Who is Delivering the Bricks?

Pallets of bricks planted in Baltimore: Pallets of bricks found in Plano, Texas: And last night in Manhattan, rioters “chanced” upon a “cache” of bricks just sitting in the middle of the street: "Yo, we got bricks. We got bricks!"—#Rioters in Manhattan chanced upon a cache in the street equipped with bricks and a shovelContinue reading “Who is Delivering the Bricks?”

No, I am Not Celebrating Trump’s Official Exoneration Day

This morning Attorney General William Barr held a press conference discussing the findings of the Mueller Report: no collusion, no obstruction (how one can “obstruct justice” when the charges are completely fabricated is still beyond me–unless, of course, that was the point all along). The Mueller Report will be released today with redactions. I giveContinue reading “No, I am Not Celebrating Trump’s Official Exoneration Day”