We are facing an emergency, a national emergency,” Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said in announcing the government decree in a news conference after 2 a.m.

The move is tantamount to sacrificing the Italian economy in the short term to save it from the ravages of the virus in the long term. The measures will turn stretches of Italy’s wealthy north — including the economic and cultural capital of Milan and landmark tourist destinations such as Venice — into quarantined red zones until at least April 3.

They will prevent the free movement of roughly 16 million people.

Funerals and cultural events are banned. The decree requires that people keep a distance of at least one meter from one another at sporting events, bars, churches and supermarkets.

The Italian outbreak — the worst outside Asia — has inflicted serious damage on one of Europe’s most fragile economies and prompted the closing of Italy’s schools. The country’s cases nearly tripled from about 2,500 infections on Wednesday to more than 7,375 on Sunday. Deaths rose to 366.”

Globalism is why the stock market is plunging, and we’re only at 500 cases nationwide here in the US:

In New York, 103 nationwide cases of Coronavirus caused a flood of shoppers to descend upon local supermarkets and empty the shelves:

Britain, too:

This is how quickly it happens. That’s all it takes to set off a panic and make people rush into the supermarkets to empty the shelves. Imagine if it was something worse, like a war or an invasion or an even deadlier virus.

This is one of the many rarely-mentioned downsides of globalization.

So what should you be doing?

Well, short term, if you have some extra cash lying around, I’d invest it in the stock market. There’s been a decent-sized dip in the market as I’m sure you’re aware. Might be a good time to buy. Of course, stocks are still highly overvalued in a big-picture sense, having fallen just 10-15% from all-time, human history highs. But they’ll likely resume heading upwards as this blows over. We’re not going into a recession or a cyclical downturn right now so I’m thinking the market should bounce back.

When is the right time to buy? I’d say now. Stocks were killed all last week and are getting slaughtered again today (down over 5% as of 11am c.t.) That’s a 19% drop from the market’s all-time high it hit last month. So I’d say the market has fallen about enough to warrant hitting the Buy button. It could fall even further, so I would gradually buy. Don’t spend all your money in one day, wait it out a bit and buy over the course of a few days in case it goes lower tomorrow. The strategy is called “Dollar Cost Averaging,” look it up if you want to learn more about it.

But the bottom line is that I believe the market gotten cheap enough to become attractive for bargain hunters. It might go down another 5-10%, but that would just be an even better opportunity to buy.

This tweet sums up the market panic nicely:

It’s funny but it’s accurate. Markets are in free fall because of the prospect that economic activity will likely slow down for a couple of weeks tops.

If you are considering buying stocks but are fearful given all the scary news headlines, ask yourself if we are witnessing the collapse of the US economy, or if this is just a temporary panic. If it’s the latter, I’d say this looks like a good time to buy. Look at some of the big name stocks that have fallen and start buying shares.

Again, the market still could go lower. The worst may not be over yet. But we’re pretty close to the turning point right now. Ease into the market and don’t spend all your money at once.

Big picture, however, you need to be making plans to become self-sufficient. Coronavirus has shown just how fragile our global system is to unforeseen events. You have seen how quickly the supermarket shelves empty out, and it should scare you. Most Americans only have a week or two of food in their houses at best, and the coronavirus should make us realize how vulnerable we really are.

We don’t think about this when the shelves are full, only when they’re already empty.

It’s time to get out of the cities and become self-sufficient. Global pandemics will affect the cities the worst. City-dwellers are dependent on the supermarkets for food. They’re tightly packed and live in close proximity to tons of other people, meaning it’ll spread fastest in cities. So get out.

When the shit really does hit the fan in the future, the city-dwellers will be the first victims. They won’t stand a chance.

Just as nations should start taking steps to become more independent and self-sufficient, so should individuals.


I don’t want jump the gun but it appears the Coronavirus has already long since peaked in China, meaning that although it will continue to spread around the world and peak later in different countries due to distance from the epicenter, it’s basically over. It’s no longer spreading uncontrollably:

“China is the origin of the virus and still accounts for over 80 percent of cases and deaths. But its cases peaked and began ­declining more than a month ago, according to data presented by the Canadian epidemiologist who spearheaded the World Health Organization’s coronavirus mission to China. Fewer than 200 new cases are reported daily, down from a peak of 4,000.

Subsequent countries will follow this same pattern, in what’s called Farr’s Law. First formulated in 1840 and ignored in ­every epidemic hysteria since, the law states that epidemics tend to rise and fall in a roughly symmetrical pattern or bell-shaped curve. AIDS, SARS, Ebola — they all followed that pattern. So does seasonal flu each year.

This is why I’m writing about it as if it has already blown over. Of course, China may well be lying about its figures, but I think it’s safe to say the virus has already long since peaked there.

Again, the worst is still to come here in America due to the fact that the epicenter is halfway around the world and there’s a lag because of it. But this is not going to be a global catastrophe of historical proportions. Society is not going to collapse. We’re going to be okay. Things should largely go back to normal in a month, two months at most.

But don’t let that be an excuse not to take any lessons from the Coronavirus. I hope it has made you keenly aware of just how vulnerable you are to mass panics. You should be taking steps to make yourself less reliant on full supermarket shelves.

The Thought Police Have Arrived, so it’s Time to Leave the Corporate Dystopia Behind

Potential employers are now judging you based on not only the tweets you send, but the tweets of others that you like:

Be careful what you like on social media, because potential future employers are now basing hiring decisions on it. It’s not enough now to just watch what you say and post on social media–they’re looking deeper than that.

You can learn a lot about a man by what he likes on social media. Because there’s a lot he won’t say, but which he will reveal through his likes and retweets. That’s where people truly show themselves, and Corporate America knows this.

Your ability to provide for yourself is now determined by whether you think Good Things, or Bad Things. Maybe you’ve never tweeted anything racist yourself, but that tweet you liked about FBI Crime Statistics by Race? Red flag for potential employers. An off-color joke? It could mean you lose out on a job.

They’re sending you a loud and clear message: just conform, buddy. Give it up. It’s not worth it. Stop thinking the things we don’t want you to think and start thinking the things we want you to think.

It’s impossible to hide now. They know everything about you. They know what tweets you’ve liked. They know your Google search history. They know more about you than your family and closest friends do.

It’s over. Your mind is an open book for them. And they’re basing their decision of whether or not to give you the means to provide for yourself on the thoughts in your head. If you want a roof over your head, you’d better get with the program.

I hope it’s clear by now that Corporate America is every bit as bad as the government.

Where the government cannot oppress you, Corporate America will. They work together. They’re different limbs of the same beast.

They are determined to police your thoughts and they will not be constrained by the Constitution. They have simply found a way around it. The government has outsourced its oppression of you to Corporate America.

The government may not be able to control what you say, but Facebook, Google and Twitter can.

This is why you need to be making plans to become self-sufficient. One day Corporate America will present you with a choice: your salary or your beliefs. At that point you will be owned–if you do not have the ability to provide for yourself.

I support Trump, I think illegal immigration is destroying this country, and I’m not ashamed about being white. But damnit, I need a salary. So I guess Orange Man Bad, white people are evil, Diversity is Our Strength, and Caitlyn Jenner is stunning and brave.”

At some point in the near future, having the Approved political and cultural views will be a prerequisite for employment. It could well get to the point where even McDonald’s is vetting applicants’ thoughts extensively.

So it’s imperative to prepare for yourself a future that does not rely on Corporate America for survival. Make plans to sever ties with Corporate America, or else you will be their slave. Their goal is to control the thoughts in your head, and they will achieve that goal if you do not become self-sufficient.

Banks and payment processors are already refusing to provide their services to people who don’t get in line with The Consensus. Why do you think they want us living in a cashless society? It’s all about control.

They want to turn us all into cattle–dumb, docile and under control. This is no longer the America any of us grew up in. It is not a free country anymore, and it’s getting less free by the day.

If you do not wish to be treated like cattle, you had better become independent. I really don’t see a way forward for political and cultural dissidents in 21st century America that does not entail moving out to the country and becoming a self-sufficient farmer.

The corporations have decided that your ability to put a roof over your family’s head will be determined by whether or not you hold Mainstream political and cultural views.

So it’s time to think about an exit strategy. It’s time to think about how you can reduce the amount of leverage Corporate America has on you.

The best revolution for us will not be a violent one. It will not entail war or terrorism or becoming the V for Vendetta guy. It will simply be us leaving Their World behind. Just move out to the country and start raising goats.

You can be free without having to shed blood. You still have a choice.

Figure out a way to be either self-employed or self-sufficient. Preferably both. But right now, chances are Corporate America has you by the balls.

You can’t quit your job because you have bills to pay. You don’t want to lose your healthcare. These are valid reasons; we’re all in the same boat. But while it’s possible to get out of the spider’s web, nobody ever said it was going to be easy. Only worth it.

You’ll have to figure it out for yourself. I can’t tell you how to do it because I’m still trying to figure out my own escape plan. But it is possible–and not only that, necessary.

Fortunately for us there is an opt-out in the contract. The terms of the deal are that you’re going to get a salary and be able to afford Nice Things so long as you passively endorse your rulers as they flood the country with cheap foreign labor, and start foreign wars that benefit no one besides Israel and the big defense contractors.

As a good citizen of 21st century America, your end of the bargain is that you will go to work and when you come home you will watch Netflix and then drink yourself stupid on the weekend. That’s your life if you accept the deal. You can do what you like with your free time as long as it’s not questioning your rulers and what they are doing to your country.

But again: this is all part of a deal that you have accepted. And the good news is you can opt-out. You simply have to forgo–for some amount of time–the security and comfort and stability that come from being employed by Corporate America.

But you don’t have to send your kids to Drag Queen Story Hour, or have your 2nd grader indoctrinated with LGBT propaganda. You can simply homeschool your kids.

You don’t have to eat fast food that literally poisons you, and drink water full of atrazine.

All of it is optional. Most people just don’t know they have a choice.

The hardest part is simply accepting the simple life of a farmer. Give up on your dream of one day becoming a rich movie star or a celebrity or a Business Executive, because that–even more than having bills to pay–is why most people are willing to play by Corporate America’s rules.

Lots of people today have this belief that they are destined for superstardom, and that’s why they accept Corporate America’s deal. They want to climb the Corporate Ladder so they partake in the rat race willingly. Or they figure their Corporate America job is just a temporary thing until they Make It Big.

Stop chasing fame and riches. I promise you they will not bring you fulfillment. Even if you do beat the odds and become a Hollywood celebrity or a rock superstar, there are strings attached. Hollywood is an exclusive club and you will pay a very steep price to get in. Hollywood is full of pedophiles, degenerates and even murderers. Look into the strange phenomenon of celebrities who have had family members murdered. Those aren’t just tragic coincidences. Becoming a celebrity requires literally selling your soul to the devil.

Being rich and famous is not going to bring you fulfillment and meaning in your life. Owning an exotic car is overrated: they’re expensive as hell to maintain and insure. Owning a yacht is overrated as well: there’s a reason they say the two best days of a boat-owner’s life is the day he buys it and the day he sells it.

The only things that will bring you fulfillment is faith, family and meaningful work, whatever that may be to you. It is not owning a Ferrari and a house in Beverly Hills.

So long as you prioritize money and material possessions over all else, They have got you by the balls. You’ll be running on their hamster wheel forever.


Now, will the rulers start to get pissed if more and more people start rejecting their deal of submission for comfort? Maybe–once it starts hurting their profits. But they’ll just import even more foreign labor if that happens. But they were always going to do that anyway.

And there’s always the chance they will go full Ruby Ridge on you, so obey the law and pay your taxes. Get all your guns registered and legitimately. If you’re going to rebel against the government, be prepared for them to treat you like a rebel.

What I’m suggesting here is a “third way,” which does not entail taking up arms against the government and does not entail submission to the Global Homogeneity agenda.

Right now you still have the choice to leave their system behind and be free. And when I say you “have the choice,” don’t take it as if I’m saying one day the government is going to make it illegal to move to the countryside and raise goats. That’s not what I’m saying. What I mean is, things will get worse and worse in the cities for wage earners that they will be effectively forced to flee. The choice will be made for you.

There will come a day where you will not be allowed to earn a wage from a corporation while also not wanting to have insane pedophiles dressed like literal demons reading stories to your children. In the near future, holding the Wrong Political Views will doom you in the labor market.

So start preparing now. Give yourself options. A man with options in his life is more powerful and more free than a man whose life would fall apart if he lost his job.

And notice that not once have I brought up the prospect of total societal breakdown or the a full-scale economic collapse. I am not saying society is going to turn in to Mad Max or some overtly-totalitarian 1984-style dystopia.

For one, our rulers know better than to make their tyranny visually obvious to us. A lot of people are tricked into thinking everything’s fine because society doesn’t look like their idea of a totalitarian dystopia. But people: they’re not suddenly going to put up menacing posters of Big Brother all over the cities and paint everything gray. They don’t want you to feel like you’re living under a tyrannical regime. It will not look like Hollywood’s presentation of dystopia. It will not look like 1984. In fact, this might be the fatal flaw of Orwell’s classic book: leading people to believe that when tyranny arrives, it will be obvious–that there is a certain, unmistakable “look” to a totalitarian society.

America will not suddenly look like this one day:


What will happen is that your freedoms will be taken away from you one-by-one.

Life will still be in color.

You just won’t be free.