Holy Shit

Democrats are the Party of Science, and don’t you forget it: Rep. Ilhan Omar says it's a "myth" that transgender women have an advantage over biological women in powerlifting. She's asking the sport to lift its ban.https://t.co/e2N11Rqxnc via @DailyCaller @peterjhasson @henryrodgersdc — Ethan Barton (@ethanrbarton) February 6, 2019 The header picture is a “female” powerlifterContinue reading “Holy Shit”

Feminists Are Ruining Dating

This is just sad to read, from an Atlantic article by Kate Julian entitled “Why Are Young People Having So Little Sex?“: “I mentioned to several of the people I interviewed for this piece that I’d met my husband in an elevator, in 2001. …I was fascinated by the extent to which this prompted other women toContinue reading “Feminists Are Ruining Dating”